Buying a B&B – Steve & Judith Buy a Bed and Breakfast in Spain…

The real story and diary from Steve and Judith as they buy a bed and breakfast accommodation business in rural Spain – follow their progress…

Out of the blue I had an email in from a couple called Steve and Judith who I used to know about 10 years ago, we were in a video-delivery franchise together in the UK.

It turns out they came across me (see my story here) and this site as they researched their own move to Spain. I have offered some realistic advice and opinions and they are set to go ahead.

I have suggested they keep us all up-to-date in the form of a diary of progress so we can follow them in real-time. Here is the email:

Our Plan to Buy a Bed and Breakfast in Spain (Part 1)

“When I emailed you last time we were seriously thinking about moving to Spain – we are now several steps closer and have found much of the information on your site very useful and taken a lot of it on board.

I contacted the chap who runs the B&B and he offered some useful advice.

Our house in UK has been sold STC and we have found a wonderful property about 30 minute inland of Alicante which we plan to rent out and also do B&B – we should get the property at a good price which will give us a good cushion of cash to see us through the first few months.

Bed & Breakfast, Spain.We have also both completed a TEFL course which should allow us to do some tutoring in the area.

I visited a house recently where the owners both did this, in fact we could have stepped straight in to their lives such were the similarities in our situations.

I have qualified in Zumba Gold – ideal for the expatriates in a couple of nearby towns and established that there aren’t any instructors in the immediate area although it is creeping in from the coast.

We learned a long time ago that income doesn’t have to come from one stream only and are prepared to be flexible.

We have done a vast amount of research on holiday properties and what the best of them offer their customers and made plans accordingly – my 13 years experience as a weight loss coach means we could offer a weight management programme that starts with a week at the property and continues with online support for a month.

We are learning Spanish – we always felt that it would be the height of rudeness to go to a foreign country and not learn the language.

Whilst far from fluent, I’ll give it a go and in fact was very pleased to be able to ask for and understand directions when I got lost on my way back to the airport last week!

We are currently looking into the logistics of the actual move and seriously considering the long drive ourselves. Our buyers in UK want most of our white goods and the property we want has most of the white goods in situ so we won’t need to move too much stuff (although there is always more than you think).

All part of the adventure – I’ll need to polish my rusty French as well as get a bit further with coffee break Spanish.

With the weather as it has been this “summer” we are even more pleased to be making the move – I came to Spain for the day last week – the contrast was dramatic and the views from “our house” in the hills reinforced the decision.

Incidentally, the property has been “ours” since we first saw it on a rainy day in March. I immediately had a conviction that we are meant to be there and that everything would work out – my head normally rules my heart but not in this case. Very funny as I went to Spain on that property searching trip with enormous reservations and doubts.

We read last months newsletter with great interest. My mother in particular has been very worried about the financial situation in Spain and I was able to show her that our plans should mean we are in a better position than most – in any case we know we will have to work hard to make a success of it and are looking forward to the challenge.”

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  1. We’re considering buying a property in Spain and running a BnB. How expensive is domestic help near Barcelona for e.g?

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