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If you’re a regular sending money to Spain or need to plan a transfer, speak to our partner Smart Currency.

The Spanish banks can charge you for receiving payments leaving you out of pocket and frustrated.

Exchange rate movements can also impact your ability to budget correctly.

Smart Currency are experts in international payments and will provide you with a dedicated currency account manager to help avoid unnecessary costs.

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Currency for your property purchase in Spain

Buying a property in Spain is an incredibly exciting project, but changing pounds into euros for a property abroad requires more planning than for holiday cash.

Changing hundreds of thousands of pounds into euros can be daunting, and after you’ve bought, you may be surprised at how frequently and how much money you need to exchange for euros.

Using your usual high street bank or an app can be chaotic and expensive. Plan ahead, however, using a currency specialist, and it should be a smooth and simple process.

That’s why Spain Made Simple recommends Smart Currency Exchange, who have been helping property buyers abroad for nearly 20 years.

They have a 4.9/5, “excellent” rating on the independent reviews website Trustpilot, so do please take 5 minutes to see what others have said about them.

When you register for an account with Smart you will be assigned your own dedicated currency trader, who will be at the end of the telephone, not hiding behind a bank’s website or app.

How Smart will help you

To start with, you can talk to Smart about how much you will have to spend abroad and the kind of rate you’re likely to find. That way, when you come to look for a property in Spain you will know how much you have to spend in euros.

Secondly, you can discuss with your trader where the exchange rate may be going by the time you come to complete on the property. Over the weeks of the legal processes exchange rates can change significantly, so you’ll need to decide if you want to take the risk, or lock in your exchange rate when you commit, for complete peace of mind.

Thirdly, when you make each payment – the deposit and then the balance on completion – Smart will give you all the support and information you want.

As well as the purchase, Smart can automate your bill paying, and fix your exchange for the year ahead so you’ll be able to budget accurately.

Smart are fully regulated by the FCA.

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Smart Currency Exchange – Dedicated to helping overseas property buyers

As currency experts specialising in overseas homes, we have helped thousands of people to secure a holiday home or new life abroad. We have transferred more than £5 billion safely and efficiently. Along the way, we have gained a reputation as the most trustworthy and reliable exchange service.

When you’re making the purchase of a lifetime, you want a company known for honesty and integrity. At Smart, we believe that buying a home abroad is one of the most exciting, rewarding and potentially profitable steps you can ever take as a family or investor. Each day we are inspired by our clients who relocate or retire abroad. But we also know the risks that currency volatility can have on your home-buying budget and your income abroad – we want to help you to budget effectively and take those risks out of the way.

“Smart Currency Exchange has been handling my numerous foreign currency purchases for many years and I have complete confidence in their professionalism, extremely competitive rates and efficient and friendly service.”

Martyn Smith, Smart Currency Exchange customer

Smart’s long years of experience means we understand the processes involved in buying a home abroad. We have worked in the legal systems abroad (indeed we have partnerships with some of the best lawyers) and we’re used to working within the time frames of the property markets around the world.

Most importantly, we understand the potential risks of buying abroad and can help to mitigate those risks. We have helped our clients through every possible scenario and our aim is to keep things simple, safe and cost-effective. We anticipate and help deal with potential problems before they arise, so you can rest assured that your international payment will be made on time and efficiently.

With you every step of the way

Every service on the Smart Currency Exchange roster has been carefully crafted to help our clients. You want to stay informed, so we provide a wide range of news and currency updates. You want to manage your transfers when on the go, so we offer a mobile app and an online system. You want the option of speaking to a friendly and informed expert on the best way to organise your transfers – you get all of this with Smart.

Currency transfers needn’t be a stressful business. We’re here to guide you through the process and to keep you informed on all the news and developments that might affect you along the way.

Your security is our priority

Your funds and data are in safe hands with us. Smart Currency Exchange is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (FRN 504509) for the provision of payment services. We are also the #1 company for currency exchange and money transfer on Trustpilot.

Experts in currency exchange

Property is not the only string to Smart’s bow. We can assist with repatriating money back to the UK, managing pension or mortgage payments and making quick transfers for one-off purchases. Whatever your reasons for transferring funds overseas, Smart Currency Exchange is here to help. We do this for all the main countries where the British choose to go live, work or holiday, and quite a few where not many of us go either.

Over the years, we have helped our clients with all their currency transfer needs. We’ve moved life savings to other countries. We have made thousands of people’s lives less stressful by managing their regular payments efficiently. We have guided people safely through the purchases of yachts, cars, homes and businesses. We cater for all transfers needs, big or small, and understand the steps and risks associated with international payments.

Navigating the currency markets for the first time can be daunting. If you’re just used to grabbing a few euros at the airport, transferring a large sum to buy a property abroad may make you pause for thought. And so it should: currencies fluctuate by the second, potentially changing the price of the home you have set your heart on.

If you are moving abroad but receiving an income from the pound or other currency, your income could be changing by the minute. Sometimes, but rarely, these movements can be anticipated. Others, more than people realise, come completely out of the blue.

Having been in the money transfer business for many years, we’ve seen every possible problem and scenario first-hand. We know how the markets move and the factors that cause exchange rates to fluctuate. We’ve channelled our years of experience into every service we offer so that we can help you avoid risk and stress every time you transfer.

Products and services

Whether you need to make a payment today, or three months in the future – we can help. For large or small payments, we have a service that suits you. We work with our clients to help them put a strategy in place for all their transfers. Whether you need to secure the best rate possible for a rapid one-off payment, or you have a series of payments to plan for – Smart Currency Exchange can help.

How a Spot Contract works

If you decide, after talking to your dedicated Smart trader, that a Spot Contract is right for you, your trader will secure the funds for you immediately.

Once your rate is locked in, you are contracted to send the payment to Smart Currency Exchange’s Client Account with either Barclays Bank plc or the Bank of Ireland. This is a separate account that only contains client funds. Once your funds are received into the account, they will be exchanged at the agreed rate right away and forwarded to the intended recipient. Payments will either clear on the same day, or within a couple of days.

Is a Spot Contract right for you?

Whether you choose a Spot Contract or a Forward Contract will be dictated by when you have to make a payment. With a Spot Contract, you need to provide cleared funds within two days.

If you have the luxury of waiting before you make a payment, but still want to trade at today’s rate, a Forward Contract allows you to do that without parting with more than a 10% deposit until you do trade. You have more control as you can schedule payments at your locked-in exchange rate for up to one year. A Forward Contract is perfect, therefore, for people making several transfers and for those who need to budget, as you will always know the rate you’re trading at, thereby removing all risk.

What is a Currency Forward Contract?

A Currency Forward Contract is very simple. It is a legal contract to buy a certain amount of currency or currency pairs at an agreed rate in the future. You would normally pay 10% of the money now, as a deposit, and agree to pay the remainder within the next year.

Why would you do that? Because a Currency Forward Contract locks in your exchange rate for that period.

What are the benefits?

  • Avoid the risk of currency rates moving against you
  • Easy budgeting as you know exactly how much you will get
  • Book now and pay later
  • Avoid the rush on the day of your payment – everything is already in place!
  • Pay it all at once, or spread the payments out over multiple transfers
  • Safe and secure payments
  • Manage and make payments online

Spain Made Simple recommends Smart Currency Exchange, who have been helping property buyers abroad for nearly 20 years.

You Can Also Make Regular & Automated Payments

A Regular Payment Plan (RPP) automates your transfers to avoid the time, effort and costs of making lots of individual payments. You can combine it with a forward contract in a Regular Payment Forwards (RPF) to fix your exchange rate for up to two years so your payments are the same every month.

Regular Payment Plan (RPP) Helps With:

  1. Making the same payments every month or quarter
  2. Automating the transfer process
  3. Scheduling payments
  4. When used with a forward contract (RPF), fixing the rate so you’re paying the same amount in your home currency each time

Typical Uses of an RPP are:


  • An overseas mortgage
  • Homeowners association or urbanisation fees
  • Receiving or paying rent
  • Property taxes
  • Maintenance on an overseas home
  • Spending money – keep your overseas bank account topped up

Expatriates and retirees:

  • School and university fees
  • Child support
  • Receiving an income from abroad, such as a pension or investment earnings

Our clients find an RPP is the most efficient way of organising the same international transfers each month or quarter.

It removes the risk of missing a payment, which can be so easy when you’re living across two households and with bills arriving in different languages.

No need to constantly check exchange rates or negotiate the telephone system of your bank.

When used with a forward contract (RPF), it fixes the rate thereby ensuring that your regular payments will be the same every time.

Fixing your rate is invaluable when you’re budgeting, because if your home currency should weaken, your overseas payments won’t be affected.

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