Terra Mitica

Welcome to our guide to the theme park of Terra Mitica in Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Theme parks have become all the rage to have a family day out and Benidorm is blessed with FIVE of them!

Benidorm is blessed with long hot summers with little rain and maximum enjoyment can be had at the famous Terra Mitica theme park.

Terra Mitica is an ancient world theme park with rides, roller coasters and live entertainment.

You will find the theme park located on the hillside just outside of Benidorm and it is easily accessed from the AP7 or the N332.


Once inside the park there is something for everyone. As most people come to enjoy the roller coasters and the altitude rides where you can enjoy getting wet.

There are also mini versions for the smaller younger visitors, who are measured before each ride for height.

To make sure you choose a dry and sunny day to visit Terra Mitica checkout Benidorm’s weather forecast before you go.

Benidorm itself is located on the Northern Costa Blanca in Spain. To take a vacation in Benidorm flights would have to be booked either to Valencia, Murcia or Alicante – all within a 90 drive from Terra Mitica.

While in Spain you have to hire a car to enjoy all that the Costa Blanca has to offer as everything is spread out and local bus services are limited, or alternatively you can drive your own car to Spain from the U.K. to avoid paying for car hire.

Attractions and Rides

Terra Mitica is an ancient world theme park based on five civilizations featuring shows and rides.

The first civilization is Rome with its gladiators, Iberia Park, Ancient Greece, Egypt and The Islands.

The Terra Mitica park is not open all year round (see exact opening times below).

Terra-Mitica-entrance The scariest rides at Terra Mitica are Magnus Colossus and SynKope.

Families really enjoy the Rapids of Argos where you float down the rapids and most people in the raft get soaking wet!

There are 15 children’s rides which are exact replicas of the scarier adult rides so they don’t feel like they are missing out on the fun.

There are so many rides at the park that it is hard to do them all in one day. If you can, take your time and at the end when you leave they give you another days admission for just €8.

When you enter the park you will immediately enter the world of ancient Egypt with its pyramids and the river Nile.

You can take a cruise from Alexandria towards Iberia with a view of all the fantastic rides or you can go straight to the first ride of the Nile Waterfalls. This ride takes place inside a log flume with a twenty meter forward drop not for the faint hearted!

When leaving your boat from the Egyptian docks at El Moll there are a great variety of rides in Iberia including Crazy Cars where the cars have been replaced by bulls, cows and sheep.

Taking the train on El Trano Bravo is a must in Iberia a fabulous experience.

The Mediterranean Islands are represented by a great area of water rides including the Rapids of Argos, be prepared to get very wet as you battle currents and rescue Ulysses.

Greece’s most scariest ride is Synkope classed to be Terra Miticas newest terrifying ride consisting of a giant red wheel which can hold seventy screaming passengers.

The temple of Kinetos is another attraction. Children can explore the Ancient Greek world on horseback. The main attraction of Ancient Rome has to be the flight of the Phoenix which takes you seventy meters into the air and will drop you at a rate of 120 kilometers per hour.

The main rollercoaster of Ancient Rome is Magnus Colossus, the children’s version is Tentaculus telling the story of the Fire and the Phoenix. There are live shows in the amphitheatre portraying life in everyday Rome.

Even if you are not into rollercoasters and rides there are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops to keep you busy as well as some really good shows such as Tarantela, a circus performance filled with dance and humour.

Every year Terra Mitica premiers a new attraction such as the Warrior of the Dawn. I wonder what it will be this year?

For those that love speed, the Mitikarts are a must.

The Pyramid of Terror is Terra Mitica’s answer of the Haunted House, where mummies and pharaohs will scare you half to death.

2015 Terra Mitica Ticket Prices

So how much do tickets for Terra Mitica cost?

Terra Mitica is open from 01/04/15 until the 01/11/15. Opening times are 10:30-20:30 and during the main tourist season until 00:00.

During the month of April Terra Mitica is open every day for the first two weeks and then at the weekends.  During the month of May the park is open at the weekend for the first two weeks and then on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for the last two weeks. During the warmer month of June the park is closed on Monday for the first three weeks and on Tuesday and Wednesday during the first week and then open daily for the rest of the month.

Terra Mitica is open daily during the months of July and August  and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the month of September.  During the month of October Terra Mitica is open on the 9th and 12th of October as well as on the weekends. The last day the park is open for visitors is Sunday the first of November. Iberia Park is still separate but can be visited for free for the price of a day ticket to Terra Mitica. Tickets bought over the net are cheaper than at the gate.

Tickets for rides in Iberia Park can be bought from kiosks dotted around the park for using the park currency known as Iberos. Prices for one day tickets can be purchased for €24 for seniors aged 65 and over and children aged 12 and under. Day tickets for adults are priced at €32. A family day ticket can be purchased for 2 adults and 2 children aged 12 and under for €99.  For smaller families of two adults and 1 child can be purchased for €84. Specially priced day tickets are available at short notice on the weekends, junior and senior tickets are priced at a very reasonable €16.80 and for adults  €22.80, so are good to look out for, of course coupons with special offers can also be picked up at the local supermarkets. Children aged three and under are free when accompanied by an adult.


How To Get Cheap/Discounted Tickets

If you are looking for cheap tickets for Terra Mitica try going to the local McDonalds or the La Marina shopping complex where you will often find people handing out discount vouchers.

Season Tickets (2015)

A cheaper way to enjoy Terra Mitica would be to purchase a season ticket which works out great value.

Season tickets are also available for purchase in the park grounds on an individual basis or as part of a family. Prices start at at €56 and the mist expensive season ticket but probably the best value for money is probably the season ticket for both Terra Mitica and Iberia Park which is priced at €79 for children and pensioners and €122 for adults.

Opening Times/Dates (2015)

Terra Mitica opened its gates on the Wednesday the 1st of April 2015 and will close them again on Sunday November the 1st 2015. From September the 7th the park will only be open at the weekends.

Restaurants/Eating at Terra Mitica

Can I bring my own food into Terra Mitica?

There are many cafes and restaurants scattered throughout the park, bringing your own food into the park to consume during the day is strictly forbidden. To be honest prices are not too bad but they are certainly not on the cheap side for example €2.50 for a small drink, although the waffles with cream or chocolate for €2.50 look delicious.

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, and have a fabulous visit enjoying all the rides, attractions, shows and food at Terra Mitica in Benidorm!

Other theme parks to spend a day out would be sister theme parks Terra Natura and Aqua Natura, as well as Mundomar and Aqualandia.

Below we have a video showing the many rides and attractions at Terra Mitica:

Map of Terra Mitica – How To Get To Terra Mitica

Below we have a interactive Google map of Terra Mitica for visitors and tourists wanting directions when visiting the Terra Mitica theme park on the outskirts of Benidorm on the Costa Blanca coast of Spain.

You can change the street and road map view to a view of the terrain of Terra Mitica.

Or you can choose a Google Earth satellite view of Terra Mitica which shows you actual images of Terra Mitica from the sky above.

The Terra Mitica map is interactive because the buttons in the top left corner enable you to zoom in or out and move up, down, left or right using the keys at the top left corner of the map.

To zoom in click on the + and to zoom out click on the – button. Use the arrow keys to move about the map.

You can also choose the point you want to have in the centre of the map by double clicking on that point.

Larger Map

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