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English-speaking insurance brokers are here to help make your life in Spain easier.


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    Getting the Best Quotes

    The Spanish word for insurance is seguros.

    Insurance in Spain is a massively important subject – as a foreigner in Spain it is more likely that things can go wrong and that you could end up in situations you do not fully understand.

    Finding yourself uninsured or under-insured could be financially disastrous.

    When unexpected disasters happen in your home country they are bad enough but when they happen in a foreign country such as Spain you just want to deal with them and get through them in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

    As expatriates (expats) ourselves in Spain we understand that when you are looking for costs and quotes for insurance in Spain it is so important that you understand exactly what cover you get and what levels of after-care support do you receive in the event of a claim being necessary.

    There is no absolutely no point paying annual insurance premiums and not having the right or adequate levels of cover and protection when you really need it.

    Spanish Insurance Companies

    We only recommend companies that are experienced in and meet and service expats needs in Spain.

    Major insurance companies in Spain involved in providing insurance in English to expats include: AXA Spain, Allianz, Catalana Occidente, Generali, Zurich, Pelayo Seguros, Mutua Madrilena, Caser Seguros, Adeslas, Sanitas, Aviva, Standard Life, HBOS Financial Services, Legal & General, AEGON, Liberty Seguros, Linea Directa, William Russell Limited (health insurance), Mapfre insurance Spain, BUPA (health and medical insurance), Schofields, Spanish Insurance Solutions (SIS), Intasure and Reale Seguros.

    We look to provide you helpful information and guides on the types of insurance available in Spain and when we recommend companies and services we look for policies in English so you understand what you are getting.

    We look for companies providing support and services with English-speaking staff and employees. This is particularly important in the case of having to make a claim.

    More detail on insurance companies in Spain:

    Insurance Brokers

    As well as direct insurance providers we take a look at the many independent Spanish insurance brokers who often will be able to compare quotes and go to the marketplace to find you the lowest and cheapest annual premiums that you wouldn’t be able to source or find yourself.

    Remember that living in spain, you are living in a foreign country – don’t assume things are the same as you have experienced elsewhere! Always get things in writing and don’t just rely on what an insurance broker or insurance agent tells you.

    Unlike other countries the concept of all-risk or all risks in Spain is a foreign one so you do need to know the differences between insurance policies and coverage in Spain compared to what you are used to in your home country.

    You do need to be careful when seeking advice because insurance brokers in Spain get paid on commission and you need to be sure you are getting the best advice and not being directed to Spanish insurance companies or providers purely based on the size of the commissions.

    Brokers providing services in English include: Knight Insurance Spain, INOV Insurance, Abbeygate Insurance, Nash Warren Insurance, Expat Insurance in Spain, The Insurance Centre, Hamiltons, IBEX Insurance, Easy Insurance Spain/Easy Cover, , IIS (Insure in Spain) and Dragon Insurance.

    More detail on insurance brokers in Spain:

    Websites To Compare Insurances

    Unlike the United Kingdom, Spain does not have the variety of sites which will help you to compare insurance prices between the various providers. In the UK websites such as Go Compare, Compare the Market, and Money Supermarket are household names that Spain does not have as yet.

    There is now a new price comparison website which can compare prices and quotes from many different companies for car insurance, motorbike/motorcycle insurance, health insurance, home/house insurance and life insurance. A new comparison site for Spanish insurance from Asesor Seguros compares prices between of the best insurance companies.

    You will then be able to make an informed decision about which coverage and policy to choose although price is just one factor. Knowing the benefits of each policy and the after-sales service should you need to make a claim is equally as important as finding the cheapest quote.

    Be sure to read our insurance articles, we have many ‘insider tips’ on how to get the best deals and save money on your premiums.

    Below we have a quick start guide to the main types of insurance in Spain.

    Health Insurance

    Most visitors to our website are looking for costs for health cover and health insurance in Spain. So we have various pages covering topics such as private health insurance and private medical insurance Spain.

    Get a quote from us – Spain Made Simple offer competitive health insurance quotes:

    Spain FansMajor Spanish health insurance companies include: Adeslas, ASSSA, Sanitas, Mapfre Health, Asisa, Asistencia Sanitaria, Caser Health, DKV Seguros, Aresa, Axa Winterthur Health, IMQ, Health Insurance Fiatc, Mutual Agrupacio, Cigna, Health HNA, Aegon Health, Insurance Nectar, Salut Clinicum, Allianz Health and Groupama Health.

    These medical cover providers work in a similar way to that of BUPA in the United Kingdom.

    We look at the levels of cover you receive and find out how much typical premiums are and what levels of treatment you can expect to receive. We look at the standard of hospitals and the qualifications of doctors and nurses in Spain.

    Do you need to take out private health insurance in Spain? Not necessary so. We have a series of medical insurance in Spain articles that tackle what national heath options Spain provides and whether you are eligible to free health-care in Spain.

    We also look at Spanish dental insurance (dental plans), funeral plans as well as critical illness cover/income protection in Spain.

    Car Insurance/Motor Insurance

    Driving in Spain is quite hazardous and dangerous as we know ourselves so car insurance in Spain is essential as well as required by law. We have personally had two car accidents and at times like these you really do feel alone in a foreign country.

    Get a quote from us – Spain Made Simple offer competitive car insurance quotes:

    So what do you do when you have had a car accident in Spain?

    We will guide you and show you the most competitive places from which to find costs for car insurance, motor insurance in Spain, auto insurance Spain, motorbike insurance Spain, motorcycle insurance, scooter & moped insurance in Spain, van insurance, mobile home insurance, motor-home insurance and caravan insurance for Spain.

    Major Spanish car insurance companies include:

    Linea Directa, Genesis Insurance, Zurich Insurance, Balumba, Click Insurance, Direct Insurance, Fenix Directo, Regal Insurance, AXA Insurance Spain, Caser Seguros, Verti, Liberty Seguros, Mutua Madrid, Pelayo Insurance, Reale Insurance, Bilbao Seguros, Vitalico and FIATC.

    We also look at Spanish commercial insurance for vehicles if you use your car or van for business purposes. We also list Spanish car insurance companies and give suggestions for young drivers seeking car insurance quotes.

    Premiums and quotes on auto and car insurance for Spain vary widely to make sure you compare prices while being clear what level of protection you are insured for. Use price comparison websites for car insurance in Spain to get the cheapest quote.

    Don’t necessary choose the cheapest or lowest quote, you don’t want to find yourself with major and unaffordable liabilities or losses as the result of an accident. We help you decide whether third-party insurance or fully comprehensive insurance is best.

    Also in this section we have tips on how to get cheap car insurance in Spain as well as articles on topics related to Spanish car insurance such as: insuring a UK registered vehicle in Spain, no-claims bonus, driving tips for Spain, advice on buying used cars and road tax in Spain.

    If you are hiring a car in Spain we cover whether you need to take out extra insurances such as a car hire excess insurance.

    We are also able to get our insurance brokers find you the cheapest car insurance in Portugal.

    House/Home Insurance

    Cuenca, Spain, Hanging HousesSpanish home insurance – if you are buying a house or home in Spain to either live in yourself or to rent out as a holiday home or second home then either way you are going to need property insurance in Spain as protection and cover for various risks such as theft, burglary, damage from tenants and renters, accidental damage, damage from fire and water leaks, floods, structural problems etc.

    Get a quote from us – Spain Made Simple offer competitive home insurance quotes:

    If you are going to be renting your house then you should get specialist holiday home insurance.

    Whether your property in Spain is an apartment or villa you must also consider third-party liability cover to protect yourself against claims if someone injures themselves on your property.

    You will certainly need to consider taking out buildings insurance and maybe home contents insurance Spain. If you live in an apartment block you may need what is known as community insurance.

    Travel Insurance

    Perhaps you are looking to take a holiday or vacation in Spain so you are looking for short-term holiday insurance or travel insurance.

    Perhaps you are a permanent resident in Spain and you need travel insurance from Spain for when you travel out of Spain. You may need a worldwide travel policy or simply a European one. In both instances we have policies for travel insurance for Spain.

    Life Insurance

    As most expats in Spain are retirees it is important to consider your loved ones in the event of your death. We take a look at cover for life insurance and pre-paid funeral plans.

    With life assurance in Spain and life insurance it is so important to ensure you have adequate financial levels of protection. We also cover accidental death policies in Spain and take a look at inheritance tax advice in Spain.

    Get a quote from us – Spain Made Simple offer competitive life insurance quotes:

    Major companies providing life insurance in Spain includes:

    Aviva, Standard Life, AXA Life, Zurich, HBOS Financial Services, Legal & General, AEGON, Allianz Vida, Seguros vida Mapfre, Caser Vida, Ocaso, Liberty Vida, Estrella Seguros, Seguros Pelayo Mondiale Vida, Vitalicio, VidaCaixa Seguros, BBVA Seguros, Santander Seguros, ING Seguros and Ascat Seguros.

    Pet Insurance

    If you are living in Spain then maybe you are looking for dog or cat insurance in Spain.

    Our main page on pet insurance covers dogs, cats and other animals giving advice on how to insure against the potential high costs of veterinary bills in Spain and the cost of damages in case your pet injures another person.

    Get a quote from us – Spain Made Simple offer competitive pet insurance quotes:

    Other Types of Insurance

    If you are living in Spain there are all sorts of reasons to need insurance, perhaps you have a power boat, yacht or jet-ski to insure in which case you will be looking for information on marine insurance especially in case of accidental damage.

    Maybe you need mobile phone insurance for Spain?

    Maybe you are opening a business and need to insure premises, vehicles or staff in which case you will need public liability insurance,  commercial insurance in Spain or business insurance in Spain.

    Spain is a great country with a wonderful climate so no doubt you will be outdoors more often, perhaps enjoying playing sports. Consider insuring yourself against injuring others by taking out personal accident cover and public liability insurance.

    Golf is a popular activity in Spain and one for which you can obtain insurance, reasons would include the risk of loss or theft of your clubs and also injury to someone through an accident while playing golf (third-party liability).

    Other sports for which insurance is highly advised would be winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

    Jargon & Terminology Explained

    Unfortunately when it comes to insurance there is a lot of jargon and contracts contain a lot of terms and words which most people find hard to understand.

    Put simply, insurance involves a contract between two parties.

    You are often referred to as the insured and the company who insure you are referred to as the insurer.

    Your contract is often referred to as a policy (póliza in Spanish). This sets out in writing the terms and conditions of the agreement between you both.

    You the insured agree to make specific payments for an agreed period (usually one year) and that payment of the premiums means the insurer indemnifies you against certain specified risks i.e. accidents, damages, theft etc.

    The item that is insured is referred to as the subject, often a car, house or even yourself.

    Should a claim be necessary, the contract will specify the precise amount(s) to be paid to the beneficiary.


    1. conrad bordeleau says

      Hi, Im planning to travel to spain to buy a vehicule . I would like to use the car while enjoying a one month holiday in your beautiful country. I plan to export the vehicule to my home country Canada at the end of my holiday. Do you know if its possible to license, insure and drive the car while in Spain.

    2. Neelam Verma says

      Hello, I am Neelam Verma, I am planning to relocate to Spain and am looking for a suitable job opportunity in Life insurance industry. I am a science graduate and Fellow of insurance institute of India (FIII). I have vast experience in Underwriting , Claims, Reinsurance, Customer service/Call center and product development. I am learning Spanish and achieved about 40% fluency. Currently I am working in Dubai as Reinsurance Manager in Orient Insurance PJSC. I am visiting Spain between 15th June 2017 and 21 June 2017. I can called for personal interview during that period.
      Appreciate if anybody help me in getting suitable job in Spain.

    3. ian maxwell says

      hi my wife and I are 54 and we are looking to move out to Spain in November to rent for a year with the prospect of living there we are looking for some guides in what insurance we will need and rough costs for car etc we intend apply for redancy but will not be looking for work any comments would be welcome

      thanks ian

    4. My husband and I – 66 and 67 years old – are looking for travel insurance for a 40 day South African trip next March/April. Neither of us have pre-existing medical conditions and whilst there will be staying with friends.

      We’d welcome advice on purchasing holiday insurance.

    5. Very interesting article. I moved to Spain a month ago and found it all very hard to get my head round the Spanish system. I am retired and therefore I do not pay any social security. From what I have been told investment in the public sector is decreasing steadily in Spain. I have therefore decided not to take any risks and took out a medical policy. The broker who provided me with the policy was Bloomfield Insurance who were very efficient and helpful.

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