Benidorm Villa Rental

Renting a villa in Benidorm is possible but there are very few villas near to the centre of Benidorm.

Benidorm is a very large city mainly full of high rise apartments and hotels so any Benidorm villa hire will generally be outside of the city of Benidorm itself.

Going inland towards the mountains towards La Nucia would be best for Benidorm villa rental or even going north towards Altea.

Renting a large villa just outside Benidorm means you have on your doorstep all the major tourist attractions of the Costa Blanca. Benidorm is only 45 minutes from Alicante airport and has many theme parks such as Terra Mitica, Aqualandia and Mundomar.

Benidorm villa rental is a good alternative to staying in a Benidorm hotel if you are keen to avoid the crowds and noise of Benidorm town. When you rent a villa in Benidorm you can enjoy the pubs, clubs and nightclubs but escape to your peaceful and tranquil Benidorm villa rental to relax, something that is almost impossible when you are in the centre of Benidorm at the height of the tourist season.


The old town of Benidorm.


* Benidorm villa rental is very cost effective when you consider the number of people going and the cost of the villa hire. If however there are less than four people, consider instead renting an apartment in Benidorm as this will usually work out even cheaper then renting a villa in Benidorm.

* Benidorm villas to rent give you a home rather than a cramped room in which you are on top of each other and it needn’t cost too much more to rent a villa in Benidorm than staying in a Benidorm hotel or renting a Benidorm apartment.

* Most Benidorm villa rentals will have an element of privacy that you would not find in a Benidorm hotel or Benidorm apartment. Most private villas in Benidorm are in large grounds giving seclusion from neighbours.

* Most villas to rent in Benidorm will have a pool – if not don’t rent it, what’s the point of renting a Benidorm villa without one. You will have extra items and facilities such as ironing boards, games room, kitchen, garden etc which you would not have in a Benidorm hotel or Benidorm apartment.

* Renting a villa in Benidorm is best when you have kids. They can create as much noise as they like without you having to get stressed.


Benidorm is very much a lively town based around tourism. It may be best to consider villa rental elsewhere on the Costa Blanca if you are looking for a more tranquil getting away from it all holiday in Spain. Good places to rent a villa are Moraira and Javea.

You can rent a villa in these other towns and still only be about 45 minutes away so you can still visit Benidorm for the day and enjoy it’s theme parks and other attractions.

When looking for villa rental in Benidorm decide if you want to book your Benidorm rental villa direct with the villa owner or if you want to book through a recognised rental company. You will have more guarantees when renting a villa in Benidorm with a company who will have obligations to ensure you have a good holiday. Some people have arrived at their Benidorm villa rental to find it is not as advertised!

When renting a villa in Benidorm consider hiring two cars at least if you have two seperate families renting the villa. Don’t rent a villa in Benidorm that is too small just to save money – your holiday will be a nightmare.


Private lets in Benidorm are apartments or villas which are being rented directly by the owners. Most people finding this page are looking for private apartments in Benidorm although we do also list some private villas in Benidorm and both apartments and villas come under the category of private rentals in Benidorm.

Private lets in Benidorm tend to offer good value – although not necessarily so – because you are cutting out the middleman. Any company in Benidorm which offers villa rental or apartments for rent in Benidorm usually add a hefty commission on top of the price the owner requires – so renting privately directly from the owner makes a lot of sense – for you both.


On this page we invite property owners in Benidorm who want to rent privately to list their property for free.

Recap: This page is all about renting a villa in Benidorm, Spain – information on Benidorm villa rental including where to find a villa for rent in Benidorm and what to look for when renting a villa in Benidorm.

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    Me and my wife are looking for a villa or bungalow to rent close to Benidorm from 5 February 2019 to 12 March 2019. We are going to get the details first and then asking a couple of friends if they want to join us. I have looked at Moraira but it is too hilly for my wife who would be using a wheelchair or mobility scooter when travelling short distances. Our budget is anywhere up to £750 for four weeks stay. We would require a pool but it doesn’t matter if this is communal.

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