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Liberty Seguros is a major insurance company in Spain. It is part of the Liberty Mutual Group, established over one hundred years ago and which is the fifth largest property and casualty insurance company in the United States.

With over 100,000 clients throughout the world the Liberty Mutual Group is able to offer competitive quotes for many different types of insurances as well as being backed up with a professional service with support and assistance in a multitude of different languages.

Liberty Seguros has been operating in Spain since 2001 and is now a household name.

The Spanish word for insurance is seguros so Liberty Seguros really means Liberty Insurance.

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Support and Service in English

Liberty Seguros are experienced when it comes to offering policies to expats and they have a whole section of their website in English especially focused on the expatriate market as well as having multi-lingual staff who of course can speak English with you so you understand exactly what you’re getting.

One of the important things to consider when taking out insurance in Spain is the after sales service should you need to make a claim. After all there is no point in paying expensive premiums if you find out you’re not covering the risks – that’s the whole point of insurance.

Liberty employ over 200 English-speaking staff to deal with the important expatriate insurance market in Spain. They are also able to speak many other languages such as German and French.

Liberty Seguros has specifically targeted the expatriates market in Spain with over two hundred English-speaking staff and policies in English. Many other languages are spoken such as German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Danish and Finnish.

Many of the best-known insurance brokers in Spain such as Knights Insurance will be giving you quotes provided by Liberty Seguros.

Given that most expats living in spain are over the age of fifty, Liberty Seguros has recognised this by providing tailored products and quotations for this senior age range of customers.

Liberty Insurance mostly offer car and motor insurance policies as well as house insurance but they also provide a number of different insurance services, a full-list is below.

Liberty Seguros Car Insurance

Liberty Seguros are well-known for their motor insurance in Spain, also known as car insurance.

You are well taken care of when you insure your car in Spain with Liberty Seguros because they have a large customer service department dedicated to handling any claims should you have an accident.

Liberty provide an excellent service which includes an extended travel assistance cover service telephone line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your vehicle is covered and valued on a new basis for the first two years in case of a claim for total loss or fire or theft.

Unique to Liberty is the designated driver option instead of the car being insured for any driver which is usually the case in Spain. This new innovation from Liberty is aimed at offering cheaper car insurance quotations for safer drivers.

Liberty’s Spanish car insurance highlights include roadside assistance which is included in your premiums and includes breakdown assistance from your home, extended travel assistance cover, discounts for safe drivers with no claims discounts of up to 55% and finally the value of the vehicle is considered as new for total loss, fire or theft claims during the first two years.

To get all of these benefits, especially the breakdown cover you need to take out a fully comprehensive car insurance policy.

Liberty Seguros Home/House Insurance

If you have purchased property in Spain you will need to take out house insurance in Spain (also known as home insurance).

Liberty Seguros Spain offer both home contents and buildings insurance.

This household insurance has a useful telephone helpline which is available 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Your personnel possessions (home contents) are insured on a ‘replace with new basis’. Discounts are available depending on your security arrangements and the amount of sums insured.

There is also a dedicated customer service department available 24 hours a day every single day of the year should you need assistance with making the claim concerning your Spanish home insurance.

Liberty Seguros also issues policies for community insurance if you live in an apartment complex.

Life Insurance

Liberty life insurance gives peace of mind for your partner and children should anything happen to you. You will be protected against the risk of accidents, disability, serious illness and death.

Golf Insurance

Liberty golf insurance covers your golf equipment primarily your clubs in case of theft or damage. The extra costs involved in celebrating a hole in one. Worldwide golfing third-party liability up to €100,000 as well as personal accident cover of death €15,000, permanent disability €15,000, medical cover €3,000 and medical/pharmaceutical/hospital cover for the caddy of €3,000.

Business Insurance

Liberty business insurance will insure your business goods at their value as new with indemnity based on the cost of rebuilding as new. You are backed with a business assistance service telephone line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Marine & Boat Insurance

Liberty will insure and covers risks while your boat is sailing, floating, moored or being transported over land. Your boat can be either sail or motor-powered and includes motor boats, sailing boats and jet-skis.

Liberty Insurance/Liberty Seguros Contact Details and Information

If you have a complaint to make to Liberty Seguros (Liberty Insurance) this is the address to send your correspondence:

We have an address, phone number, e-mail address and the official website url.

Most policies with Liberty are issued through insurance brokers and agents so it is generally correct to contact your broker first rather than going direct.

Liberty Seguros, S.A.
Buzón de Quejas
C/Zamora, 54
08002 Barcelona

Telephone: Currently unknown and not displayed on their website!


Customer Service email:

Website: Liberty Seguros

Currently we have been unable to find an address or phone number for Liberty Seguros (Liberty Insurance) as they seem to be hiding this information on their website, it does appear that they would prefer you to go back to the broker from home you originally bought your policy through.


We are looking for independent reviews of Liberty Seguros so if you have used them please let us know your experiences and any comments you might have such as how their premiums and quotes compared to other insurance companies in Spain, this will help other people searching for insurance in Spain.

Tell us whether you think Liberty Seguros offer cheap insurance in Spain and tell us whether you think the service is good and if you believe they offer good value for money.


  1. Do not use this company to insure your boat!
    Liberty Seguros refused to refund the 11 months not used when I sold my boat.
    They stated they only refund for houses and cars when you sell them – what is the difference a policy is a policy????

  2. Elizabeth Sweeney says

    I have 5 policies with Liberty Seguros, my neighbour in the penthouse flooded my apartment and Liberty had to do was to contact the community insurer. I have written several emails to them with the details of the community insurance information and no response from them. In my opinion, they are a useless company that extort money from people under the guises of providing you insurance.

  3. Awful company. Had the rear screen of my Citroen C5 broken (Spain)So far car has been off road for about 8 weeks. Apparently cannot find a screen!! No offer of a hire vehicle no real updates. Shocking

  4. Ian Mulholland says

    The broker for my Spanish reg car, recommended Liberty for a UK reg car I bought in UK, intending to bring to Spain to matriculate & in future use for the journeys to & from UK, where I take long vacations. Not sure if as a EU resident in Spain, I could do this, Liberty assured me it was legal. However, having seen a long list of horror stories about UK nationals having UK reg cars impounded, I asked the reasonable question :’ I know the car is insured , for any qualified person to drive it. BUT – the interface between Liberty Seguros and Spanish law on who can drive UK reg cars is far from clear. It appears UK nationals with Spanish residencia, tax resident in Spain – cannot drive UK reg cars, even for a short period pending matriculation – please confirm the position?’ NO Reply from their head office, and so far neither from their agent who sold the policy. Worth checking out if thinking about doing the same thing. Wish clarification could resolve this, as I am soon to bring this car into Spain. What could possibly go wrong!

  5. P. Taylor says

    we were involved in an accident to which we admitted fault. we have 2 car insurances with them and the car involved we had to pay 600 euros excess, paid it but took the car 9 months to fix. now we have the car back we have an electrical fault which after having driven the car from the uk and using it for 18 months prior to the accident it now has an electrical fault. as you can guess they haven’t accepted liability for this. we now have to pay land rover to sort the problem which they caused out of our own pocket. i have emailed them but to no avail. what a joke this company is. take you money and forget what customer services actually are. needless to say i could not care less if i pay double the amount when it comes to renewal and certainly wont use or even recommend them. worst company ive had the pleasure of dealing with here in spain.

  6. William Geldeard says

    Very impressed with the excellent service we had from Liberty Seguros, Albox , Spain.
    We were traveling back to Almeria Spain through France on the evening of the 30.12.17 when we hit a wild boar on a dark country road south of Bordeaux,
    The car suffered damage to the radiator and lost all the coolant, Fortunately we managed to stop in a small village before the engine overheated so no damage was done apart from the radiator being split on one side.
    We called Liberty the next morning who arranged a breakdown truck to take the car back to our home in Spain.
    They arranged a taxi to come from Bilbao to Sarbes and take us to Bilbao airport where a hire car was booked for us and the next day we drove the1,036 kilometers back to Almeria Spain.
    Our car arrived at our home 9 days later and I am now carrying out the necessary repairs.

    Thank you very much for a hassle free service especially as our problem occurred on holiday weekend (New Year)

    Yours Sincerely

    William Geldeard

  7. A totally terrible insurance company.
    My neighbor is building on her terrace, which is my outside roof, and caused a large water damage throughout my apartment.
    This is four months ago, and Liberty does nothing.
    There are just new people constantly looking at the apartment but nothing happens.
    The apartment can not be inhabited and is still full of water in ceilings and walls, but no rent for other space is covered and the damage is not repaired.
    Has received a ridiculous offer of an amount of 2000 € for a total damage apartment and broken furniture.
    Stay far away from this company it’s absolutely terrible ..

  8. Bas Leenhhouts says

    Disgusting service, no English speaking contact, rejecting your claim immediately and so on, 6 months of batteling…..A disgrace company, to avoid. ( fire in the house, 350 euros rejected without reasons )

  9. Kenneth Johnstone says

    Ihave vehicle insurance with them for my motorhome and when returning from France in August 2015 I had the misfortune to have a problem. I rang the rodside assistance and was told to call French emergency as it ws on a freeway. The french were brilliant and we were soon picked up sorted and rady to travel again , however Liberty or their assistace people refused to pay the garage for the recovery. We had to pay for the recovery there and then to allow us to continue . I have visited the brokers Easycover in Torrevieja several times given all the necessary paperwork to prove the claim , this has been sent to liberty and I am still waiting for the refund of the money I paid on 29/08/2015 nearly two months later. This company are dreadfull and should be avoided . They were happy to leave us stranded on a French freeway and had it not been for the French emergency we would still be there

  10. Gordon Anderson says

    AWFUL and ridiculously bad company . Over 6 months ago my vehicle caught fire whilst at a mechanics . I have had every delay tactic going from liberty and Libelous remarks about the mechanics and I have been constantly being asked to handle most of the claim myself and to get this and that information from the garages insurance company or owners of the Garage , appalling service when all this should be down to them to do. Because they couldn’t be bothered to send out an assessor themselves or contact the police , they are making up facts to suit themselves. Now they are being pushed they have offered me less than half of what I paid for it 10 months previously , there is no way I can buy a replacement with what there are offering but they say they will claim it back for the Garages insurance. Their attitude has been offer me a pittance and take the P , easy cop out, lazy and unprofessional .

  11. Dr. Laurence Fendrich says

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  12. colin knowles says

    hi folks
    6 weeks ago i had a power surge to my house in el albanil campo mijas
    and the service is crap 6 weeks without fridge micro and air con DISGUSTING SERVICE

  13. Pauline Blunt says

    We were burgled on Friday 17th May when our front door was levered from the frame in seven places. The broker was quick to get an assessor out who gave the go ahead to have a new front door fitted. No problem we thought so instead of having to keep the front door jammed with wood we got it replaced. A month later we are still waiting for the assessor to file his report so that the claim can be processed. Now we are being harrassed by the supplier of the front door for payment which we can understand from his point of view but why we have to be out of pocket.should not be our problem. We are calling the insurance company daily!

  14. Liz Daniels says

    I have had business insurance with Liberty, through Knight. This year I made my first claim. I first reported a serious water leak with damage to two rooms in February. The assessor arrived several days later and a plumber after that. The plumber removed a water tank but did not replace it. He dug into two walls leaving the debris on my terrace. The leak stopped. For seven weeks I fought to get them to replace the water tank which was obstructing the terrace, to make good the damage done by the plumber and to repair the water damage in the rooms. Eventually they returned the tank and I paid for the wall and room repairs privately as I needed to open the Hostal. Liberty refused to pay on the grounds that only two rooms were damaged. I cancelled the policy and they then offered me €863. It is now late August. I have received nothing and liberty tell me they have paid my compensation to someone else and have asked me to try and get the money from this other person. My annual payment was €1500. It bought me no cover. It cost me seven months of heartache. Don’t use liberty!

  15. Martin Goodgroves says

    I have home insurance with Liberty Seguros through Knights in Estapona, recently had a water leak problem and they were excellent, my damage claim and the water damage to the apartment below us has been agreed very quickly, they had a loss adjustor out to inspect the day after I reported and claim agreed within three weeks (even though it is August when most of Spain takes the month off).
    I am now looking at buying a car and the quotes have been very competitive for a quality policy and I have the confidence that they would handle any claim well.

    • Martin Goodgroves says

      I take back all I said above excellent initially has turned into long term horreendous, it took a year with much pressure to get Liberty to act, 9 seperate loss adjustors and tradesmen were sent for my apartment alone and 12 months to get paid, they decided after 7 months that their original decision to send tradesmen they instructed was not the correct way to go then even when I had obtained three quotes as requested they took another 3 months to make an offer of half the quote costs and then two more months of toing anf froing where I had to do all the chasing, knights in san pedro are hopeless when it comes to claims.
      My neighbor is still waiting 18 months after the flood for any sign of payment and have had to lay out money for repairs to expensive aircon repairs, there is no sign of liberty acting fairly, I am at a loss of where to go from here.

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