Crime in Benidorm: How Safe is Benidorm?

Crime in Benidorm Spain Questionaire:

From: john

Where do you live in Spain?


Is there crime in Benidorm?


What type of crimes have you heard about?

Bag theft

Do you feel safe in your town?


Sol-Pelicanos-BenidormIs the area safe for children?

do not know

Is crime more or less in Benidorm compared to the UK (or wherever you lived before)?

dont know

If someone was thinking about moving to Benidorm, would you recommend they move?


Favourite thing about living in Benidorm?

things to do

Additional comments:

My personal bag was stolen in a Supermarket in the La Marina Finnistrat Benidorm.
I contacted the shop staff and I had to insist they call the police.
They acted as if it was normal business
to bag theft and they did nothing.
They did not even take my details.
I have written to the company owner and their customer services .
No response.
They treated me poorly.
Supermarket name with held for now
but can disclose if required.
Look after your bag in Spanish supermarkets rife with crime

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