Cafe Benidorm: Cafe B is THE Bar to End the Night in Benidorm

Guide to the Cafe Benidorm nightclub/bar also commonly know as Cafe B to most locals in Benidorm.

Benidorm is famous for its varied entertainment and the nightlife in Benidorm is legendary. The venue known as The Cafe Benidorm is a well-known landmark on the Benidorm nightlife scene.

Not really a cafe at all, the Cafe Benidorm, also known to most as Cafe B, is a nightclub/bar in the popular Levante area of Benidorm.

Below we have a video of Cafe Benidorm showing the morning after!

Cafe B is situated on the pedestrianised area known as English Square as it is the place for young British holidaymaker’s to party as the strip has many bars and nightclubs situated next door to one another.

Cafe Benidorm is famous for being a pick-up joint, a place where you end the evening and try pull a man (or woman).

Most hen parties and stag parties in Benidorm will know this and so at around 2am in the morning, Cafe B is rammed full with people inside the club and outside on the terrace.

During the early evening there are cabaret acts and you will see older people (Benidorm attracts many pensioners) and also families with children. This ends around midnight and Cafe Benidorm turns into the nightclub with music mainly from the 70’s and 80’s.


Cafe Benidorm Terrace

The price of drinks is pretty reasonable, there is no entry cost. Cafe B closes about 7am when daylight is beginning in Benidorm. It is one of the last places to shut.

Many of the ladies and gentlemen in the Cafe B are in their 40’s and 50’s – and even older – hence the grab a granny reputation it has earned!

Really there is nothing special about the place or the music but it is a big venue and it is just simply the place most people will end up after visiting the other bars and clubs in the area.

When most other bars and clubs are virtually empty at say 3am or 4am, The Cafe Benidorm will be packed so there isn’t too much choice in any event although the Champions bar opposite is better for younger people in their 20’s and 30’s.

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