Construction/Tradesmen Jobs in Spain – Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Tilers, Painters etc

The building and construction industry can involve building entire apartment blocks and roads however most building and construction projects in Spain are relatively small additions to properties such as extensions and small renovations.

There are a vast number of different types of jobs in the construction industry and in this article we will cover a few of the more common ones that will enable you to potentially get a job in Spain.

In the decade preceding 2008 a huge amount of urbanisations and new developments were planned and built in Spain leading to a shortage of construction workers.

job-spain-graphicThe pay was good and an influx of foreign workers came to Spain to start a new life.

Sadly the Spanish banks had overextended themselves and the bubble burst!

Unfortunately the boom in the building industry in Spain has come to a grinding halt and this is the worst possible time to be looking for work in this area.

Having said all that that, if you are a tradesmen, builder or construction worker determined to move to Spain then we will try give you some of the better options in the construction sector.

Becoming a tradesmen in Spain is pretty easy because most customers do not seem to check whether you have any professional qualifications or not. It seems any DIY enthusiast gets off the plane in Spain and declares himself a qualified tradesmen!

Working as a tradesman in Spain is one of the best ways of getting a job or finding work simply because as an English-speaking person who perhaps doesn’t speak any Spanish, you can be working for fellow English-speaking people.

Jobs for Builders

If you are a builder then you have good possibilities by making good money in Spain. If you have the finance behind you then it is possible to buy relatively cheap plots of land and construct a new build villa and sell for a healthy profit.

The property market in Spain is of course very depressed but there are still buyers out there. The key is to build the property in one of the popular expatriate areas that still retain its popularity to British people.

There are still plenty of expatriates looking to maintain their property or build extensions or swimming pools so there is plenty of property maintenance work available in Spain, just a lot of competition!

Working as a Plumber

With plenty of British people living in Spain there is a definite demand for plumbers who can deal with issues such as servicing boilers, dealing with leaks and pipework.

Many people will require their properties to be updated which will naturally include the bathrooms and kitchens.

Plumbers in Spain can earn good money by being self-employed and charging a daily rate of €100 a day to €150 a day.

Rather than looking for a job as a plumber you would probably be better off starting your own business and becoming self-employed.

Electrician Jobs

Just like plumbers there is of course a healthy demand for electricians in Spain. Naturally Spanish people are going to use Spanish electricians so you need to focus in on the expatriate market which will predominantly be in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca areas.

Many expats in Spain have bought old villas aged around 30 years old that require a complete rewiring. Typically electricians charge €3000-€4000 for this work which takes approximately 3 weeks. With a very healthy profit margin, electricians can enjoy a very comfortable living in Spain given that the cost of living is relatively low.

Jobs for Painters and Decorators

constructionPainters and decorators in Spain usually earn around €100 a day. Again it is usual to set up your own business than to become employed simply because most construction companies in Spain tend to be one-man bands.

Becoming a painter in Spain is pretty simple work as most people can slap some paint on walls. Villas and apartments are always being exposed to the weather, especially the heavy Spanish rain, and therefore always need to be updated.

There are many Spanish villa painting companies that claim to be able to spray paint your villa with paint that lasts an entire lifetime but from what we can find out it appears that this simply isn’t true. Therefore if you own a villa in Spain it is likely to be needing to be repainted every 10 years at the very least.

Other Work in Construction/Building Industry

There are many outdated villas and apartments requiring major renovation, works and maintenance. Certainly if you have skills as a carpenter, engineer, technician, roofer, tiler, plasterer, bricklayer, labourer or another construction type tradesman then you are likely to finding work in Spain whether it be for yourself or for an employer.

Below we list some of the other construction jobs:

  • Architect
  • Building Surveyor
  • Buyer
  • CAD Technician
  • Civil Engineer
  • Commercial Manager
  • Contracts Manager
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Estimator
  • Facilities Manager
  • Health & Safety Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Planner
  • Project Manager
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Site Engineer
  • Site Manager
  • Skilled Trades
  • Structural Engineer
  • Water Engineer

How Much Can I Earn in Spain?

Clearly there is no one answer to this question but to give you examples from people we know:

Working on a building site in Spain as a plumber, builder, tiler or carpenter the daily rate is usually between €80-€100 Euros.

For electricians in Spain there is lots of lucrative work rewiring houses, villas and apartments in Spain as many of the villas are now over 30 years old and require a complete rewiring to bring their houses up to European Union specifications and standards. The price of a typical three or four-bedroom villa can often be about €4000 so the opportunity to make good money in Spain is certainly there.

One advantage you have in search of jobs is that there is a large expatriate population Spain and they typically prefer to deal with English-speaking people rather than local Spanish tradesmen and builders.

Most Popular Places in Spain To Find Work:

Most Popular Work:

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  1. george dickson says:

    Hi I am looking for a job in the Benidorm area and I have experience in the labouring on building sites and a British forklift truck licence. I don’t speak Spanish but I’m willing to learn, also I would consider other job in bar restraunt, holiday rep etc

  2. Thomas Maddocks says:

    I am looking for work in Benidorm I am a floor layer / screeder

  3. Jordan winn says:

    Hello, I am looking for short term work anywhere in Spain as a new experience. I am 27 years old, physically fit with a full driving licence.
    I am a qualified diesel fitter, hold a fork lift licence, qualified to work on the roads. Have worked on building sites, grinding, labourering, bit of welding . I am also a qualified traffic banksman and qualified in abrasive wheels.. I am currently refitting a factory.. I am prepared to do any manual work and can learn quickly. I have certificates to back up my skills. I would also consider farm work or working with animals.
    I am sociable, can’t speak Spanish so would need help finding accommodation.
    Regards Jordan

  4. Hi. I am interested in taking on an interesting project in any of the Canary Islands. I have many years of experience in the UK carrying out design and build work / refits / renovations on commercial and private property. I can design, plan, budget, schedule run all trades and build myself dep’d upon size of project. Full refs and examples of work available.
    Email me your project brief no matter how large or small.

  5. Hi I am professional painter looking for work 631210009 contact me

  6. Paul Carroll says:

    Hi all , I’ve just moved over to Benalmadena permanently & am available & looking for work.
    Time served electrician with experience in all aspects of the trade ( including 15 years
    self employed) & paperwork to back it up..Would appreciate any help to get up & running..
    Many thanks , Paul

  7. Paul Carroll says:

    Hi all , I’ve just moved over to Benalmadena permanently & am available & looking for work.
    Time served electrician with experience in all aspects of the trade ( including 15 years
    self employed) & paperwork to back it up..Would appreciate any help to get up & running..
    Many thanks , Paul C.

  8. Michael McHattie says:

    Hi Guys,
    I am a fully qualified Plumbing Heating and Electrical Engineer, ( with qualification certs C&G,s ) and l am looking at wanting to move to Spain, l currently do GAS, OIL, LPG, AIR SOURCE/ GROUND SOURCE, ELECTRIC heating systems ( installation & servicing/ breakdowns) as well as electrical upgrades to full rewires, l have 38yrs experience, so how do l go about applying for work , l would appreciate any assistance in this.
    With regards Michael.

  9. I have a builder in the UK that I want to use to build a house in spain.
    I’m told that there is a requirement for 10 years insurance to guarantee the build. Does my builder have to register as a construction company or something like that? What paperwork would he have to do?

  10. Hello there I am a fully qualified self employed electrician looking for work in Spain have 16 years of experience working in uk and Europe wanting to move to Spain next year Start out over there

  11. Lee Thomason says:

    I’m looking to move to tenerife, I have been a ceiling fixer and dryliner in the UK for 10 years aswell as setting up a part time business doing exterior painting and cleaning.
    I’m looking to move to tenerife and set up a exterior painting and cleaning business, but can also do ceiling and dry lining jobs if needed can anyone help me and point me in the right direction
    Thank you lee

  12. Paul connolly says:

    I am a fully qualified joiner and run my own business building properties and renovations to old buildings in Scotland . I am looking to move to Benidorm with my wife and 8 year old son and am looking for a company to take me on. The reason for the move is for my wife as her health is poor and improves when in Spain. I don’t speak Spanish and am hard of hearing but give me a drawing and I can work from that no problem. Can anyone help as I want this for my family .

  13. Paul Knowles says:

    I am a fully qualified master vehicle technician looking for work in tennerife and to relocate.

  14. Norma Manfrini says:

    Why don’t you add a section for Help wanted: for example I am looking for someone to redo my kitchen in my condo in the month of May 2018. I do not know where to find a contractor who can do the job. I need to set it up before I arrive in May for one month.

    • Darren Ryan says:

      Hi Norma,
      This is my first time on this web page so I hope you get this.
      I am looking to settle and find work in spain. I am currently fitting kitchens and bathrooms for the MOD. (subcontracting).
      If you haven’t found anyone regards your kitchen , please contact me at email below.

  15. Kirk otoole says:

    Hello I am landscaper hard service ground worker also have years of experience in the building game looking to start new life in Tenerife how can I find work in this feild

    Email :

  16. barry leeder says:

    Any carpet fitting jobs

  17. Tony Walters says:

    Good Evening

    I am currently a fully fledged fencing and landscaping contractor in the uk(installing domestic and security fencing.artificial lawns to complete garden projects) I also have been General building and completing ,many building refurbishment. I have experience in tilling bricklaying General carpentry. Painting decorating, upvc window and door installations General groundwork and machine experience. Myself and my family are looking at moving within the Almeria province. Any help finding work that suits my experiences would be appreciated. I’ve been self employed for 20 years.

    Kind regards Tony

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