Construction/Tradesmen Jobs in Spain – Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Tilers, Painters etc

The building and construction industry can involve building entire apartment blocks and roads however most building and construction projects in Spain are relatively small additions to properties such as extensions and small renovations.

There are a vast number of different types of jobs in the construction industry and in this article we will cover a few of the more common ones that will enable you to potentially get a job in Spain.

In the decade preceding 2008 a huge amount of urbanisations and new developments were planned and built in Spain leading to a shortage of construction workers.

job-spain-graphicThe pay was good and an influx of foreign workers came to Spain to start a new life.

Sadly the Spanish banks had overextended themselves and the bubble burst!

Unfortunately the boom in the building industry in Spain has come to a grinding halt and this is the worst possible time to be looking for work in this area.

Having said all that that, if you are a tradesmen, builder or construction worker determined to move to Spain then we will try give you some of the better options in the construction sector.

Becoming a tradesmen in Spain is pretty easy because most customers do not seem to check whether you have any professional qualifications or not. It seems any DIY enthusiast gets off the plane in Spain and declares himself a qualified tradesmen!

Working as a tradesman in Spain is one of the best ways of getting a job or finding work simply because as an English-speaking person who perhaps doesn’t speak any Spanish, you can be working for fellow English-speaking people.

Jobs for Builders

If you are a builder then you have good possibilities by making good money in Spain. If you have the finance behind you then it is possible to buy relatively cheap plots of land and construct a new build villa and sell for a healthy profit.

The property market in Spain is of course very depressed but there are still buyers out there. The key is to build the property in one of the popular expatriate areas that still retain its popularity to British people.

There are still plenty of expatriates looking to maintain their property or build extensions or swimming pools so there is plenty of property maintenance work available in Spain, just a lot of competition!

Working as a Plumber

With plenty of British people living in Spain there is a definite demand for plumbers who can deal with issues such as servicing boilers, dealing with leaks and pipework.

Many people will require their properties to be updated which will naturally include the bathrooms and kitchens.

Plumbers in Spain can earn good money by being self-employed and charging a daily rate of €100 a day to €150 a day.

Rather than looking for a job as a plumber you would probably be better off starting your own business and becoming self-employed.

Electrician Jobs

Just like plumbers there is of course a healthy demand for electricians in Spain. Naturally Spanish people are going to use Spanish electricians so you need to focus in on the expatriate market which will predominantly be in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca areas.

Many expats in Spain have bought old villas aged around 30 years old that require a complete rewiring. Typically electricians charge €3000-€4000 for this work which takes approximately 3 weeks. With a very healthy profit margin, electricians can enjoy a very comfortable living in Spain given that the cost of living is relatively low.

Jobs for Painters and Decorators

constructionPainters and decorators in Spain usually earn around €100 a day. Again it is usual to set up your own business than to become employed simply because most construction companies in Spain tend to be one-man bands.

Becoming a painter in Spain is pretty simple work as most people can slap some paint on walls. Villas and apartments are always being exposed to the weather, especially the heavy Spanish rain, and therefore always need to be updated.

There are many Spanish villa painting companies that claim to be able to spray paint your villa with paint that lasts an entire lifetime but from what we can find out it appears that this simply isn’t true. Therefore if you own a villa in Spain it is likely to be needing to be repainted every 10 years at the very least.

Other Work in Construction/Building Industry

There are many outdated villas and apartments requiring major renovation, works and maintenance. Certainly if you have skills as a carpenter, engineer, technician, roofer, tiler, plasterer, bricklayer, labourer or another construction type tradesman then you are likely to finding work in Spain whether it be for yourself or for an employer.

Below we list some of the other construction jobs:

  • Architect
  • Building Surveyor
  • Buyer
  • CAD Technician
  • Civil Engineer
  • Commercial Manager
  • Contracts Manager
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Estimator
  • Facilities Manager
  • Health & Safety Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Planner
  • Project Manager
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Site Engineer
  • Site Manager
  • Skilled Trades
  • Structural Engineer
  • Water Engineer

How Much Can I Earn in Spain?

Clearly there is no one answer to this question but to give you examples from people we know:

Working on a building site in Spain as a plumber, builder, tiler or carpenter the daily rate is usually between €80-€100 Euros.

For electricians in Spain there is lots of lucrative work rewiring houses, villas and apartments in Spain as many of the villas are now over 30 years old and require a complete rewiring to bring their houses up to European Union specifications and standards. The price of a typical three or four-bedroom villa can often be about €4000 so the opportunity to make good money in Spain is certainly there.

One advantage you have in search of jobs is that there is a large expatriate population Spain and they typically prefer to deal with English-speaking people rather than local Spanish tradesmen and builders.

Most Popular Places in Spain To Find Work:

Most Popular Work:

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  1. Lee brady says

    Hi, I’ve recently spent some time in javea at my father-in-laws villa and really enjoyed my time with family. I am a heavy plant operator (excavator, bulldozer, telehandler, dumper and rollers) with over 15 years experience in construction covering all kinds of projects. I would like the opportunity to join an English company in Spain. I can speak a little Spain as well, I’m currently taking lessons from a native speaker.

  2. Craig shepard says

    Hi I’m a fully trained tiler with 15 years experience in all types of tiling, I.e floors walls, bathrooms, wetrooms.
    Moving to murcia In September 2019 and looking for contacts in the building trade.
    Be grateful for a reply. Thanks

  3. Joe fawcett says

    Hi I’m 35 year old male been plastering my whole life I also do tiling and brickwork I have money to buy a property but would like to find employment first I would like to move to alacante can u help atall

  4. Mr Justin Meads says

    Hi, looking for any building work. Anything , do not do electrics or plumbing . Can do anything else. Roofing ,extensions, carpentry ,plastering and tiling. 25 years experience. Have done many jobs abroad. Looking to finally leave uk. All work considered.

  5. Tony Carlino says

    Hi was thinking about moving to spain as im still young would love to give it ago and see what its all about ive been in the building trade as a dryliner and suspended ceiling fixer for 11 years now and still would like to do the same if i move to spain could any body give me advice of were to start what area is best to stay were me i can get work and for my family to be in a safe enviroment and give them there dream of living abroad many thanks tony

  6. Hi I’m a English carpenter looking for work in alicante benidorm la nucia alfaz del pi I have 25 + years experience if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it

    Muchos Gracias

  7. Neil Speakes says

    I have 35 years in the building trades I work to a very high standard &very competent at most trades. I live in Benalmádena & have transport. I’m looking for full or part time work. Pictures of my work available.

  8. Gavin Stocker says

    I am moving to Torrevieja in April this year and I’m looking for work in the construction industry. I’ve been a glazier and window installer since 1996 so I have a lot of experience. I realise that Spain probably doesn’t have a huge demand for double glazing however I am capable of doing anything in this area. Could anyone help with any advice or who I could contact about work. Anything will be appreciated. Thanks

  9. Joseph Greene says

    Hi I’m currently looking for work for 2x groundworkers with experience in all aspects of groundworks mainly from a civils background

  10. Peter sweet says

    Hi I am a landscape builder and tree surgeon in England I have run my own company for the last few years I have been to lanzaroity a few times and love itjust wondering how I could find work to move and live in playa blanca

  11. Colin Robilliard says

    Hi I would like to move to the Costa’s on a permanent basis, I am a Health & Safety Manager with a great deal or experience in the building and construction industry. I am currently working as a Health & Safety manager in a fuel terminal, I have a NEBOSH qualification, level 3 diploma in Management and many other training certificates. I’m well practiced in Risk assessment, site audits and safe operating procedures. If this sounds like someone you should have on your team please drop me a line.

  12. Colin Robilliard says

    Hi I would like to move to the Costa’s on a permanent basis, I am a Health & Safety Manager with a great deal or experience in the building and construction industry. I am currently working as a Health & Safety manager in a fuel terminal, I have a NEBOSH qualification, level 3 diploma in Management and many other training certificates. I’m well practiced in Risk assessment, site audits and safe operating procedures. If this sounds like someone you should have on your team please drop me a line.

  13. Thomas Devlin says

    I am moving to Murcia Spain in June and I am looking for Plumbing work. I have 15 years experience. Realistically how easy/hard is it to find work? Advice please. Regards Tom

  14. Nick brown says

    Hi I’m a plumber / tiller looking to move out to the costa blanca area around March 2019 need to sort work out don’t mind working for a builder if the money is ok let me no thanks.

  15. Neil Speakes says

    Hi I’ve recently moved to Spain and I’m looking for work in the construction industry. I have 35 years experience and can do nearly all trades to high standard. Can anyone help?

    • peter decourcy says

      hi neil what responce have you had on here im in the same position as yourself i can do roofing, tiles or flat , wall and floor tiling , stonework brickwork flagging block pathing kitchens bathrooms plastering plumbing

  16. michael healy says

    hi im moving to spain soon, ive worked in construction over 40years excavators all types of machinery groundworks landscape foundations drainage bulkdigs highways qurries etc rigid truck licence car licence 360 bluecard .
    looking to contact irish or english construction firms in murcia area.
    michael irish.

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