Where is Benidorm in Spain – How Do I Get There + Map

For people looking into a holiday in Spain, the city of Benidorm is almost always at or near the top of their list of places to visit but many people are unsure of exactly where Benidorm is located in Spain.

This coastal Spanish city has boomed in recent years, largely driven by the tourism industry that brings thousands of visitors to its picturesque shores each year.

But because Benidorm vacations and holidays almost always come as Benidorm package holidays that require no extra planning or local knowledge, many people ask: “where is Benidorm?”

The Geography of Benidorm

This popular tourist-centric city is located on the eastern Mediterranean coast, a central city in the “Costa Blanca,” or White Coast, of Spain.

Benidorm is located in the comarca of Marina Baixa (think of this as a district) which in itself is located in the larger province of Alicante.

Alicante province itself is situated in the autonomous community of Valencia (Comunitat Valenciana).

The town has a permanent population of just over 71,000 people — making it the fifth-most populous city in Spain’s Alicante province.

Benidorm is located approximately 45 kilometers northeast of the city of Alicante, and just south of Altea.

It is the central tourist destination on the Costa Blanca, with its dominant skyline sometimes being called the “Manhattan of Spain.”

Benidorm is in mainland Spain, put simply, it is about halfway down the eastern coast of Spain. To the north is the Costa Azahar and then Costa Brava. To the south is Costa Calida, then Costa del Almeria, then Costa del Sol at the bottom of Spain.

Satellite Navigation Coordinates Benidorm

For satellite navigation (or sat nav), specifically the co-ordinates of Benidorm are: 38°32’03″N 0°07’53″W

Is Benidorm a City or Town?

Benidorm is definitely classed as a city and not a town. It is located in the province of Alicante with a population of 70,450 people (source 2020 census). The city grew rapidly in the 1950’s when it transformed from fishing village to popular tourist destination.

How far is Valencia from Benidorm

Although most visitors arrive at Alicante airport which is much closer at 45.6km and a drive of just 36 minutes, Valencia airport is a good alternative being a distance of 138.9 kilometres with a drivetime of 1 hour 29 minutes.

Which Costa is Benidorm on, the Costa del Sol or Costa Brava?

Neither actually, Benidorm is situated on the Costa Blanca coast which translates from Spanish to English as the White Coast. The gateway to this area is Alicante airport with flights from all of Europe, most destinations being just a 2-hour flight, hence the popularity of this region for sun seekers from colder climates.

What Region is Benidorm in?

Benidorm could be described in different ways depending on your definition of region or area. In the largest sense you could describe it as eastern Spain but probably the best definition is to say it is in the Valencian region of Spain as it makes up part of the autonomous community of Valencia (Comunitat Valenciana) which is Spain’s fourth largest in terms of population – there are over 5 million people living in this region.

On a smaller level you can say that Benidorm is located in the province of Alicante and is also part of the smaller Marina Baixa district.

Map of Benidorm

We are frequently asked the following questions below:

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Where is Benidorm located?
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To help answer these questions, below we have a map of Benidorm showing it’s positioning and location in the Alicante province of Spain. There is also an option to print out driving directions for getting to Benidorm from your chosen point of origin.

View Larger Map


Using the buttons on the top left you can ‘zoom’ and ‘pan’ and take an interactive virtual tour of Benidorm watching the panoramic images and pictures of the sights and attractions of Benidorm. You can also choose the point you want to have in the centre of the map by double clicking.

Benidorm is Spain’s largest resort and very well-known because of the amount of British who have been on package holidays here. Because of this Benidorm has suffered from a somewhat tacky image being linked with being cheap and cheerful, full of fish and chip shops and brimming with drunk English lager louts.

The map shows the main areas surrounding Benidorm these include: La Cala, Finestrat, Les Tapiades, Golf Bahia, Real de Faula Club de Golf, Les Coves, El Planet, Romeral, Urbanisation Puerta de Hierro and Urbanisation Panorama.

Areas of Benidorm include Levante, Poniente, the Old Town and Rincon de Loix.

There is a superb amount of attractions in Benidorm, of course there are nightclubs, bars and restaurants galore (you have no doubt heard of the infamous Sticky Vicky show)but Benidorm also a number of unique attractions not found elsewhere namely the theme parks, Terra Mitica, Terra Natura/Aqua Natura, Aqualandia and Mundomar.

This interactive Google Benidorm map and guide is best used as a Benidorm tourist information guide as it shows some of the best sights, attractions, tourist spots, famous landmarks and places of interest in Benidorm.

Alternatively you can use the Benidorm map as a street map to help you with driving directions and travel information, to and from Benidorm. You can use it from your place of origin such as Alicante airport or Valencia airport. It will help you get to Benidorm and also help you get around Benidorm when you are here on your trip or holiday.

On the map of Benidorm we have placed markers showing the locations of Benidorm’s best-known tourist attractions and sights. These markers and pins show the locations of the famous buildings, museums, galleries, parks, beaches, golf courses, major sights of interest, tourist offices, markets, hotels, apartments and restaurants in Benidorm.


You can use the interactive Google map as a map of Benidorm hotels, to show you where your hotel accommodation is located for your stay in Benidorm. We also have many hotel pages on our site, for a full index look up our Benidorm hotels page.


Our map of apartments in Benidorm will guide you on how to get to your rented apartment when you arrive in Benidorm. If you have arranged an airport transfer from Alicante, luckily you will be dropped off directly outside your apartment block.

Nevertheless you will need a map to get around Benidorm. Alternatively get a free map from the tourist office (see below).


You can get free maps of Benidorm by visiting the tourist information office (or kiosk as it is really) just outside the Morgan Tavern bar which is featured on the television series Benidrom. This is actually where many of the biggest hotels in benidorm are located such as the Sol Pelicanos.

Benidorm Tourist Information Office Avda. Martínez Alejos, 16, Benidorm. Telephone: 96 585 1311

Benidorm Tourist Information Office Avda. Europa s/n, Benidorm. Telephone: 96 586 0095

For eating-out and dining out you can use the map to pinpoint locations of restaurants, bars and cafes.

You can change the street and road map view to a view of the terrain of Benidorm or you can choose a Google Earth satellite view of Benidorm which shows you actual images of Benidorm from the sky above.

How to Get to Benidorm

The question of “where is Benidorm?” is quickly followed by a second, and perhaps more important question: how do I get there? What do I need to know, and which method of transportation is the best option?

For tourists heading to Benidorm on a package deal, these details are already taken care of as the flight, hotel, and other details are all part of one agenda. However, those who are going in the bold new direction of managing their Spanish holiday themselves will have to plan accordingly and fly to the appropriate airports and get a airport transfer.

For travellers making their way to Benidorm, that means booking a flight to Alicante International Airport in the neighbouring city of Alicante, Spain. It’s the nearest airport to Spain’s most prominent coastal attraction, but it will require travellers to transfer either to a taxi or a bus in order to reach their final destination, this is known as Benidorm airport transfers.

Once travellers have made their way to Alicante International Airport, they can find a taxi to take them to Benidorm; the trip is roughly 40 minutes and relatively inexpensive given the large distance covered between the airport and your eventual hotel.

Those who wish to skip the taxi and pay even less can transfer to a bus which leaves the airport around the clock and will take them directly to Benidorm to begin their holiday in the Spanish sun.

Remember that booking a flight without a package deal is always better when done in advance. You’ll get better seats, a better arrival time, and lower fares. Additionally, an earlier arrival team means a larger and more frequent number of taxis and buses into Benidorm itself.

Is Costa del Sol close to Benidorm?

No, Benidorm is on the Costa Blanca coast of Spain whereas Costa del Sol is far away down at the bottom of Spain on it’s south coast. Taking Malaga which is the biggest city, this is a distance of 528km and takes 5 hours and 7 minutes to drive.

In Summary – Where is Benidorm?

Located on the western Mediterranean coast in the heart of the Costa Blanca, Benidorm is an easy flight from most major European cities. Its location in the southern part of Spain means that airports are not always close by, but Alicante International offers travellers the option to take an affordable taxi or a direct bus to their destination.

Now that you’ve answered the essential question of “where is Benidorm?” it’s time to start considering the next important question: package holiday or self-managed getaway to Spain’s hottest city?

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