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Taking out critical illness cover in Spain can be a very sensible precaution because if you suffer a major illness you would be able to obtain cover and protection that enables you to receive a lump sum to help with recovery, recuperation and medical costs as well as covering other day-to-day expenses such as your income and mortgage payments.

If you are interested in this type of insurance for Spain you may also find our related articles on life insurance useful, this would cover your family in the event of your death.

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Why Take Out Critical Illness Cover in Spain?

Consider what would happen to you if you were living in Spain and you suffered a critical illness or became partially or even totally disabled due to an accident?

Whether you live on your own in Spain or you have children, then critical illness cover and insurance is useful in both situations.

You would continue to have medical care and health care treatment and it would be paid for rather than having to rely on your children’s help or that of other relatives.

Spain can be a daunting country due to the language barrier so being insured gives you peace of mind.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of premiums for critical illness insurance cover start at as little as €10 a month but at this level the policy benefits would be relatively basic. So don’t always look for the cheapest cover.

Remember that government and state help in Spain is not as comprehensive of other countries such as the United Kingdom so that is another good reason to take out Spanish critical illness cover.

Critical illness covers conditions such as disability, heart attacks and diseases such as cancer which prevent you from working and generating an income.

The insurance cover can help you on a temporary basis or even permanent if you are not able to recover sufficiently to get back to work.

Illness cover in Spain can provide a lump sum to pay off your mortgage on your home which is the biggest living expense we all have. A payment may also be available to help modify your house should you need to make it wheelchair friendly.

Income Protection Spain

We offer this section on income protection because it is closely related to the section above on critical illness insurance, yet it is slightly different.

The main difference is that critical illness cover or insurance relates to what would happen if you had a serious illness or accident that prevented you from working, either temporarily or permanently.

Income protection cover or insurance will be paid if you are unable to work which could be for reasons other than illness or accident.

It could simply be that you lose your job and suddenly find yourself unable to keep up with your mortgage payments or bills.

Paying into an income protection plan means you won’t have to worry should you lose your job.

If you are an expat moving to Spain then life is likely to be much more unpredictable than in the United Kingdom or wherever you have come from. Just think what a calamity it would be if you can’t pay your bills and feed your family.

The only downside is that because of your circumstances income protection is likely to be highly expensive.


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