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Welcome to this guide to restaurants in Benidorm as well as bars and cafes located in the town of Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain.

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As well as official comments from the actual Benidorm restaurants, we also have real restaurant reviews and comments from customers who have eaten out in the restaurants listed below.


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If you are coming on holiday to Benidorm no doubt you are wanting to find out the best places to eat out so let us be your guide and get the most out of your holiday in Benidorm.

Benidorm is one of Spain’s largest tourist resorts and being on the Costa Blanca coast you will almost always have a fish or shellfish dish on the menu. Because Benidorm has such a diverse population with many expats living here there are restaurants catering to many different tastes and nationalities. Cooking standards are usually high and usually include fresh local produce and ingredients.

Many restaurants in Benidorm will be Spanish restaurants many of which will also serve international food or cuisine. The Spanish restaurants will serve tapas, local recipes and dishes that are unique to the Valencian region such as Paella. Also expect many meals to be based around seafood dishes due to the Costa Blanca bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The best known tapas bar is La Cava Aragonesa located at Plaza de la Constitución 2, which is famous for having 44 metres worth of tapas. In this area known as the old town you will also find Tapas Alley l;ined with traditional Spanish tapas bars.

Although most Benidorm restaurants are Spanish owned and run, due to the cosmopolitan population and diverse nationalities of tourists visiting Benidorm you will also find many Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurants, Indian restaurants and restaurants serving English or British food as well as some Thai restaurants, French restaurants, German restaurants and Japanese (Sushi) restaurants.

Look out for the Menu del Dia which most Benidorm restaurants offer, especially at lunchtimes. This is a great value menu which typically includes a starter, main course, dessert and often includes wine, soft drink or coffee.

We also invite you to submit your own comments and Benidorm restaurant reviews if you have dined out or eaten out in any of the restaurants.

If you don’t see a restaurant that you know of in Benidorm, then please also send us a message with any information you have about the restaurant and we will list it here.

Consider the following Benidorm restaurant review factors: the quality and taste of the food and menu, fresh ingredients or frozen, cooking of the chef and kitchen staff, size of portions, the price, the service from your waiter or waitress, the value for money, the decor situation and ambiance, any signature dishes, wines, busy or quiet, any need to make reservations, family-friendly or not.

Complete Alphabetical A-Z Listing Of Benidorm Restaurants

Aitona Restaurante is situated Ruzafa, 2 in Benidorm. The Restaurante Aitona is a typically Spanish restaurant whose specialities are lamb, paella and fish. Their special desserts include helado de Turron.

Art A La Cuina Restaurant is located on the Avinguda Marina Baixa 5 in Benidorm. To reserve your table telephone 965 866 316. The cuisine is Spanish.

Bottle & Jug Restaurant is situated on Doctor Severo Ochoa in Benidorm. To reserve your table telephone 627101325. The cuisine served here is English.

China Garden, most Chinese restaurants in Benidorm – and for that matter Spain as a whole are much of a muchness. But the China Garden in Benidorm is an exception.

India Gate Restaurant is located in the Calle Gerona 2/14, in Benidorm. To reserve your table telephone 636 059 785. The Cuisine served here is Indian and Pakistani.

Pato Laqueado Restaurant is located on PS. Parque de Eche ,3. Ed. Parque, Lc. 2 in the Old Town, in Benidorm. The cuisine served here is Chinese. The menu of the day is available all day from 5 Euros including wine.

Topo Giggio Restaurant is located on the Avenida Del Mediterráneo 9, in Benidorm and it is an Italian Restaurant serving pizza, pasta, meat and fish.

Vagabonds Restaurant is located on the 17 Carrer de la Palma in the Old Town in Benidorm. The cuisine served is French.

Witches Bistro is situated on the Calle Mirador in Benidorm. The cuisine served here is American and European.

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Page Summary: People who are visiting Benidorm and coming on holiday to Benidorm want to know where best to eat out. With so many good Benidorm restaurants available, the last thing you want is to spoil your holiday by dining out at the worst restaurants. Our Benidorm restaurant guide and reviews will hopeful enable you to pick out the best places to eat out and dine out in Benidorm.

If you are interested in working in Benidorm then read our jobs in Benidorm page which has a good section on finding restaurant jobs in Benidorm.

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