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This page is a guide to Benidorm’s best bars, nightclubs, pubs and shows. Benidorm nightlife – what to do and where to go at night in the Costa Blanca’s major party destination of Benidorm.

This nightlife in Benidorm article answers many questions we are regularly asked such as: nightlife-graphic

  1. Where are the best bars in Benidorm?
  2. What are the best nightclubs in Benidorm as well as venues and acts?
  3. What is there to do at night in Benidorm?
  4. Where are the best pubs in Benidorm?
  5. Where is the best place to meet women/men/boys/girls in Benidorm?
  6. How much do drinks cost in pubs, clubs and bars in Benidorm?

Benidorm Nightlife Guide

Benidorm is situated on the Northern Costa Blanca, approximately a thirty minute drive away from Alicante airport and is an ideal destination for a Benidorm weekend break. Get there using our airport transfers page.

stardust & rockefellas barsDuring the summer months the largest group of visitors are young Europeans looking for beach life during the day and party all night. During the rest of the year Benidorm is still very busy as it hosts many hen parties and stag parties.

The only really quiet time is December and January when most visitors to Benidorm are pensioners getting some winter sun away from the harsh northern European winter (see our Benidorm weather page).

Benidorm has the reputation of being the most important party capital on the Costa Blanca and Benidorm is the most important tourist resort on the Costa Blanca.

If you are looking for a quiet get away from it all, then Benidorm is not the holiday destination for you. If you want to see action until breakfast time then Benidorm is the town for you.

Benidorm Palace

One of the most essential nightlife activities if you are visiting Benidorm is to go see a show at the famous Benidorm Palace. A sort of cabaret show with dinner included, it involves lots of dancing and extravagant costumes.

With a variety of original, top artistes from around the world, this will surely be an evening to remember. Doors open at 8.30 p.m. and dining commences at 9.00 p.m. Showtime starts at 10.30 p.m. Opening nights are Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays throughout the year. Also open Wednesdays during the summer months.

As a guide to prices this is what you can expect to spend – Show + Menu Gran Palace Plus: Adult price €53, Children under 13 €23 with a special children’s menu. Show + Gran Palace Menu: Adult price €44, Children under 13 €23 with a special children’s menu. Benidorm Palace Show: Adult price €27 Children under 10 – FREE.

If you want to know where to buy Benidorm Palace tickets, they are available for sale at most shops and hotels.


Clubbing in Benidorm is the in-thing. The first thing that springs to mind is to compare the club scene with Ibiza, but Benidorm is so much cheaper and less pretentious. Each summer the super clubs in Benidorm throw intense parties featuring some of the world’s top DJs.

Most of the main super nightclubs in Benidorm are situated along the same street which is the Avenida Communitat Valencia. Just slightly out of the centre of Benidorm you are best getting a taxi which will only take 5 minutes from most hotels and apartments, costing you less than ten euro’s. Tickets and entry price for most clubs will be on average 30 Euros but often includes your first drink free.

Competition between the super nightclubs in Benidorm is fierce so look to get vouchers and freebies from the many promoters’ you see on the streets of Benidorm who are trying to get you to visit the club they are promoting for. The most popular clubs and discos in Benidorm are the KM Dance Club where gorgeous girls and handsome men poledance, Penelopes, El Divino and Hippodrome nightclub.

Shows, Acts and Tribute Bands

At the clubs you’ll find shows offering live entertainment all year round. Most shows involve tribute acts and bands, impersonating famous acts such as Take That, Queen, Cher, Westlife, Robbie Williams, ABBA, Michael Jackson, Girls Aloud and Meatloaf. Best of all most of the acts at the clubs are free so enjoy, Robby Williams, Peatloaf etc.

Famous names from the world of TV, vocalists, amazing speciality dancers, singers, comics and comedians to lift your spirits, female impersonators, magic shows, you name it Benidorm probably has it!

Western-saloon-barFor venues try Steptoes, Morgan Tavern, Jokers, Talk of the Coast, Stardust, The Town and Wheeltappers for some of the best shows.

Benidorm has showbars, cabaret bars, country and western bars, bars, karaoke and discos. These venues can be open all day, some open in the afternoon while others only really get going around midnight and will close its doors just as the sun rises. Benidorm really is a tourist resort that never sleeps.

Showbars are open day and night, with live music in the afternoon and serve drinks and snacks all day. There are plenty of showbars on the Playa Levante and the most popular ones to frequent are Champions, Tower Lounge, Wookys, Buddies, Tommy’s, Steptoes II, Vincent’s Cellar which is popular with kids too, Pancho’s Pub and Jailrock.

In the Ricon Loix area you can visit the White Horse Family Pub, Liverpool Arms, Vincent’s Plaza and the Triangle Fun Pub, Malibu, The Cavern, Rock & Roll House, Rachel’s Bar and the Tropical.

Right on the beachfront you can visit the Ku Lounge, KM Playa, Penelope, Daytona Rock Bar, Heartbreak, the Tiki Beach and Guiness Bar.

Cabaret Venues open their doors around eight in the evening and shows go onto around two in the morning. The evening entertainment doesn’t finish then, as then there is disco dancing until sunrise. Generally there are no entrance fees and drink prices are not outrageously priced.

The most famous of these venues would have to be Benidorm Palace where you can enjoy a three course dinner and a show, Café Benidorm, Valentines, Rockefellas, UK Cabaret Bar, Sinatras, Morgans Tavern, Loch Ness Fun Pub, Broadway, The Town Stardust, and Talk of The Coast complete the Cabaret line up of venues

The Country and Western bars are very popular places to have a drink or two, enjoy the live entertainment before heading to out to dance the night away. The Red Dog Saloon, Grand Ole Benidorm Orpy and Western Saloon are the most popular Country and Western bars featuring that saloon theme.

Karaoke bars are ever so popular as visitors can join in and belt out their favourite tunes. Sports bars are popular with large televisions screening live coverage of the top games on sky television. Moai Café Bar, Guiness Bar, Heartbreak Bar, Daytona Rock Bar, Tiki Beach, Bay Beach Bar, Caiman Bar, Beach Rock Café, St James Tavern, Shooters, Rose & Crown, Yorkshire Pride, Jokers, Carousel, Cumberland Bar, Last Stop, Fawlty Towers, Stretford End, Yorkshire Pride 2, La Terna, Star & Garter and Yorkshire Pride 3,

The most popular discos to dance the night away are the KM Playa, Beachcomber, Chaplin’s, Hippodrome, Lennon’s, Penelope, Priviledge X and Club Mansion. These clubs generally open around eight in the evening and close their doors around seven in the morning. Club Mansion only opens its doors once a week on a Saturday. Drinks are reasonably prices and at Café Benidorm the music has a really eighties theme.

Throughout the Costa Blanca each beach resort has at least one Irish Bar and Benidorm is blessed with three of them. Bodhran, Scruffy Murphy’s and the Shamrock complete the Irish themed bars serving Guinness in Benidorm.

Tribute Acts are very popular and almost as good as the real deal. In Benidorm you can watch Michael Jackson, Girls, Aloud, Boyzone, Black Eyed Peas, Robbie Williams, Sister Act, the Bee Gees, Blues Brothers, the Eagles, Lady Gaga, The Petty Coats, Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash.

Broadway-CabaretArtists singing under their own names some with original music include Deb & Her, Pablo Bloom and the R’ and R’ Time Machine, Degsy, Dean Ryan, Karen Dee, Scott Michael, Donna Glass, Words and Music, Soosie Kay, Ricky Dale, Ricky Price, SOS, Dickie Ray, Cheryle Louise and Aisha Nicole.

Comedians doing the Benidorm circuit include Rikki Stevens, MorPheus, Campus, Jason Kane, Ian Oogly and Micky Lewys. The later the evening becomes the more ruder the comedy becomes too, so if families wish to watch the comedians it is best to leave around eight in the evening.

If you wish to take your children along the following entertainers are especially for them. There are two clown acts in Benidorm. Ian Oogly and Louie the Clown provide fun and laughter for the whole family. Family comedians include Gareth Fulton, Rikki Stevens, Campus and Jason Kane. Rikki Stevens also has his ventriloquist act featuring his assistant Fred the monkey. Michael Jackson the mini Jackson sings and dances in a thirty minute show.

Over 18 entertainment comes in the form of the comedians Dangerous Brian, Micky Lewys, the Drag Queens Levi and Campus, Hypnotists Gareth Fulton and MorPheus. These entertainers owing to their acts start their programmes around two in the morning and finishes in time for you to have your breakfast.

Of course another good night entertainment can be spent in the casinos, where visitors are required to dress smartly and bring ID. There is the Casino Mediterraneo currently in Benidorm.

Sticky Vicky

The most infamous show that Benidorm is renowned for is Sticky Vicky. The complete polar opposite of the classy Benidorm Palace show, Sticky Vicky is a lady who performs a very rude magic show in various bars and clubs. Not for those who are easily shocked. The show is usually free of charge and the venue changes nightly.

Bars & Pubs

For bars in Benidorm and pubs in Benidorm the choice is massive. There are some nice bars in the old town of Benidorm in the narrow streets; in this area you will also find lots of good Benidorm gay nightlife options because here there is the gay area of Benidorm. You will find a whole concentration of gay bars, pubs and nightclubs. The Rich Bitch show is a famous one to go see.

Most bars with a lot of British themed bars are located in the Rincon and Levante areas of Benidorm. With hundreds of bars in such a small area, a bar crawl or pub crawl in Benidorm is only likely to see you visiting just a fraction of the possible bars such is the wide choice.

For the best pubs and bars we suggest the Shamrock Bar, The Scotsman pub, KM Playa, The Harp Bar, Star & Garter, Zodiac, Chaplin’s, Lennon’s, Jokers, Steptoes II, The Town, Stardust, Pancho’s Pub, Valentines, The Talk of the Coast, Lineker´s Bar, Western Saloon for good live bands, Heartbreak also for live rock bands, Red Dog Saloon for the older line-dancing crowd, Gigolo’s, Loch Ness Pub, Churchill’s Pub, Rockefellers, Lepins, Lennons and Bahamas Fun Club for the youngsters.

So what can you expect apart from lots of drinking, well the bars offer live football, live Sky sports, food, line dancing, bingo, karaoke and pool.

If you have found this nightlife page because you are looking for bars for sale or you want to buy a bar in Benidorm then we suggest going instead to our business section which has a useful page on buying a bar in Spain.

If you are interested in coming to Benidorm looking for work then read our jobs in Benidorm page which has a good section on finding bar jobs in Benidorm.

Neptunes Bar

Many people ask us where is Neptunes bar in Benidorm?

neptunes-barThis is because they have watched the popular TV series called Benidorm which regularly features the Neptunes Bar.

In reality Neptunes is actually a real bar called the Morgan Tavern.

It is located at the start of Calle Girona, the official address being Calle Girona (Calle Gerona) 03501 Benidorm.

You can’t miss it just look for the gigantic pirate ship outside!

It is more or less opposite the Sol Pelicanos Hotel which is used in the series (in the TV show it is named as the Solana Hotel).

You can go to Neptunes (Morgan Tavern) and watch cabaret shows such as the Queen tribute show called We Will Rock You.

Drink Prices in Benidorm

Mostly Benidorm is a cheap place to go for nightlife. Food and drink are very cheap because there is so much competition. Many nightclubs are free to get in or charge a low admission entrance fee.

All the bars and pubs with live entertainment are free to get in, you may just pay slightly more for your drink than you would elsewhere.

A pint of beer such as lager will range from €1 in the typical British bars such as the Piccadilly to €4 down on the beachfront bars such as Daytona and Heartbreak but then they do have free live bands on. Spirits are usually €1.50 upwards but measures are large.

Often you will see offers such as a pint of vodka rush for €3.50 or house gin, vodka or white rum with draught mixer for €3.50.

See our Benidorm shopping page for more on buying cheap alcohol and cigarettes.

Stag Weekends – Where To Go For The Men

There are of course many people having their stag nights and hen nights in Benidorm as there are many men-only clubs and acts such as Kinky Karen to be found in the town.

You will see many groups of people moving around in packs looking for a good time. Benidorm must surely be the best place in Spain to have a Benidorm stag weekend – it is wild and very good value for money!

If you are thinking of having a stag party or stag do in Benidorm then you can truly have a wild weekend without spending a fortune. Beer can be found in some bars for a Euro for a pint so look on the boards outside for the specials of the day.

Drinks are cheap and so is the accommodation whether you want to book a hotel in Benidorm or better still rent an apartment in Benidorm.

Lads if you choose Benidorm for your stag do the boys will not be disappointed. Get your costumes and outfits ready and make sure Kinky Karen and Sticky Vicky is on your to-do-list.

There are some special clubs for men, the one just down from Stardust in the Levante area of Benidorm is just €5 to get in but you get one free drink such as a pint included for that and you can just sit there and watch the girls dance for as long as you like.

The Black Chicken, about opposite from the Western Saloon bar is also popular with stag parties.

Hen Weekends & Parties – Where To Go For The Ladies

Ladies a hen party in Benidorm is a great choice as the atmosphere is usually fun and non-threatening. You can flirt with the lads in a fun and generally safe environment. You and the girls can top up your tan during the day by the pool or on the beach while Benidorm is famous for its nightlife. End the night at Cafe B if you are on the pull and looking to meet men.

For hen parties we recommend going to see acts such as Take That and Westlife who perform at venues such as the Morgans Tavern and Rockefellers.

English Square – Benidorm Square

The centre of attraction for all the bars is the area known as The English Square. The end of the evening will see the older crowd in Sinatras, with most people ending up at Cafe Benidorm which is a place known for pulling, chatting up and flirting.

Opposite is Champions bar which is also popular with the bull riding on the outside terrace. The younger crowd will prefer Bahamas, Beachcomber and the Hippodrome.

Below is a video of the English Square:

Generally we have to say Benidorm nightlife is on the whole very safe, with most revellers just intent on drinking a lot and having a good laugh and good time but we have witnessed the occasional fight – and always in this English square area, just outside CafeB.

Be also careful and alert when stumbling home, there are pickpockets and Romanian/Eastern European gypsies who surround you and basically mug you when you are drunk.

This area is known as ‘The Square’ and the night goes on until the sun comes up at dawn. To get to the Square head for Avenida Mallorca where it meets Calle Gerona. To stay in this area consider the Hotel Orange, Rio Park Hotel, Hotel Pueblo or the Hotel Venus.

Videos of Benidorm at Night

Below we have a great video of Benidorm at night, sights that you see on the video include the beach and many bars such as the Palladium, Stardust Cabaret, Elvis impersonator, Tony Scott, Zodiac, Neptune’s bar, Rocky’s Pub, Pancho’s Pub, Wine Barrell and Loch Ness Disco Pub.

By the way the famous Neptunes Bar as featured regularly on the ITV Benidorm TV series is a real bar that you can visit. Neptunes is in fact really called the Morgan Tavern and each night it has tribute bands, shows and cabaret acts.

Gay Benidorm

The old town area has become a popular gay tourist destination with over 30 gay bars most of which are open also to straight people. The Benidorm Pride festival each September is also helping promote to Benidorm to gay visitors.

There are also gay friendly hotels such as the Queens Hotel and saunas such as H2O.

Many straight people will also enjoy the comedy drag act known as Rich Bitch which has become a bit of a must-see show when visiting Benidorm.

Levi’s Showboat

Levi’s Showboat is a cabaret bar offering a fine dining experience which is open daily. The kitchen is open until 22:00 offering a three course menu for €12. Levi’s Showboat is located at Doctor Severo Ochoa 7. An evening at Levi’s Showboat is all about enjoying an evenings entertainment while having dinner and drinks as well at the same time. To book a table interested patrons can ring 966 812 387.

A full show can be enjoyed every night for €2.50 or the day-time show for €1.95. The karaoke evening kicks off the entertainment in the early evening hosted by the resident DJ and from 10p.m.  the cabaret show begins. The cabaret show is mainly for open minded adults who enjoy a good comedy and drag act with dancing girls.

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  1. Joanne vaughan says

    When I was in Benidorm last year I found the karaok bar called Piccadilly it was a fun lively place and all the locals and people on holiday was so nice, the staff are very polite and make you feel so welcome, I went there more then once while on my trip, Iam going back out there next week with my family and I will be taking them there a lot plus I love to sing to, it’s an amazing place to visit while in Benidorm x

  2. We just spent girlie wkend in benidorm. Would strongly recommend the English square the staff at cheeky monkeys were so friendly and gave us few tips to stay safe. The red lion was great night with few stag party’s but if you go red lion you have to ride the spinning bull. Sticky vicky wasn’t that special but it was an experience. Cafe benidorm is great place to finish off in because it’s open till 8in morning’s

  3. Brilliant article thank you! I’m going to Benidorm in 4 days time with my friend. We are both 18 year old girls but were just curious of how safe Benidorm is? Also, what are the clubs like? We go clubbing fairly regular but are they different in Benidorm, any more or less safe than England?
    Is there anywhere we should go/avoid?

    Thank you!

  4. I used to go to Steptoes 1-2 when my wife and I visited Benny.I think you will find both premises have now closed down. – Don

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