Spanish Van Insurance: COMPARE to Quote the Cheapest Prices

This page is designed to be a thorough guide covering the topic of van insurance in Spain.

This subject appears to be very poorly covered on other websites. Most insurance websites about Spain provide a lot of useful information about car insurance but for some reason it appears that vans are often neglected.

Of course much of the information about insuring a car in Spain would of course also apply to insuring a van, but many companies in Spain who provide quotations for car insurance will NOT quote for van insurance primarily because they are used as commercial vehicles and often more risky because they are driven much more frequently.

We’ll help you below with specific sources of van insurance whether your vehicle is for your personal use or for commercial use.

We also help with some of your questions concerning registering a van in Spain if it is coming from the UK, which often is problematic.


Online Quotes for Van Insurance in Spain

If you would like a quote for insuring your van in Spain from our insurance broker partners, please fill in the ‘contact us back’ form below and let our insurance broker partners do the hard work by comparing the market to find you the best van insurance policy for your needs.

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    Who is the Cheapest Insurer?

    It is difficult to name one company in particular as the cheapest provider of van insurance, simply because quotations will vary from company to company depending on the make and model and personal circumstances of the named drivers.

    There are however some general rules and tips which can be applied:

    There are very few companies you can approach directly so you’re better off contacting brokers and doing your own research on the Internet. Below you will find advice on which websites will help you to compare van insurance prices.

    Contact as many insurance brokers as you can because they will often do the hard work for you in taking your details and coming back to you with the best possible price that they can find on the market.

    Brokers get paid a commission from the insurance company so you don’t need to concern yourself that if you did the work yourself it would actually be cheaper by going direct.

    Getting Quotes From Insurance Brokers

    We suggest you contact the insurance brokers below to get quotes for van insurance. These brokers offer service and quotations in English and often the policy documents themselves will be worded in English:

    Jennifer Cunningham
    Knight Insurance Spain
    INOV Insurance
    Abbeygate Insurance
    Nash Warren Insurance “The white van man’s friend. We are able to cover all types of vans, lorrys, trailers, trucks and wagons so whatever you need we are sure we can help you.”

    Expat Insurance in Spain
    SIS (Spanish Insurance Solutions
    The Insurance Centre
    IBEX Insurance
    Easy Insurance Spain/Easy Cover
    Insure in Spain (IIS)

    Insurance Companies for Van Insurance

    Considerations for Spanish insurance companies in assessing a quotation for a commercial vehicle is the size of the vehicle, its value and the cost of repairing any damage. Generally the larger the vehicle, the more costly the insurance cover.

    Goods-carrying vehicles are rated either on their carrying capacity or on their plated weight (the statutory unladen weight plus the carrying capacity of the vehicle).

    Here are some of the insurance companies in Spain that we are personally aware of that will give you quotes for insuring your van in Spain:

    Linea Directa
    Liberty Insurance (Liberty Seguros)
    Mapfre Insurance

    If you know of any other companies offering van insurance, please let us know and we will list them above.

    You won’t find as many insurance companies offering quotations of van insurance because they are considered to be far more of a risk than cars. Of course vans are typically used to transport goods and as such spend much of their time on the roads which as we know in Spain can be hazardous to say the least!

    It would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Spanish road regulations and rules.

    If you happen to be under the age of 25 then you’re going to find van insurance almost impossible to find as you will be classified as a young driver in Spain and our previous experience in our case studies for car insurance have shown us that this is extremely hard to obtain in Spain.

    Price Comparison Websites

    Spain has been left behind in comparison with other major European countries in terms of having websites that compare many different companies and sources of insurance in Spain.

    There is now a insurance price comparison website that will include the ability to type in your details once and in just minutes you can get quotations from over 20 different companies, thereby saving you hours of searching for cheap van insurance for Spain.

    See our page on comparing insurance in Spain for more information.

    Quotes for Van Insurance

    If you would like a quote for van insurance in Spain from either ourselves or one of our partners, please fill in the ‘contact us back’ form above.

    Van Insurance in English

    It is becoming common practice in Spain for the major insurance companies to have a separate department with English-speaking staff and customer service representatives.

    This is simply down to market forces because of the growing expatriate population who have moved and now live permanently in Spain.

    All of the sources of van insurance that we have listed above, including the brokers and companies, all have staff who can help you in English if you speak very little Spanish.

    If your van is registered in the United Kingdom and you are driving to Spain and back on a regular basis you should insure it in the UK with a policy that gives you coverage abroad.

    Many van policies will give you up to 90 days on a fully comprehensive basis anywhere in the EU and any further period over and beyond this will be covered on a third-party basis.

    Fully Comprehensive Van Insurance

    Fully comprehensive insurance in Spain is called ‘todo riesgo’ which translates as ‘all risks’. This completely covers your van as well as covering you and the third-party in the event of personal injury and for medical expenses. It also usually includes asistencia en viajes (breakdown cover and roadside assistance) and legal expenses (defensa penal).

    Third Party Van Insurance

    This is the absolute minimum level of coverage that you must take out for your van in Spain. There’s no getting out of this because it is the minimum insurance necessary under Spanish law.

    In Spanish third-party insurance is known as responsabilidad civil obligatoria or seguro obligatorio.

    The reason this insurance is compulsory is because if you have an accident this third-party insurance will cover any damage to the other vehicle or persons involved (third-party liability). Any medical injuries you sustain or damage to your own van is not covered should the accident be your fault.

    Spanish Van Laws, Road Rules and Regulations

    Below we list the differing Spanish speed limits which you should be aware of:

    Urban areas (i.e. cities and towns) 50 kilometres per hour down to 30 km/h near schools.

    Normal roads 90-100 kilometres per hour.

    Spanish Motorways (auto routes) 120 kilometres per hour.

    It is regulation to carry a high visibility vest and warning triangle.

    Always have your important documents on you at all times including your passport, insurance policy documents and your driving licence.

    If you are stopped by the Spanish police and you failed to have the correct documentation or you were speeding you may be subject to a large on the spot fine (€300+).

    If you cannot pay immediately you must get someone to come to you with the money or they will escort you to the nearest cashpoint. Failure to be able to pay will result in your van being impounded.

    Spanish Van Insurance Quotes – Information You Need

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    • Surname
    • Date of Birth
    • Sex
    • Postcode
    • N.I.E.
    • Email
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    • Occupation
    • Current Insurer
    • Renewal Date
    • Years Held Your Driving License
    • No Claims Bonus
    • Any Previous Claims or Convictions
    • Date of Purchase
    • Any Name Drivers
    • Country Of Registration
    • Year Of Registration
    • Registration Number
    • Van Make
    • Van Model
    • Engine Size
    • No of Doors
    • No of Seats
    • Type of Insurance Cover Required
    • Is the Van Used for Commercial Use?

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