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Linea Directa Aseguradora are a market leader in direct car, motor and home insurance in Spain.

Linea Directa are in fact the Spanish Direct Line insurance operation which you may be familiar with from the United Kingdom.

If you are searching for Linea Directa in English you are in the right place because Linea Directa have English-speaking staff and policies worded in English.

Please note any reference to the word seguros is a reference to the Spanish word for insurance.

Linea Directa began in 1995 in Spain through the joint agreement between Spanish bank, BankInter and Direct Line Insurance, a market leader in telephone sales of car insurance in the UK since 1985.

Linea Directa logo - image hosted by lineadirecta.comThe unique formula of Direct Line was to have a telephone call centre instead of a national branch network of offices.

Despite the initial reluctance of customers in Spain, Linea Directa experienced success due to its cheap quotations for car insurance in Spain – often beating competitors by up to 50 percent and a massive exposure via television advertising extolling the advantages of using the popular red phone which is part of the logo.

Led by Maria Dolores Dancausa who was awarded in 2007 by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Madrid (ASEME) in recognition of her career and commitment to equality for women, today the company ranks sixth in terms of turnover, with a market share of 5.1 percent.

Although at its inception it only sold car insurance, now you can also take out motorcycle insurance, quad insurance, comprehensive medical treatment and since 2007, home insurance.

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Are you searching for Linea Directa car insurance in Spain or Direct Line car insurance Spain?

Linea Directa are the Spanish equivalent of United Kingdom based Direct Line Insurance and are 100 percent owned by Bank Inter.

Linea Directa has a commitment to a strong quality of service and personal customer attention and care.

Linea Directa Aseguradora offers English and German speaking support staff and policy documents in English and German which is why they attract so much business from expatriates in Spain.

At the time of writing it is not possible to take out pet insurance, life insurance, marine insurance or travel insurance.

Services from Linea Directa include:

  • Fully comprehensive car insurance from just €299.
  • Moped insurance.
  • Motorbike insurance.
  • Motorcycle insurance.
  • Van insurance
  • Scooter insurance.
  • Mountain bike insurance.
  • SME motor policy (fleet insurance).
  • Home insurance.
  • House insurance.
  • Quad bike insurance.

The familiar brand name is a reassurance to people who know that in the event of a problem such as needing help with repairs and claims in the event of an accident in Spain, they know help will be on hand at the end of a phone.

They operate in a similar manner to Direct Line Insurance in the UK in that they specialise in competitive low-cost cover over the telephone. They don’t have offices in Spain nor do they use brokers or agents, this usually means their overheads are low and this is usually reflected in their quotes.

Línea Directa has grown its customer base to over 1.7 million customers and it offers a range of products and services that include car and motorbike insurance, as well as extensive and exclusive home insurance, specially designed to satisfy all the personal requirements of expatriates.

Car and motorbike insurance Spain customers have access to unique services which are not available from other insurance companies, these include night-time assistance and for medical treatment in the event of accidents.

However there is also the possibility to find them on price comparison websites such as These price comparison websites are a new development in Spain but clearly major companies such as Linea Directa have to adapt their business model or get left behind.

These would include contacting local insurance agents and brokers. Brokers such as Knight Insurance are very good in providing English-speaking service and being able to compare prices from many different Spanish insurance companies.

Spend a little bit of time yourself searching the Internet on the price comparison websites and then you will be able to definitively know which company is offering you the cheapest car insurance.

In making your choice don’t forget that support and service are very important. Unfortunately the probability of having a car accident in Spain is relatively high so being able to contact a large company with plenty of customer service staff is important.

Do note that Linea Directa will not insure a car in Spain unless it is registered in Spain and on Spanish license plates. This means that taking your car from the United Kingdom to Spain is not an option unless you re-register it in Spain.


Although primarily known for offering competitive car insurance in Spain, since 2008 Línea Directa Aseguradora has now branched off into the very popular home insurance market.

Why not give them a call to get a quote for home insurance. After all – with over 100,000 customers in Spain they must be doing something right!

They offer competitive prices and coupled with a commitment to customer service you know you will be able to go back to them and speak with somebody in English or German if there’s a problem with your home insurance.


Below are contact details if you need to cancel your policy or make amendments.

We get many e-mails and phone calls from people who are incredibly frustrated at trying to find the e-mail address or phone number for Linea Directa. It does seem they have made it very difficult to get in contact!

Postal Address:

Línea Directa Aseguradora Ronda de Europa, nº 7, C.P. 28760 Tres Cantos. Madrid.

Business Apartado de Correos 151, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Claims Apartado de Correos 83, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Customer Service Apartado de Correos 68, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Motorbikes Apartado de Correos 68, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Home Apartado de Correos 68, C.P. 19200 Azuqueca de Henares. Guadalajara.

Breakdown Assistance Invoices LÍNEA DIRECTA ASISTENCIA S.L.U. Parque Empresarial Cerro de los Gamos. Camino Cerro de los Gamos, 1 Edificio 5-6, Planta 3. C.P. 29224 Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid

Linea Directa Telephone: +34 902 123 148
Fax: +34 902 123 237

From this main page of the website you will see an option for Linea Directa in English if your Spanish is not so good.


Linea Directa has a 24 hour service on its website (see above) where you can go online and modify your policy, ask for documents and make a claim etc.

To telephone and speak to an agent or customer service representative, opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Below we have a TV commercial from Linea Directa:

If you have any experience of using Linea Directa in Spain, please help us by making comments below in order to help other people searching for insurance in Spain.

Linea Directa are a popular choice for expats looking for insurance in Spain because the company are a very established brand name and expats are familiar with Direct Line insurance in the United Kingdom.

They know that they are dealing with an established and professional company who will be able to help them should they need to make a claim on their insurance policy.

Linea Directa in English

Linea Directa have English speaking support staff and policy documents in English. They operate in a similar manner to Direct Line Insurance in the United Kingdom in that they specialise in competitive low-cost cover over the telephone.

Linea Directa in English is also possible online via their website which has a specific English language section.

Linea Directa don’t have offices in Spain nor do they use brokers or agents, this usually means their overheads are low and this is usually reflected in their quotes which are normally amongst the cheapest insurance available in Spain.

Page Summary: Linea Directa Aseguradora are a Spanish insurance company offering low-cost and cheap car insurance for vehicles based and registered in Spain.


  1. Peter Brown says

    Linea Directa is a JOKE. Avoid them at all cost. They won’t respond to claims emails and their phone lines are always busy. When you get hold of someone, they are trained to decline your claim and the answer will be No.

  2. Annie Hydes says

    Linea Directa Spain.
    Following a terrible storm and torrential rain our house was partially flooded. Due to roof and chimney damage our lounge had water damage from the rain and our Estufa was ruined. As part of our house Insurance, and as part of the damage was due to flooding, The ‘Consortium’ assessed the damage caused by the flood (not the rain) and offered us a settlement to repair the extensive damage. They advised us to claim for the rain damage through Linea Directa as The Consortium only covers flood damage.
    Linea Directa, who are not responsible for the flooding but for the rain damage, sent an advisor, who quickly ‘glanced’ around, saw clear evidence of rain damage to our lounge ceiling, walls and Estufa, but when offered a ladder to inspect the rain damage to the roof tiles and chimney, he refused. Therefore, he witnessed the damage caused inside but refused to inspect the actual cause.
    Months later Direct Line offered us €341.00. This amount would not even cover the builders’ assessment of the damage, which when inspected was worse than we could have imagined.
    Having made over 20 phone calls to Hotline Linea Directa and also having our solicitor call them, they consistently refused to discuss our claim and after having made 10/15 promises for a senior member of staff to return a call, all has failed. .
    We have had 2 written quotes from different builders and they both agree that the damage was caused by the excessive rain pressure and that it would cost around €5000 to repair.
    I am asking for a senior member of staff to reassess our claim and offer us a realistic settlement. We would then be able to have the repairs carried out and enjoy our home again.
    A recent press release said Linea Directa ‘Put people first and listen to their customers’
    They most definitely not put our needs first and have no intention of listening to us.
    Where do we go for here?

    I ask for a quick, positive solution to this issue. It has ruined the last 3.5 months of consistent realistic requests for settlement, that we are due and pay for every year, on time, for our policy.
    Now we cannot use our estufa. When it rains we have water coming into our chimney and estufa and water coming into our lounge and bedroom ceiling. The house smells of damp and the longer the problem is not repaired the more damage is being done to the inside, outside and estufa.
    It is tragic situation. We are extremely grateful and thankful the Consortium professionally identified all the damage from flood water and made a settlement, allowing quick, efficient repair of the floor area tp prevent ongoing dampness. We also appreciated their time advising us what area were covers by Linea Directa _ damage caused by the rain.
    The exact oposite can be said for Linea Directa who have insulted us by their unrealistic offer and their lack of professional empathy for a Home owners .
    I would appreciate a quick resolve to the solution in order to have my rain damaged areas repaired / replace, as quoted and submitted by 2 talented builders.
    Regards Annie Terry Hydes

    Excuse my translation

    Línea Directa España.
    Después de una terrible tormenta y una lluvia torrencial, nuestra casa se inundó parcialmente. Debido a daños en el techo y la chimenea, nuestro salón sufrió daños por agua debido a la lluvia y nuestra Estufa se arruinó. Como parte de nuestro seguro de vivienda, y como parte del daño se debió a la inundación, el ‘Consorcio’ evaluó el daño causado por la inundación (no por la lluvia) y nos ofreció un acuerdo para reparar los daños extensos. Nos aconsejaron reclamar los daños por lluvia a través de Línea Directa ya que El Consorcio sólo cubre los daños por inundaciones.
    Línea Directa, que no es responsable de la inundación sino de los daños causados ​​por la lluvia, envió a un asesor, quien rápidamente ‘miró’ a su alrededor y vio una clara evidencia de daños causados ​​por la lluvia en el techo, las paredes y la estufa de nuestro salón, pero cuando le ofrecieron una escalera para inspeccionar el daños por lluvia en las tejas y la chimenea, se negó. Por lo tanto, fue testigo del daño causado en el interior, pero se negó a inspeccionar la causa real.
    Meses después Línea Directa nos ofreció 341,00€. Esta cantidad ni siquiera cubriría la evaluación de los daños de los constructores, que cuando se inspeccionaron fueron peores de lo que podríamos haber imaginado.
    Después de haber realizado más de 20 llamadas telefónicas a la línea directa Linea Directa y también de que nuestro abogado los llamara, se negaron constantemente a discutir nuestro reclamo y después de haber hecho 10/15 promesas para que un miembro superior del personal devolviera una llamada, todo ha fallado. .
    Hemos tenido 2 presupuestos por escrito de diferentes constructores y ambos están de acuerdo en que el daño fue causado por la presión excesiva de la lluvia y que su reparación costaría alrededor de 5000 €.
    Solicito a un miembro superior del personal que reevalúe nuestro reclamo y nos ofrezca un acuerdo realista. Entonces podríamos hacer las reparaciones y volver a disfrutar de nuestra casa.
    Un comunicado de prensa reciente decía que Linea Directa ‘Pon a las personas primero y escucha a sus clientes’
    Definitivamente no ponen nuestras necesidades en primer lugar y no tienen intención de escucharnos.
    ¿Adónde vamos aquí?

    Pido una solución rápida y positiva a este problema. Ha arruinado los últimos 3,5 meses de solicitudes de liquidación consistentes y realistas, que vencemos y pagamos todos los años, a tiempo, para nuestra póliza.
    Ahora no podemos usar nuestra estufa. Cuando llueve, entra agua por la chimenea y la estufa, y entra agua por el techo del salón y del dormitorio. La casa huele a humedad y cuanto más tiempo no se repara el problema, más daño se está haciendo por dentro, por fuera y en la estufa.
    Es una situación trágica. Estamos extremadamente agradecidos y agradecidos de que el Consorcio haya identificado profesionalmente todos los daños causados ​​por las inundaciones y haya llegado a un acuerdo, lo que permitió una reparación rápida y eficiente del área del piso para evitar la humedad continua. También apreciamos su tiempo para informarnos qué área cubrió Linea Directa _ daños causados ​​​​por la lluvia.
    Exactamente lo contrario puede decirse de Linea Directa que nos ha insultado con su oferta poco realista y su falta de empatía profesional hacia los propietarios de viviendas.
    Apreciaría una resolución rápida a la solución para reparar/reemplazar mis áreas dañadas por la lluvia, según lo cotizado y presentado por 2 constructores talentosos.

    Again a representative should have arrived at our home today at 17.30. NO ONE ARRIVED

    • Linea Direct I can not praise more highly than when I had problems
      They were understanding and I felt sympathetic to my situation.
      And they dealt with my issues making my life easier quickly.
      What can I say. I am by nature untrusting. But I can not be more thankful than they took all stresss away promptly
      One situation was a car the other my home.

  3. Patricia Harris says

    I want to know if they do Car Insurance based on mileage I only use my car once a week sometimes twice but not regularly, I can’t find anyone to speak to about it.

  4. D Cooper says

    My house was burgled in April. Access by smashing through a solid wood door which was double locked using a crow bar to splinter the door frame and ripping the alarm off the wall. Claim rejected because no metal gate or shutters over the door. Also patio doors and bay window had no bars or shutters, in spite of the fact they triple lock and are double glazed with security glass. Seems I have not been covered for 14 years but they have happily taken the premium. They are just not interested

  5. jad salfiti says

    the worse experience I have every had in my life with customer services

  6. awful company,. my car now I n the garage for the past two weeks and they are refusing to fix back bumper. the accident is not our fault even. DONT USE THEM AT ANY COST.

  7. as i had sold my house i phoned and told them i wanted to cancel my house insurance, no problem they cancelled and i waited a couple of months for my refund, nothing came into my bank account so another
    call and they told me the policy had been cancelled and that as i had car insurance the refund would come
    off that, when the car renewal came, guess what full price, so another call and they said i had been given the wrong information, after i pay they will put the house refund into my account, 2 months down the line still no refund sent an email asking them to call me in ENGLISH ha !! ha !! call comes through in SPANISH and talking that fast no chance to understand, next step for me will be to cancel my car insurance next it’s due.

  8. Janet Eldridge says

    Linea Directa home insurance is the worst company i have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I had a leak in my bathroom ceiling during the September storm. Initial reaction was good – an assessor came and assure me that the damage to the roof and ceiling would be sorted out within 2 weeks. The following 6 weeks have been a nightmare. Mostly when you phone you get disconnected or they promise to call back and dont. Having been told that the roof wasnt covered under the policy, I received a call today to say that they were too busy to repair my ceiling and would give me 62.70€ for the expense!!!! I am still reeling from the shock. They could not have been more useless. Has anyone had any success with the Ombudsman??

  9. J.Binnerts says

    The company is UNBELIEVABLE ( BAD!!) I had a motorbike insurance with the company. Never had any claim, and when i stoped riding a motorbike, I canceld my insuranance by signed and registrated letter. I was expexting a refund, for the 6 months i di not used the insuranance. Altough european rules say, a company has to to a refund for the tme, the insurances was not used ( with withdrow of a small administation fee) te company refused to pay any refund, under the fairy tail “Spanish law”does not say so ( My other spanish insurance company gave a refund when i sold my car, with not a problem!) But worse of all, two diffrent employees refused to give me a written proof of my cancelation! ( they only wanted to send me a unclear sms message, thet they “received my documents???” So i have no written proof i canceld my insurance! Since they always work with an automatic withdraw from your bank, i now have to go to my bank to make clear, this automatic withdraw is no longer legitimate. So, the client always has to cancel by registrated written and signed letter, the company can resonce with a unclear sms message!! This is SO amateurish!! Says a lot how tehy do busness and handle cliients. They are there for you, to collect your money, not at home if you need service!!!

  10. Chris Harrison says

    I was affected by the Gota Fria in September 2019, although the assessor called out quickly l was told l have a claim and we will contact you very soon Time has gone by and still no call backs, even though l have contacted them about 8 times to be told “leave your number we will call back”
    I will give Linea Directa a few more days if not l will publish an article in the Costa Blanca News warning others about the service which is like a con

  11. Linea Directa take advantage of the Spainish law that requires that insurance companies are obliged to renew the policy automatically once the old policy has expired. No notification is given to inform the policy holder their insurance is about to expire. No quotation is given and the first the insured will know that an automatic renewal has taken place, is when they see the transaction in their bank account. In my case, the quote was not competitive and higher than the previous year. Additionally, no option to pay in installments was given, it automatically defaulted to a single payment. Once I found out what had happened, I was told I couldn´t cancel the policy with a refund (neither pro-rata). I will continue to fight for my basic rights, but if I can help other from falling into this trap, my advise would be to avoid a company with moral standards and customer service like this.

  12. It is imposible to cancel with them, I have been waiting in an expensive 902 phone number for more than 20 min 4 times before the line cuts and no real person takes the call. Scam, I dont want to see my next phone bill, it is going to be big. And I did not get to talk to anyone yet.

  13. Bev Brunton says

    Ive been using them for two years, as have a couple of friends. Have needed them on a number of occasions and have been very happy with the service!


  14. I had insurance cover with them for 2 years and when I contacted then for a ligament claim they said I was not covered. Useless company, cancelled policy and will never insure with then]m again.

  15. N.Hindle says

    I have been a client of linea Directa for 14 years, in the past they have been superb if you have been involved in an accident,,,,,,,,Not Now they contacted me to say the other insurance company had accepted responsibility for the crash I had a couple of weeks ago and take my car 20 miles away from where I live to their designated garage to get a quote,and then sometime in the future take it all the way back to get it fixed.i have told them I want my car to go to the dealership where it came from,as it’s only 5 mins from my house and I cannot take the time off work.They said no,so beware even if you have a crash that’s not your fault you still have to go to thier cheaper garage,which makes no sense as the other insurance company is paying !
    I have informed them I will NOT renew my policy next year.

  16. David Irons says

    This communication company is NOT good. They avoid claims and make it difficult to cancel renewals. I usually have reasonable experience of the UK named company but I can’t see any connection apart from the logo. Their cover is not worth the paper they are written on.

  17. Lineadirecta is the most awkward and unhelpful organisation I have come across in Spain. I tried to get some car insurance from them, was asked for all sort of pictures of the car taken from specific angles and full photos of the front and back of my driving licence, ITV documents and the Log Book. What I joke, I supplied all of these and still have had no contact with them. What a rubbish company, cannot find anyone to telephone to complain.

  18. J Humphreys says

    Why are you plugging this bunch. The red phone logo is the only thing they have in common with the completely separate UK Insurer. Honestly there are better organisations out there so do your readers a favour and mention the alternatives.

  19. Tthe service from Linea Directa is despicable I have had water leak inside my house for three weeks,impossible to contact them do not answer calls.managed to get through to the car insurance dept. They said didn’t know what was going on in the claims dept and sent 5 emails on our behalf.Got call to say a plumber would call us back .that was 2 weeks ago still no response will be cancelling my policy for sure.

    • Joy Vincent says

      I have been waiting since June to have my bathroom retiled after a water leak. Constant phone calls get me nowhere, apart from ‘someone will call you within 36 hours’ that’s a laugh, calls never come. Tried to speak to a supervisor/manager – no luck.

    • maurice DAVIN says

      HI moyra i am having problems with linea directa my shower tray is leaking in to my neighbours flat ,they sent a plumber who said the tray is moving it is covered three sides by walls plus a concrete step on the other its,been there for 16 years no problem its solid ,you cant speak to any one for a complaint i know they’re lying
      and so do they ,my wife is disabled so i have lift her in to the bath shower in the other bathroom i will be changing my house and car insurance when it come to and end ,they used to be so good now they are so bad

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