Benidorm – Where and How to Get a Job in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain

This page is a guide to finding jobs in Benidorm for 2020 including a list of job vacancies as well as suggestions on where to find work and what type of vacancies you may expect to find.

Make sure to read Simon’s experience of working in Benidorm below, it is essential reading!!!

Working in Benidorm

Benidorm is a popular place to find work as it is a busy happening place. Benidorm is the major tourist resort on the northern Costa Blanca in Spain. You can reach Benidorm after a two hour plane ride from most United Kingdom airports. There are three international airports within a ninety minute drive to Benidorm being Valencia, Murcia and Alicante.

job-spain-graphicBenidorm is one of the most popular Spanish towns in which people are looking to find jobs. Being a tourist resort, it has many job openings and vacancies in the catering trades such as cook, waiter, dishwasher, bar tender, cleaner, animators, dancers etc.

Many people come to Benidorm for the summer season looking for seasonal bar jobs and you will usually get one pretty easily. Certainly this is the most common type of job available.

Here is a letter we received from Simon who gives a great insight into finding work in Benidorm:


Just wanted to add some info for people. I have lived and worked in Benidrom myself. And left due to serious illness in the family forcing me to return to care for them.

The advice on this site is very honest.

YOU MUST SPEAK SPANISH. No matter what you wish to do, i.e. work for an English business, or one whom deals with English people. You’re in Spain, you NEED to speak Spanish!! You need to order food, drink, give directions to the taxi driver, deal with police, hospital, dentist, and what about getting the Electric bill sorted, and water, council tax, and how about getting the phone and broadband connected?? and then, what about when it goes wrong etc. You’re in Spain, it’s not for them to speak English, but you to speak their language.

When English people find someone who does not speak English in the UK, be that someone whom lives there, Polish for example, or on holiday – you just shrug your shoulders at them and move on. EXPECT THE SAME WHEN YOU’RE IN SPAIN!

Posting and looking online will not get you a job. Being there. Talking to people. Meeting people, will find you work. Every job I ever had, was found by knowing someone.

Get your documents. NIE for example. Some many work without them illegally – but it’s not in your interest. You need a foot print, a history to be able to claim benefits, pensions etc.

Expect to work hard. More than you’d think! At one point I had something like 8 different “jobs”, and often was working in a shop, doing something that wasn’t related to the business.

Skills and things in demand will be the low end basic work if you’re looking at English speaking work. You can find nice people, good jobs, and a better quality of life. I am now married, and my dog whom is Spanish after 10 yrs, are moving back to Spain! Just a different location 😉

Good luck ppl!

Hotel Jobs

There are also plenty of other jobs in the tourist sector notably hotel jobs in Benidorm such as holiday reps, cleaners, receptionists etc. Examples of hotels in Benidorm to search for vacancies would be Don Pancho Hotel Benidorm, Dynastic Hotel Benidorm, Flamingo Oasis Hotel Benidorm, Gran Delfin Hotel, Levante Club Hotel Benidorm, Mediterraneo Hotel and Melia Benidorm Hotel.

Summer Jobs 2019

There are also lots of opportunities for summer jobs in Benidorm. It is however important to know that if you do choose to work in the tourist industry that the work is seasonal mainly from March until October and that the wages paid are about 60% of what is earned by your Northern European counterparts, although the cost of living is 90% of that of Northern Europe.

A limited knowledge of the Spanish language is ideal but not compulsory, making these kind of jobs fiercely competitive between all nationalities across the board.

Very popular on the job scale in this field are cleaning jobs in Benidorm as they are well paid, in abundance and all year round as people’s homes as well as villa companies require cleaners.

Work in the tourist industry is mainly done in shifts or split shifts. On the positive side you can spend your time off at the beaches of Benidorm such as Playa Poniente or Playa Levante. This line of work also takes its toll on family life and relationships so it is ideally for singles without partners or families as the hours are ad-hoc and long.

How To Find Work

Jobs in Benidorm can be found by the usual means of internet, radio, newspaper, word of mouth etc. There are a lot of competition for jobs so it is important that you apply for a job with a contract.

Benidorm Poniente beachThese kind of jobs will entitle you to the Spanish state pension, a limited unemployment and of course to medical care.

As your new employer will also be paying his fair share of these contributions he will make sure he employs the best candidate for the job.

Of course there are many other jobs just like anywhere else such as lawyer, doctor, teacher, nurse, policemen, pharmacist, shop assistant, laundromat etc.

Working hours differ greatly from Northern Europe due to the extreme heat. A typical Spanish working day starts at ten in the morning until one and then everyone has a siesta. Work resumes at four in the afternoon until around eight in the evening. Most of these jobs require a good working knowledge of the Spanish language.

It should be noted that jobs in the civil service such as teachers and jobs in the police force are reserved for Spanish nationals.

If you have qualifications as a teacher, in Benidorm you won’t be able to teach in Spanish schools but you can at the Costa Blanca International College in Benidorm or at the Lady Elizabeth Schools in Javea and LLiber, or at Xabia International College.

Starting or Buying a Business

Alternatively of course if you don’t fancy working for someone in Benidorm there is always the possibility of going the self-employed route, by setting up your own business in Benidorm. It is important to take note that you will need to pay at least three hundred Euros monthly in compulsory social security contributions as well as VAT or IVA which is due from the first Euro and on every Euro you earn.

IVA stands currently at 16% but is due to go to 18% from the first of July 2010. You have to come to Spain with good starting capital to be able to make a go of it. Alternatively of course you can always buy an already established business in Benidorm which can be easier on your nerves and wallet in the long run.

Where To Get a Job

Many jobs that are really popular with English people are in the real estate sector. Second to the tourist industry jobs, jobs in the construction industry have been the driving force in the Spanish economy over the last decade and of course there are many real estate agencies in Benidorm selling houses, apartments, villas, fincas, guest houses, hotels etc.

Benidorm at nightThere are almost as many real estate offices in Benidorm as there are bars and restaurants. Of course branching off real estate are the tradesmen associated with housing such as plumbers, electricians, plasterers, tillers, painters etc.

These jobs are probably amongst the most highest possible earnings and best paying jobs in Benidorm.

Popular self-employed businesses in Benidorm are specialty English shops and villa maintenance companies, villa rental and apartment rental agencies.

As there are so many villas and apartments in Benidorm being rented by owners and companies, so there are many companies (and therefore jobs) to supply services to service the properties such as gardening services, pool cleaning services and even just general care and maintenance.

So when it comes to getting work in Benidorm, the possibilities are endless whether self-employed or employed, even a little translating services will do just fine.

Jobs for English-Speakers in Benidorm

Most Benidorm jobs and positions will be in the tourist industry although mostly of a seasonal and part-time nature, these include promoting for bars and nightclubs, dancers, hotel work, club promotors and reps, catering jobs such as chefs and cooks, singers, bands, comedians, waiters, waitresses, airport jobs, villa rental jobs, tour and travel reps, blanket tour sales reps, car hire jobs and cleaning jobs. There will be some related driving jobs in Benidorm such as coach driving jobs and driving people to the airport and back as well as related driving jobs such as taxi jobs and HGV jobs.

Other job vacancies in Benidorm for English speakers will be in the property market industry in the areas where expats live although currently this market is very depressed with the recession. This includes sales positions which are almost always commission based as well as jobs for people in property maintenance companies – in other words construction jobs and building jobs for English speaking people.

benidormOther typical jobs you are likely to find would be those that cater to the large expat population in Benidorm and the surrounding area, these include: cleaning swimming pools, gardening jobs, villa cleaning jobs, bar jobs and bar work for barmen and barmaids, hairdressing jobs, shop and retail work in English goods shops, taxi service, driving jobs including removals, restaurant jobs such as chefs, waiters and waitresses, fitness jobs, beautician jobs, pet care jobs, computer services, business services such as graphic design, computer repair, insurance sales positions, customer service jobs, there are many English newspaper and magazines requiring writers and sales people etc..

There are few management jobs in Benidorm, few marketing jobs, legal jobs, education jobs, media jobs, office jobs or executive jobs for professional people although there are some secretarial and administrative positions working for companies such as legal and financial companies. You also won’t find many care or nursing jobs available in Benidorm.

Anyone searching for vacancies and I.T. jobs in Benidorm (IT stands for information technology) also will find very few opportunties available.

Holiday Reps

One very popular way of finding work and jobs is to consider working as a holiday rep. This is because many tourists visit Benidorm on what is known as package holidays. This involves booking a holiday with a major tour operator such as Thomsons or First Choice.

Holidaymakers pay a fixed price which includes a number of different components such as flights, hotels, food and airport transfers. on hand in a hotel in Benidorm is a holiday rep or representative who is there to deal with any problems, questions and the arranging of excursions and tours. A very demanding job energy-wise being a rep in Benidorm best suits people who are looking for a bit of excitement rather than a career.

Tradesmen & Construction Work

Construction and building jobs in Benidorm are highly possible because of the large expat population in Benidorm who need tradesmen who can speak English.

If you are a tradesmen such as a builder, electrician, plumber, painter, tiler, plasterer, bricklayer, labourer or another construction type tradesman then you are likely to find jobs in Spain although wages are fairly low at about €80-€130 a day.

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  1. rrussel mckillop says

    I I want to move to Benidorm to work in care I have got nvq2 in care 10 years experience is there any care homes in Benidorm could any one send me any information thankyou

  2. Hi, I’ve worked as a cook for 24 years and looking for full-time work, preferably cafe/bar.

  3. Hi, I would love to move to benidorm but looking to finalise a job first. I have over 10years administration experience i have no gaps in employment since i was 16years of age now 28. I would take on any office or retail work. I have a baby daughter and would be looking for part time.

  4. James Alan Vennard says

    Hi I would like a job in Benidorm has a caravan park maintenance manager I have been a caravan park maintenance manager in the uk for the last 15 years

  5. Christopher Diamond says

    hi im 28 i live in the uk . ive worked in warehouses for 10 years and driven fork lifts for 8 years . got a full valid driving licence. looking to see whats on offer in the benidorm area for an english speaking worke

  6. I am looking for holiday rep job in Benidorm Ibiza or Marbella asap ready to go no hold back I will get in next fligh out any work for me at all let me no through my email please thanks

  7. Hi there I am going to benidiorm in April for 3 weeks in hope to find a bar job what way do you go about getting a bar job and iv been working in bars most of my life at home

  8. claire paton says

    I would love to move to benidorm and work in the hospirtalaty as i have a lot of exspreance


    Financial Accounting Manager in a well-stablished boutique law firm in Marbella area
    About the position: The appropriate candidate should have 7+ years of experience in administrative, accounting, and financial operations of the company for a major company or division of a large corporation. Candidate will handle day-to-day accounting transactions, and managing the accounts of different providers in a number of European jurisdictions. The candidate must have a Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant designations in Ireland, the United Kingdom or an English speaking jurisdiction. Preference will be given to candidates with an MBA in Finance. Candidate must be native English speaker or extremely fluent, Spanish as a second language important but not essential. All other languages a plus.
    About the right candidate: The right candidate will have outstanding organizational skills, ability to work under pressure, common sense, communicative, reliable, ability to work on own initiative, be a team player, have a hands-on can do approach with the initiative to provide problem solving to daily challenges.

    The candidate must have high pc skills, particularly office, excel and power point.
    We will particularly value a candidate with a proven ability to maintain confidentiality, who possesses a professional work ethic, is sociable yet discreet and who enjoys being part of a team.
    Principal accountabilities are:
    Day to Day
    1. Preparing, reviewing and supervising all client accounts
    2. Issuing invoices and making payment of invoices for clients’ companies
    3. Bookkeeping of client companies accounts
    4. Managing and storing of invoices and other relevant financial information for clients
    5. Reporting accounting and financial information to clients
    6. Reporting accounting information to outsourced providers for preparation of financial statements and audits
    7. Reviewing financial statements and approving
    8. Keeping good records of financial obligations and mandatory filings of client companies worldwide (mainly Europe)
    9. Issue timely and complete financial statements, coordinate the preparation of the corporate annual report
    10. Produce annual budget and forecasts, calculate variances from the budget and report significant issues to management
    11. Provide financial analyses as needed, in particular for capital investments, pricing decisions, and contract negotiations with providers
    12. Funding, monitor cash balances and cash forecasts
    13. Participate in conference calls with advisors
    14. Maintain banking relationships

    15. Oversee the financial operations of subsidiary companies and European operations
    16. Manage any third parties to which accounting or finance functions have been outsourced
    17. Oversee the company’s transaction processing systems
    18. Implement operational best practices
    19. Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations
    Supervisory functions
    20. Personally review and approve all financial statements of companies
    21. Report financial results to the board of directors
    22. Understand and mitigate key elements of the company’s risk profile
    23. Construct and monitor reliable control systems
    24. Maintain appropriate insurance coverage
    25. Ensure that the company complies with all fiscal regulatory requirements
    26. Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies
    27. Report risk issues

    Working Conditions: Will work in a friendly office environment and be part of a diverse team of professionals who advise clients throughout a variety of industries. Our Firm has been advising international individuals and companies for over 12 years and do so with care and close attention to detail.
    The right candidate will be joining a small team of very qualified professionals and will be supervised by two partners. The candidate will not supervise other employees but will report directly to Management. Must have ability to produce their own work product independently and have initiative. Occasional travel to client offices in Europe might be necessary.

    Salary is gross 24,000 €/year (€2,000 gross per month). Salary can be reviewed after proven above skills over time.
    No age restrictions.
    Own car required.
    If you do not meet the necessary requirements, please abstain from applying. Non-qualifying candidate profiles will not be reviewed.
    We will carry out one interview over the phone and two personal interviews. We will require proof of two prior employments in similar positions. This will include contacting prior employers to confirm credentials.

  10. Hi,i am looking for a casual job in Benirdom ,Palma de Mallorca such as cleaner, chambermaid , helping in the kitchen. Speaking basic Spanish,good English. I am 54 years old, responsible and trusted person.

  11. Chloe Caffrey says

    Hi there am looking to work over in Spain I have lots of different experiences in jobs that relate to working in Spain
    Cleaning /waitress/ cooking /bar work ect

  12. Glasgowlass says


    I an looking for legal secretarial work in Benidorm (or surrounding areas) if anyone knows of any.

    Many thanks

  13. Hello,

    I have experience working as a receptionist in a hotel and as management within restaurants.
    I am looking for something similar.
    What oppertunities are available in the Benidorm area? As I have been there twice now and feel I can potentially live my life there.

    Also if you could give me inofrmation about renting a flat there that would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards,


  14. Hi I’m looking to move to Benidorm and I’m looking to see if there is any jobs going such as bar management, bar staff, waitressing, or anything in hospitality thank you.

  15. sarah Haddon says

    Hi there I’m 44 and I’m moving to benadorm a day after boxing day and I’m looking for work cleaning . Shop work.hotel work hotel work anything conifered

  16. Dennis Harper says

    Looking for maintenance work on caravan park or similar benidorm area full time

  17. charlene whyment says

    Hi im charlene and im looking for any bar jobs hotel keeper or cleaning jobs ive would in benidrom before but looking anywhere like albir or lu nacia aswell

  18. Hi, I would like to move to Benidorm next year, I am a singer and would love to gig the clubs and pubs there, is there any information you can give me to help me to do this.

  19. Stephen Ryan says

    I want to move to Spain , I am a qualified horticulturist with a level 8 degree and I am wondering if there is much opportunities for this type of work in Spain or if there are any job vacancies

  20. Tamara Herbert says

    Hi,I am looking to start a new life with my 2 boys in spain & would love to build a future.
    I have qualifications in Carpentry, Bricklaying, Painting & Decorating, Plumbing, Plastering, level 3 part P in electrics & gas safety (expired) – 7 years experience.
    I also have sia – Close Protection – 1 years experience.
    I am looking for someone with serious job opportunities only as I do have children & this will be a big move for us as I live in the UK.
    Please contact me via email.
    Many thanks,
    Warm regards,
    Miss Herbert.

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