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The Caser Group has almost 70 years experience in the Spanish insurance market with other offshoots in the group such as Caser pensions. It it is one of the largest and best known Spanish insurance company.

Here are the main types of insurances offered in Spain:

Caser Car Insurance (Seguros de Coche)

Caser Insurance has sold it’s car insurance in Spain for over 60 years, mainly through savings banks but it also has the support of an extensive network of insurance brokers.

Caser auto insurance is a good choice for those who value the good level of coverage and personalized service over and above taking out an insurance policy based on price alone.

One of the highlights is that Caser, unlike most other car and motor insurers accept drivers under 25 years.

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Caser Home Insurance

Caser Home (Caser Hogar) is the way to protect yourself, your family and home from potential problems and with the best value for money on the market.

“In Caser know that often the best of life is to stay home. That’s why we created Caser Home, the insurance that gives you the most comprehensive coverage with the best quality and price in the market. Because so much for you as for us, there’s no place like home.

This home insurance for Spain has the primary objective of protecting the insured against those risks that could jeopardize their property and those that may cause a decrease in equity arising from claims by third parties.”

  • Innovative coverage – legal protection, breakdown of appliances, all new material risk as travel assistance and computer support (data recovery).
  • Legal protection.
  • Theft of cash cards.
  • Damage to trees, shrubs, garden, plants, lawns from fire, explosion, lightning and wind.
  • Limits on liability and damages tailored to the needs of each client and their home.

Caser Health Insurance

Caser Health offers you the very best in private health care in Spain: forget about waiting lists, and choose a doctor and hospital from a selection of 40,000 specialists and 1,150 clinics. Because when it comes to your health, we do not take any chances.

Caser Insurance also offer the following services in Spain: life insurance, funeral insurance, pet (dog, cat) insurance quotes and motorbike insurance. also offer our own price comparison for motorbike insurance.

Caser Seguros Contact Details:

  • Cars:902 112 030. Hours from Monday to Friday 8am – 9pm and from 8am to 3pm on Saturdays.>
  • Home: 902 366 505. Open 24-hours.
  • Retail and Real Estate: 902 454 595. Open 24-hours.
  • Accidents: 902 020 116. 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday
  • Health: 901 332 233. 8am to 10pm Monday through Friday
  • Deaths: 902 158 198. Open 24-hours.

Address: Avenida de Burgos, 109, Madrid, 28050
Telephone: +34 902 352 035

If you have any reviews of Caser Insurance (Caser Seguros) we would love to hear your opinions and experiences in order that this might help new customers who are thinking of taking out an insurance policy with Caser in Spain.


  1. Johannes Ouwens says

    For My insurance in Holland, can You mail me my no claim ( bonus-Years)
    Johannes Ouwens
    n0 Poliza 63634212

    Johannes Ouwens

  2. resident in spain 12years when we
    made funeral policy with Knights Insurance who since have closed
    office in Javea
    unrealised subsequently that the policy was transferred to Caser Seguros
    so we have no paperwork other than annual payment request for ever an
    increased amount
    now requiring to change method of payment we have been frustrated
    with issues over how and who best to contact
    we hope this comment may reach the desk of someone to help….
    one moral for others is to be very careful who you trust to deal with
    these important investments…

  3. Jim Pepper says

    My nsurance expired 10th april 2015, i renewed and paid in full for the following 12 months, at the ime i explained that i had to travel to France on 14th april 2015 they assured me the necessary Green Card would be with me in time for my journey. Dispite several phone calls to which I was promised it would be with me in time for my trip to France. I had to hire a car for my trip witch cost me almost the same price as my 12 months Insurance cover. Now it is 2016 and the same thing is happening Caser assured my agent by phone and in writing, on 30th March 2016 they would post the necessary Green card to be wth me in time for my French trip on 14th April as of today 10 days later it is stll not with me. so now i think i must secure a hire car again this year. next year i will find a new insurance company an i would suggest to any one thinking of insuring with Caser to give it serious thought, they are not reliable. Check Steve Claytons review, March 24th 2016.

  4. Steve Clayton says

    We have had our car insurance with Caser for the last 4 years; paying by 2 installments a year. Last week we made an online application for booking ITV and it was rejected. We couldn’t understand why; we had our insurance papers and all was up to date so we phoned Caser for any information.
    Well!!!!!!!!!! The lady said that our insurance had been cancelled (by Caser) several months ago despite her saying that she could see that we had made the necessary payments and were upto date,
    We have not received anything from Caser (letter. email, phone call) re their reasons (if any) for cancelling and were told she would have to pass the query to another department and it might take a week and that we should not drive the car.
    We have taken out insurance with another company but they have to consider our situation with regard to no claims bonus as we can not currently provide continuous historic insurance cover and no claims made
    I dread to think what may have ensued had we had an accident but would hope the fact that we had our insurance

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