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Public liability insurance is one of those insurances that people just don’t think about until it is too late.

Most people in Spain understand the necessity to insure their car or house in Spain but Spanish liability insurance is not top of their list of priorities – it should be!

If somebody suffers an injury they could make a medical claim against you for injuries and damage. We all know how expensive Spanish private medical insurance is.

Not only might you be liable for all their expenses and costs, you may end up also paying some very expensive legal bills from them and also for yourself in having to take out legal representation in Spain.


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    What is Public Liability Insurance for Spain?

    Perhaps it is best if we give you some examples related to Spain so that you can understand the risks involved in not protecting yourself against third-party liability (public liability).

    Anybody visiting your home in Spain could potentially make a claim against you for damages or injury if for example they slip and fall.

    This is especially likely in Spain as most people have a swimming pool.

    Even though this might be completely their own fault you could be held liable.

    Perhaps you are renting or letting out your Spanish home as a holiday let or holiday home.

    You are also likely to have a steady stream of tradesmen visiting your property such as electricians, builders and maintenance people, perhaps to service your boiler, clean your pool or maintain your garden.

    Literally anybody who comes onto your property has the potential to sue you and take you to court.

    You can protect against these third-party claims for negligence and medical claims by taking out a specific policy for public liability insurance in Spain or it might well be that some of your other insurances include this already.

    It is certainly best to check that you are covered rather than take the risk.

    Spanish public liability insurance also works the opposite way around so that if you are at someone else’s property and you cause damage or injury, you yourself will be covered should they make a claim against you.

    It is probably this element that is the most important if you are researching liability insurance because in most cases your policies that cover you for car insurance and your house insurance, will include an element in the premium that covers you for third-party liability.

    But as we have already stressed, do make sure you have cover and find out how much it covers you for – it might not be as much as you think and could leave you vulnerable to a large claim which could financially ruin you in an extreme case.

    Brokers for Third Party Liability

    It’s a smart idea to consult with some of the major Spanish brokers on the subject because is quite complex and hard to understand for the average person in the street.

    There are also quite a few English speaking insurance brokers and staff who can assist you in understanding the policies.

    Brokers will also be able to compare public liability insurance and get you the cheapest quotations.

    Third Party Liability Insurance Companies

    You can go direct to some of the largest Spanish insurance companies, below are a few that we know provide third-party liability or public liability insurance in Spain:

    If you need more help with other types of insurance in Spain then see our home page which contains many links to many different types of insurance coverage available for people living in the country of Spain.


    1. Dan Chantrey says

      am looking for quite for public liability insurance. I have a Spanish based branch of my U.K. business and need to ensure I have the correct insurance for events I have to arrange throughout the EU.

      I would also like to find out more about personal insurance in case I am injured and can’t work.

      Please only correspond through my email.

      Many thanks,
      Dan Chantrey

    2. Sharon Watts says

      I would like to open a dog park for sole use only at a time. Could you advise and quote please?

    3. Sara Leason says

      Hi I’m a freelance fitness instructor in Spain Mazarron Murcia, looking to teach about 10 classes a week in various locations (not home) can you please help

    4. Adriana Tantau says


      I would like to open a gym in Barcelona.

      Please can you provide me with cost for insurance per year.


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