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Mapfre Asistencia are a very large internationally known insurance company who have been providing insurance services in Spain since 1989.

With 78 million customers worldwide you are dealing with a large organisation who are committed to quality and innovation.

MAPFRE stands for Mutualidad Agrupación Propietarios Fincas Rústicas de España (this translates roughly as Spanish insurance and financial institution). It bought The Commerce Group in Massachusetts in 2008.

Because Mapfre such a well-known name in Spain we feel duty-bound to mention them as any website about insurance in Spain would be incomplete without a comprehensive list of all the major Spanish insurance companies.

Having said that Mapfre is lagging behind some of the other major insurance companies in Spain in providing English speaking policies, services and staff. This is clearly indicated by their website which is entirely in Spanish unlike their competitors, Liberty Seguros and Linea Directa Insurance Spain. However, if your Spanish is good enough, then why not also get quotations for insurances from Mapfre.

Mapfre Asistencia provide a number of major insurance services as you would expect briefly these are as follows:

Mapfre Car Insurance

Most of MAPFRE’s business (82%) is auto insurance, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. This covers all your typical variations of Spanish car insurance such as fully comprehensive, third-party and third party fire and theft. Many extras come as standard with Mapfre policies. They also offer Spanish insurance on motorcycles, vans, scooters, mopeds or caravans.

We also now offer quotes – see our Spain Made Simple Car Insurance page.

Mapfre Home Insurance

This covers the various types of house insurances for Spain related to properties such as home contents insurance, Spanish buildings insurance and community insurance Spain.

Mapfre Health

If you are not confident or eligible for the Spanish national health care system, you can take out private medical health insurance Spain to cover you for illness, operations and needing urgent treatments. You can even take out Mapfre funeral plans to pay for your funeral in advance in order to fix the cost.

Mapfre offer all sorts of other financial savings and investment plans but as this is purely an insurance site, we won’t go into these in great detail.

Mapfre Spain offers financial insurances such as protection against being made redundant or protection against the risk of you not being able to work due to illness, in this instance, your income will be maintained to support your family and yourself. They also offer Spanish life insurance.

Mapfre Travel Insurance will cover you if you are travelling outside of Spain and you need worldwide travel protection against risks such as accidents and to maintain private healthcare while abroad.

Contact Info.

Address: Carratera de Pozuelo-Majadahonda, 52
28220 Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain

Mapfre telephone number: +34-91-581-1100

Mapfre official website

Below we have a corporate video from Mapfre giving an overview of the company and its services:


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