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For many people having private health insurance in Spain is essential.

This is a topic of great importance – after all what is more important than your health?

This page on health insurance in Spain, also commonly known as medical insurance, is designed to help expats get the lowest and cheapest quotes on the market for your private health and medical insurance.


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    Private Health Insurance and Private Medical Care

    If you are considering buying/taking out health insurance Spain and you want to find out how much private health insurance in Spain costs then read on and we will give you actual examples so you can see if it is affordable for you.

    Many people often ask us: How good is the health care in Spain and how much is health insurance in Spain?

    The subject of health insurance in Spain is so important because many people who move to Spain are of an age where they are very likely to need increasing amounts of medical cover and health care.

    Many retirees and pensioners are moving to Spain and naturally the first question they ask themselves when considering living in Spain is, what would happen if I get sick or taken ill in Spain?

    Medical cover in Spain via the public health service in Spain (National Health Service Spain) is of a good quality but is not as good as that of the private medical system and this is why many people take out private medical insurance in Spain.

    The first step is to consider your circumstances and whether you actually need private health insurance in Spain and private health care in Spain. You will also need to work out if you are eligible for free medical care under the Spanish health system.

    European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

    This card was previously known as the E111 and was replaced in 2006. The idea is that as a EU citizen you become entitled to state medical care while on short trips to fellow European Union member countries.

    The problem has been in some circumstances the interpretation of the rules as to what is covered by emergency and necessary treatment.

    Some doctors have treated patients in Spain immediately, while other doctors have given temporary relief in terms of medication and prescriptions until the person can get home from their holiday.

    If you are at all concerned then take out travel insurance or private health care rather than relying on your EHIC to cover all emergencies.

    If you are visiting Spain on holiday and you are from an EU country you will typically be entitled to free emergency medical treatment.

    Having said this you really will need some documentation – in the case of people from the United Kingdom you must get a EHIC card, BEFORE you go.

    What is the E-121 Card?

    If you are a pensioner or retiree of age 65 or above and you are moving to Spain you need to get a E121 from the Department of Work and Pensions department.

    This removes you from the UK system and when you arrive in Spain you should go to the nearest Oficina de Extrajaneros (foreigners office) or police station.

    Together with your E121 and passport you will be issued with a certificate allowing you to register for medical care under the Spanish state service.

    Some holidaymakers still take out private health insurance for Spain as they want the reassurance that the care will be of a high quality and also they are likely to have access to multilingual staff.

    Even if you are entitled to free medical care on the Spanish state service you may just like in your home country prefer to go private as it has many advantages, principally much shorter waiting times for treatments and operations.

    Perhaps you feel the doctors are better.

    If you are one of the many people who spent part of the year in your home county and part of the year in Spain then you would probably want to consider taking out private health insurance for the time you spend in Spain.

    If you are staying in Spain for a few months or living in Spain then private health insurance in Spain may be essential. Exceptions are for people who are employed in Spain or people who are self-employed – in these cases you become entitled to free health care in Spain when you get your social security number.

    If you are entitled to use the Spanish system, when you arrive in Spain register with the local authority and obtain your medical card known as a tarjeta sanitaria. Take this medical card with you to the local surgery and hospitals and you will receive the same rights to treatment as if you were a Spanish national.

    If you are in the EU then you should be able to get your home country to pay Spain to cover you. For people in the UK this cover lasts six months before it runs out – to get covered you need to apply using form E-106 available from the Post Office. People over 60 are covered permanently.

    Why Take Out Private Health Insurance in Spain?

    1. You may not be eligible for the public national heath service so you have no option but to take out private health insurance.

    You are entitled to use the Spanish healthcare system if you have a job with an official contract or if you are self-employed and therefore paying into the social security system, or if you are of retirement age and thus a pensioner.

    If you are below retirement age – perhaps you have retired early, you could well find that you do not qualify for state care. There has been a major crackdown, notably in Valencia province to stop early retirees in Spain and illegal workers not paying into the social security system, from accessing free State healthcare when they were not entitled to this.

    In Valencia non-working expats under the retirement age must pay a €90 monthly fee to get the state medical care. So clearly at this stage you may be better off paying a little bit more per month to take out private health insurance with all the additional benefits it gives you over the state system.

    2. Private health insurance in Spain gives you access to the private hospitals and private doctors who are generally of a higher standard than those in the public health care system.

    Having said this, Spain spends more on their national health service than the NHS in the UK and although you read conflicting stories from expats, the general consensus is that the public health system in Spain is of a good standard.

    3. People in the public healthcare system may speak some English but don’t rely on it and so private health insurance in Spain gives you peace of mind that your health care issues will be explained to you and understood.

    One important difference between Spain and most other countries is that in public hospitals in Spain, basic care of the patients are often the responsibility of relatives who bring in food and gifts, So unless you have family and friends in Spain you may wish to go private so you are certain to be cared after when in hospital.

    Care for the elderly in Spain is very different as there are no outreach services and there is a lack of care homes and nursing homes for the elderly.

    4. Private health insurance in Spain often means jumping the queue and getting immediate operations rather than waiting.

    5. Facilities are usually more comfortable and private if you have private health insurance in Spain.

    6. Private health insurance in Spain means you can choose which doctors you want to see and what facilities you wish to go to.

    This can only be a rough guide but for private health insurance in Spain expect to pay approximately €800 a year for a couple aged 50. A major Spanish private health care provider is Sanitas who are part of BUPA. Sanitas has plans that start from €15 a month, they have special private hospitals with bilingual staff.

    Generally private health insurance in Spain is cheaper than comparable plans in the Uk but your choices of hospitals and doctors are more limited.

    Rather than buying a specific policy for Spain you may want to consider a fully European health care plan if you are one of the many expatriates who spend equal time in the UK and Spain. BUPA offer these plans and this entitles you to private medical care both in the UK and Spain… as well as other European countries such as France through which you may be traveling.

    These plans are more expensive and you will need to designate your main country of residence but importantly you will get coverage in the other countries which you visit as well as the ability to come back to the UK for private operations.

    Ways to Get Cheaper Premiums

    If you already have health insurance in Spain and you are looking to renew then obviously you want to renew your health insurance premiums for the lowest possible price.

    Try going to an insurance broker who will be able to compare plans and quotes from many different providers of health insurance as this will potentially save you enormous amounts of time (as well as money) contacting each insurance company directly yourself.

    Try also find a health insurance price comparison search engine which will take your specifications and instantly search online and compare prices and quotes for the cheapest Spanish health insurance on the market.

    Always shop around as health insurance in Spain is generally expensive.

    Do take into consideration your language skills. If you are not fluent in Spanish then it is important to take out health insurance with policy documents issued in English.

    Otherwise you won’t fully understand what you are covered for. Don’t take the agent or brokers verbal explanation as when it comes to claiming on your Spanish health/medical insurance you will be the one footing the bill if you find you are not adequately covered.

    So check the small print and ask questions until you are 100% sure the policy if what you want.

    Spanish Health Insurance Companies

    Direct Seguros (seguros is the Spanish word for insurance)
    Zurich Insurance
    Allianz Insurance
    Catalana Occidente
    Caser Seguros
    Liberty Seguros
    Linea Directa
    MMT Seguros
    Reale Seguros
    Fexix Directo
    Click Seguros
    Lagun Aro
    Asefa Seguros
    Nationale Suisse
    Seguros Bilbao
    Clinicum Salut
    Generali Seguros

    Potential Pitfalls and Problems

    You need to consider what private health insurance companies provide and more importantly what they DON’T. Check the small print – there is no point in paying money for health insurance Spain on a regular basis only to find when you most need it – that you are not covered for something.

    Consider if you will be traveling often outside of Spain – if so does your private health insurance in Spain cover you for this?

    Does your private health insurance in Spain cover all of your family or just you?

    Private health insurance companies in Spain often will not take on board clients with existing health problems. Not stating these initially may mean they will not cover you when treatment is required.

    Premiums for private health insurance in Spain can be reduced considerably if you are prepared to pay a high excess if treatment is required.

    Returning to the UK for Medical Care and Treatment

    You need to realise the system works both ways. If you are resident in Spain and you go back to the UK you will only be entitled to the emergency health care using a EHIC. You won’t be able to use the NHS other than for emergencies. Realise that when you move to Spain you are forgoing many of your NHS benefits. For this reason it is essential you obtain the correct health insurance in case you suddenly are taken ill or need an urgent life-saving operation while living in Spain.

    Page Summary – This page contains unique content written especially for this website and is all about knowing about private health insurance in Spain – do you need health insurance and how much does it cost in Spain.

    Do you need other types of insurance for Spain?

    We now have a renewal quote form for car insurance.


    1. Shannen Maria says

      I am moving to Spain Fuengirola in October 2022. I am a crohns patient and receive an infusion treatment every 7 weeks to control it without it I become critically ill. I am finding it difficult to find insurance that cover pre existing illnesses and I believe my only option at the moment is to fly back and forth. This will be very expensive and difficult with whatever job I will get. Any suggestions that I may be missing??? and does anyone know if pre existing illness cover exists?? Shannen

    2. Bairbre Krueger says

      Is it possible for a EU citizen(and nationality) that once they are a pensioner, that one can chose to enter into and of course pay for a local state health insurance once a permanent resident, with property in Spain ?,I-n which they live? perhaps someone may know a Ggerman Expat, who has been through the process already
      & could confirm this one way or the other for those who have left Germany and are bound oterwise to the priv. system??? if one is pensioned, is it still possable to take up work on an employment basis for a time.. and get into the system therewith?-continue thereafter to pay their contributions to the State system?
      The German private system is so expensive that it can make one bankrupt in a short time- their local system does not allow one to move back to the state cover once over the age of 55, whether one can afford to pay or not! it is also preventing some to move within European countries taken ones right to chose ones place of retirement as a result.hope someone can clear these points., finally!

    3. Martin Cave says

      Hello , I’m moving to Gran Canaria within the next six months and am on medication which because I am 62 I receive free prescriptions, I intend becoming a resident and will be retired, can anyone help regarding how I will get prescriptions over there and will I have to pay for all of the costs “?

    4. Gary Aldridge says

      Our recent experience of Sanitas, we moved to Spain three months ago, we made sure we had private medical cover before my wife and I left the uk, we live in the north of the Granada region in a small town called Galera.
      My wife started getting problems with her thumbs, she was unable to hold things undo jars etc, she took prescription anti inflammatory drugs but over a month the problem got worse, so we called the broker that sold us the policy to get details of our nearest doctor on their list, the nearest doctor turned out to be a 40 minute drive away, my wife rang the number given to us but could get no reply, so she rang the broker again who said she would make the appointment for us, thus was a Friday morning, we heard nothing until Monday morning when my wife called her again, she said “she had tried but could not get an answere” so just left it. GREAT SERVICE SANITAS.
      We tried the doctors our selves again but just got an old man who didn’t have an idea of what we wanted so probably no the doctors, my wife called Sanitas direct and asked to be put through to an English speaking operator which they did, it went straight through to an answering machine which said nobody was available, so back to the broker at Sanitas, it turns out that our next nearest doctor is in Granada 1hr 45 minutes away
      Just not acceptable, the broker who is our first point of call and employed by Sanitas that sold us the policy said that it looked like the policy wasn’t really suitable as all the facilities were yo far away, we suggested a refund but were told it was a 12 month policy that didn’t give refunds, so we have a policy that we can’t use that cost 1500€ and we can’t get the money back thanks” Sanitas “.
      After another conversation with them we were told to Wright and complain explaining our situation, meanwhile my wife is still in pain, god forbid we ever get really ill, we are writing to Sanitas to try to escalate the problem but in the meantime my wife is using her EHIC card and trying to make an appointment with our local doctor which is a 5 minute walk away, apparently all our expat neighbours get a three monthly registration at the local health centre which they can keep renewing and get a fantastic service, my wife has just called them got put through to an interpreter do its all systems go ” fingers crossed”.
      It appears to be a catch 22 situation here that the private health companies use to their benefit, you must have private medical for the first 12 months before you can pay into the Spanish state health system, so the long winded moral of this email is probably get in writing from your health provider where your doctors, hospitals, dentists etc are, so SANITAS you are as they say “NOT CELEBRITIES SO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE”
      Comments and advice please thanks

    5. John Gardner says

      My wife and I have lived in Spain for three years. My wife pays taxes and state health contributions and here is our experience.
      Health care in Spain via the doctor’s surgery is variable. They are not exactly up to date but they are not, as in France, xenophobic. Many ancient thoughts survive despite modern science.
      My wife broke her arm when she fell while we were on holiday not far from where we live. We were kept waiting for 6 hours for treatment at the emergency clinic in Velez Malaga! At almost 11 o’clock in the evening we left that hospital where a cast had been applied. No pain killers, no one, not a single person asked if she was in pain. They told her an operation was necessary but they didn’t have the time to do it. We were advised to go to Almeria hospital near where we live.
      Next morning, after a wait of two and a half hours we were told, at Almeria, they would not treat her. It was political the doctor said. A woman in pain with a severely broken arm and they refused treatment. Political? We were then directed to Hospital Poniente in El Ejido. After a six hour wait we were told by a doctor who had consulted a traumatologist, who never even saw my wife, no operation was necessary.
      Things did not get better so we went back to the hospital where we had to wait another five and a half hours. The traumatologist was told by the triage doctor my wife was foreign, she’s Scottish, and was then asked how long she had been in the country! Why was that relevant to medical treatment? She was then told they may have to operate if she was not better the following day.
      She was not and we had, yet again, to go through the ridiculously time wasting procedure of their emergency clinic. Finally, they admitted her for an operation after a doctor practically begged them to take her seriously. Not once, NOT ONCE, was she offered pain control medication or asked how she was.
      Having been admitted at 10.30 in the evening she sat in a bed being told she would have an operation. When we asked? Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. I finally had it out with an arrogant God Complex medic in the hallway. She was operated on two days later. Her wrist was put together with plates and screws. No operation necessary? Beggars belief.
      Letters went to the boss of the hospital, the boss of the Andalucia Health Authority, the Health Minister and El Pais. Not a single one of them has so far responded.
      The uncaring God Complex is alive and well in Andalucia and if you get ill try to go home. DO NOT GO to Hospital Poniente in El Ejido. It is a journey into an uncaring hell. That’s the point. Not a single medical person appeared to care at all about the patients. Nurses took her temperature and blood pressure and never spoke a word. Not a single word. At night there is no security on the door!! As an ex- business consultant I know this attitude comes from the top.
      I will not let this go. This is the twenty first century and this country has money. Allowing this type of health management is absolutely shameful.

    6. Hey. When I was16 I went to Spain I had insurance and become unwell and went to a Spanish hospital this was magaluf. Mt insurance didn’t cover me because they said I had alcohol and drugs in my system I had been drinking but didn’t do any drugs at all there was a misunderstanding with translating the Spanish reports into English .. The case was on going I tried to sort it out but nothing got resolved and I haven’t heard anything from them in a while?! I haven’t paid any of the bill as I believe that my insurance should have covered me. I want to return to Spain ..magaluf for the summer but I am worried as I don’t know what will happen if I go there whilst oweing the hospital 800 euros?! Would it be safe to return ? Or what can Ido so it will be safe or should I not return at all?! I. Don’t want to go and get arrested. I am now 20.. And I plan to to in April with friends if I am safe of course x

    7. The Doctors working at the State Hospitals are usually more instructed than those of the private one’s. Keep in mind that the difficult and complicated cases are commonly assisted in the University Hospitals belonging to ‘Sistema Nacional de Salud’ rather than in the private one’s

    8. HI ,

      I am living in Ibiza and thought I should register as a resident . On visiting the police station to do this I am informed I can not register without medical insurance ( written in Spanish ) and they want to see my bank statements showing my income from the UK in Euros and authenticated by the UK bank !

      Any thoughts or comments ?

      • This is the correct procedure to apply for and be accepted as an EU citizen to reside in Spain.

        • Bisgaard says

          And the most Ridiculous as well..and in fact it is not quite Legal either….since Spain is not follwing the Data protecion Law under EU Regulations by doing so !!

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