Stag Weekends in Benidorm: Where BEST To Go?

Benidorm has become increasingly popular for stag weekends, as it is only two hours away by plane from the U.K. and it is relatively inexpensive.

Benidorm is in fact one of the top stag destinations in Europe. Benidorm has over two thousand nightclubs, discotheques, bars and restaurants offering live entertainment and shows making it a firm favourite with nightlife revellers.

The cost of drinks in Benidorm is generally very low with many pubs and bars offering pints of lager for just one Euro. In addition Benidorm makes a great stag destination because there are a number of strip clubs and adult shows for men.


The Black Chicken is a good venue for stag parties.

Also there are many single ladies walking around in groups because Benidorm naturally also attracts large groups of women for hen weekends and hen parties.

Accommodations for stag weekends are in either three star hotels or apartments which are included in the prices as well as return transfers to Alicante Airport. Of course you can also tailor make your own packages with stag weekend providers.

Consider also putting together your own package which of course would involve a little bit of extra work in finding Benidorm hotels or apartments to rent in Benidorm as well as flights and airport transfers to Benidorm.

Another popular option for the lads planning a stag weekend or stag do in Benidorm is to stay in an all-inclusive hotel in Benidorm which comes with unlimited food and drink. This of course helps keep the costs down but you won’t want to be stuck in the same hotel the whole weekend so you will definitely need to be on a bar crawl and pub crawl in Benidorm.

You may think it is a good idea to rent a villa in Benidorm but most villas in Benidorm are on the very outskirts or in surrounding towns and you will find very few villa owners prepared to let their villa to a whole group of single males, in case their villa gets trashed.

If you are considering a all-inclusive stag weekend in Benidorm or a all-inclusive stag do in Benidorm, then you may find our page on all-inclusive Benidorm hotels useful to you.

Do make sure you read our Benidorm nightlife page which gives you a list of recommended bars for Benidorm stag dos as well as stag do ideas for nightclubs in Benidorm. Make sure you visit the club called Cafe Benidorm, also known as Cafe B, at the end of the evening as this is where women and men go to pull and meet the opposite sex.

A must do for a stag weekend and stag do in Benidorm is to see the infamous Sticky Vicky show which is an adult magic show with a difference!


Stringfellas lap dancing pub/club.

Stag weekends in Benidorm are arranged around activities such as the outdoor Karting and Smashed Bar Crawl which starts at one hundred and forty five pounds not including flights. This package includes karting, and a Saturday night on the town bar hopping and free shots as well as games such as the yes and no, endurance and clothes swapping games.

Casino night on a Friday night and stag dinner with a stripper on the Saturday including a lot of alcohol this package costs one hundred and fifty nine pounds excluding flights.

Paintball and Casino Nights are made up of hunting down each other in the woods and enjoying a buffet meal at the casino afterwards. Prices for this weekend start at one hundred and fifty-nine pounds excluding flights

All Inclusive Hotel and ultimate Bar Crawl includes obviously free food and drinks, priced at one hundred and sixty pounds excluding flights. The bar crawling where you will visit the five top bars in Benidorm and enjoy free shots in each.

Bar Crawl and Catamaran Cruise comes in at one hundred and seventy five pounds excluding flights while there is also the Golf and Stag meal dinner with Stripper prices in at one hundred and ninety-three pounds excluding flights.

Benidorm bar crawl Benidorm Bar Crawl F*** ME IM FAMOUS

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Main Description:
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