Lanzarote Jobs – Want to Find Work in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain?

Lanzarote is one of the Spanish Canary Islands which also comprise of Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Graciosa, Alegranza, Isla de Lobos, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste.

Despite only being the fourth largest Canary Island we highly recommend it when searching for jobs if you are an English-speaking person.

Lanzarote is an extremely popular tourist destination and has plenty of opportunities for work especially if you are looking at the summer season.

Lanzarote’s location which is just 140km off the coast of Africa gives it a great all year climate and has led to the unique volcanic terrain.

job-spain-graphicAlthough quite a windy island – which makes it ideal for windsurfers – we cannot understand the nickname for Lanzarote which is Lanzagrotty!

Timanfaya National Park is the most famous visitor excursion with trips up through the volcanoes and views across Lanzarote.

You will also at some point come across the unusual sculptures and monuments created by the artist Cesar Manrique.

The most easterly Canary Island with a total surface area of 845.93 km and a population of 135,000 people.

From Lanzarote you can see the neighbouring Canary Island of Fuerteventura.

If you are set on working anywhere in the Canaries we would suggest you start your search first of all in Tenerife, then Lanzarote and if that fails then look at Gran Canaria which has good possibilities especially in Playa del Ingles.

Is It Hard To Find Work in Lanzarote?

Currently it is difficult to find work anywhere in Spain but of course there are always opportunities and vacancies if you’re prepared to look hard enough.

We just want to make you aware of the fact that if you arrive on the island with little savings you may rapidly run out of money before you find work.

One of the difficulties in working in Lanzarote is finding cheap accommodation in the summer. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Lanzarote will generally cost approximately €500 a month without bills. Try sharing an apartment with other job seekers and sharing the cost.

You should be especially careful if you are thinking about moving to Lanzarote with a young family and escaping from the United Kingdom. It’s a dream that has gone sour for many British people who have now returned to the UK.

Do you Need a Visa to Work in Lanzarote?

Not if you are a EU citizen as you automatically have the right to seek work in Lanzarote. In order to work legally you need to apply for a NIF number (Numero de Identificacion Fiscal). If you are from countries such as the USA, Canada or Australia you will need to apply for a three-month visa.

Your NIF number (also referred to as NIE) is essentially a tax identification number similar to your National Insurance number in the UK.

Summer Jobs in Lanzarote 2021 – Work for Young People

Most people looking at summer jobs in Lanzarote will be students looking for seasonal work.

Lanzarote is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and the sudden demand for services in bars and restaurants results in a huge demand for temporary short-term staff.

Employers take advantage of this demand by paying very low wages and as soon as the tourist season drops off you will be instantly out of the job.

In being located so far south of Spain, Lanzarote does have an advantage of a longer season than most other Spanish resorts such as Ibiza, Marbella, Malaga and Mallorca.

The types of jobs that you can expect to find in the summer would be:

Work in bars such as doormen, bartenders and barmaids, bouncers and security staff, as dancers, entertainers and animators, DJ’s, promotional reps (PR reps) to get people into the bars and clubs, beach bars, in restaurants working as waiters and waitresses or dishwashers and chefs, in hotels working on reception or as holiday reps looking after the customers of the major tour operators running package holidays to Lanzarote.

You will also find some watersport jobs on the beaches if you are able to teach wind surfing and sailing. Some of the dive centres may require instructors if you are a qualified scuba diver. There are also companies hiring out jet skis.

Bar Jobs in Lanzarote – Working Hours, Pay and Salaries 2021

With the huge influx of tourists especially in the summertime there are plenty of temporary seasonal jobs in Lanzarote.

Unfortunately the pay and working conditions will be extremely poor but you sacrifice this to be living in a tourist resort at the peak of the season. It can extremely hard work but great fun too!

La Pikada Kerman bar, Costa TeguiseMost bar jobs will be in the two major resorts of Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise.

Try finding work in these bars and clubs in Lanzarote:

In Costa Teguise, Coyote, the Black Bull Pub, Paradise Sports Bar and the Dolphin Pub.

In Playa Blanca, Wax, the Irish Anvil, Atlantis and Jungle Bar.

In Puerto del Carmen Lineker’s, Spender’s, Sunset Beach, Whale and Ale, Big Apple, Hippodrome, Paradise and Ruta 66.

How Much Can I Earn in a Bar Job in Lanzarote?

When looking for full-time positions in Lanzarote you want to try to obtain an official contract which clearly sets out your salary and terms of employment.

Clearly this is not to be the case when taking a bar job which will be very much a part-time, temporary position and most likely to be paid cash in hand.

Although rates vary from bar to bar, the general consensus from the Lanzarote bar staff that we have spoken to, is that the going rate is on average €6.50 an hour.

If you are coming from another European country such as the United Kingdom and Germany you should obtain the EHIC card which will prove that you are entitled to emergency medical treatment in Spain.

All of these tourist-related jobs such as working in a bar, PR rep, holiday rep, club or restaurant involve very long working hours so most people seeking these positions will be young people in their 20s.

Where To Find Work in Lanzarote

The most popular towns in which to find work on Lanzarote are Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise.

Puerto del Carmen, is the most commercial resort with a two-mile beach which naturally has plenty of bars, pubs, restaurants, shops and nightclubs. This is the best place to find your summer job in Lanzarote.

Puerto del Carmen

The busiest bars and clubs in Puerto del Carmen are found at the Avenida de las Playas. There is also a lot of bars and restaurants in the picturesque Old Town and the lively Strip (including Centro Atlantico).

Puerto del Carmen is located 10 miles west of the island’s capital of Arrecife which also has good opportunities especially if you can speak Spanish.

Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is family friendly resort which is a haven for windsurfers thanks to the perfect conditions for wind surfers and wonderful beaches. A modern purpose made resort it is situated just north of Arrecife.


Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote and is naturally very Spanish compared to the international tourist resorts. To get work in Arrecife will require Spanish speaking skills. This is the place to find your corporate and office type jobs.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is fast-growing and is the newest resort on Lanzarote. Try looking for work at the Rubicon Marina. The Papagayo beaches are rated as some of the best beaches in Spain.

Other resorts in which you could look for work would be Playa de los Pocillos, El Golfo, Matagorda and Playa Honda.

Lanzarote jobs can be found by the usual means of internet websites and forums like and Discover Lanzarote, radio, word of mouth and the classified section in local newspapers such as The Gazette.

Try also a monthly magazine called Estohay which is in Spanish – look under the section for classified jobs which is the ‘Bolsa de Trabajo’ section.

In all honesty you really need to be on the island in person because most jobs are obtained by word-of-mouth. Just going into local companies and asking if they have any vacancies will eventually lead to an opportunity to get work.

Even posting your jobs wanted on notice boards could pay off. It does in most cases come down to who you know, not what you know.

Video of Lanzarote

As well is the images of Lanzarote that we should feature above who wanted to show your video so you can truly see just how wonderful and pretty the island is.

Building & Construction Jobs in Lanzarote

Not everybody wants to work in a bar or restaurant. With a healthy resident expat population residing in Lanzarote there are definite opportunities if you have skills in the building and construction industry.

In reality you are extremely unlikely to find a job advertised, but your skills can be utilised by setting up your own business and becoming self-employed, providing your services on the island.

If you are a builder, electrician, plumber, tiler, bricklayer, labourer or painter then you have an opportunity to start your own business in Lanzarote.

You can set up a company (S.A) or go self-employed as an autonomo. You must pay into the Spanish social security system which then gives you access to the free state health care and schooling system.

Monthly payments for a family of four would be about €250 so it is quite a major step as you have to pay this whether you make any profits or not.

You also would have to register for the equivalent of VAT in the UK which in Spain is known is IVA.

As a foreigner looking to work in Spain you will need to get what is known as a NIE number.

How to get your N.I.E. number in Lanzarote:

Go to the nearest social security office with your original passport and copy.

Fill in a form providing basic information such as name, address, nationality etc.

They issue the NIE number there and then and give you a temporary card.

Teaching English on Lanzarote

If you have an interest in teaching jobs in Spain then Lanzarote certainly is a place to look. Many Spanish people naturally want their children to speak English which gives them far greater work opportunities, especially if they want to leave the island and travel.

Of course competition from other English-speaking people is extremely high so it would help if you have professional qualifications such as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or ESL which would at least give you the opportunity to work for one of the Spanish language schools on the island.

This vocation is likely to just be a part-time income stream for you which will need to be supplemented with other part-time jobs as it is unlikely you can survive full-time by teaching English in Lanzarote.

Expatriate Jobs on Lanzarote

In this section we give you a list of jobs that we know expats have worked as on Lanzarote.

The key to successfully relocating and moving to Lanzarote is to not have any preconceptions about the sort of work and jobs you would like to get. You may be qualified in certain areas and while you would ideally wish to find the same type of jobs that you have done previously, this is not always possible.

Just surviving financially on the island is difficult for expats and many of them exist by taking on two or three jobs at the same time. Here are some of the possibilities for work in Lanzarote:

Chef – waiter – waitress – sales – estate agent – personal trainer – gym – beautician – dentist – doctor – IT – computer programmer – insurance sales – customer service – admin – carer – secretarial – golf pro – office – cleaner – swimming pool maintenance – gardener – bartender – barmaid – hairdresser – retail – drivers – taxi – removals – au pair/nanny/babysitter – security – bouncer – door supervisor – PR reps – dancer – entertainer – animator – transfer rep – holiday rep – restaurant.

Lanzarote Jobs Summary

This article has been designed to give you the resources and advice concerning finding work and obtaining a job on the Spanish Canary Island of Lanzarote.

Resorts we have covered include:

  • Jobs in Puerto del Carmen
  • Jobs in Costa Teguise
  • Jobs in Arrecife
  • Jobs in Playa de los Pocillos
  • Jobs in El Golfo
  • Working in Matagorda
  • Jobs in Playa Blanca
  • Jobs in Playa Honda

Topics covered above:

  • Living in Lanzarote
  • Work in Lanzarote for English Speakers
  • Where to Find Jobs in Lanzarote
  • Popular Types of Work and Job Vacancies
  • Lanzarote Jobs With Accommodation
  • Lanzarote Job Forums
  • Holiday Rep Jobs
  • Bar Jobs and Club Jobs on Lanzarote
  • Summer Jobs in Lanzarote 2021
  • Part-Time Work and Jobs Lanzarote

Are you an employer on the island looking for staff and employees in Lanzarote?

List your vacancy below in the comment section.

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For a full index of pages see our searching for Spanish jobs section.


  1. Hi,
    Would like to move to Lanzarotte and need a job. Now I am workings in medical corporation as Customer Service Digital Lead. Any offer is more than appreciated.
    Thank you

  2. Danielle Trevalion- Turnbull says

    Hi, I am currently looking for a bartending/ waitressing job in the Canary Islands for a few months. I have previous bar &waitressing experience, fluent in English and speak basic Spanish. Thank You.

  3. I’m a carer in scotland,,would like to no if need carers in Costa Tequise??

  4. Caryl Thomas says

    Hi I’m looking to move to Lanzarote I currently work in An Airport is there any jobs going in Lanzarote Airport . My current role is management

  5. Alan OHara says

    Looking for support worker jobs in lanzorate

  6. Michael Lally says

    Hello, my name is Michael Lally, I’m from Dublin and am looking to work in lanzarote. I am a chef with 25 years experience working in everything from Hotels, restaurants and bars. As we are just coming out of the year and a half of hell, hopefully, it has reminded me to live life. So I’ve wanted to work and live in Spain for a long time now and I don’t want to wait any longer to try it. I’ve been to lanzarote a couple of times on holiday and love the island.


    i am currently looking for a position in the p. del carmen area.i am a chef with many years experience.i ve worked in lanzarote before.i am particularly interested in catering in private residence,families,groups etc.i am irish and available for an immediate in considered.any questions,please dont hesitate to contact me. Thank You.

  8. John lambert says

    Looking for bar work in Puerto del Carmen or matagorda years of experience in this trade would be willing to work 5/6 days a week from April onwards 2021

  9. David Sands says

    Good morning, I live in matagorda,lanzarote. I am looking for work in driving,gardening,painting,handyman,pool cleaning etc, . I hold a clean spanish driving licence and I am available immediately, also my partner is looking for cleaning work of apartments,villas or a cook.
    Kindest regards.
    I am on watts app. 07507139267.

  10. Louis berry says

    Hi my name is Louis I have 20 years experience in the building trade and I also cover a lot in the building trade landscapesing machine driving flagging road works and much more

  11. Stephen Graham says

    I am looking for any roofing work in lanzarote I have over 20 years experience

  12. Adam O'Brien says

    Hi my name’s Adam O’Brien a 25 year old male from Ireland seeking full time work in any sector english speaking with the view to relocating. If there is an employer reading this I can forward my CV to you. Regards.

  13. Daniel goldbey says

    Looking for any work im 51 an worked in a tooling companey cutting all tipes if steel for the wokers .il take any tipe of work thats out there

  14. Robert-e-Lee

    International Vocal Entertainer

    D.J & Karaoke Host.

    To the Entertainments Manager.

    After spending many years entertaining in the UK, over 20 years in the Cabaret Capital Blackpool with bookings in the winter period on the island of Tenerife I am now looking to relocate to my favourite island of Lanzarote.

    I will be available for bookings from the 23rd February 2020.

    Services offered:
    First class vocal cabaret show.
    Disco with or without Karaoke.
    Full Karaoke show.

    With a state of the art P.A. system with digital recording we have all the facilities to keep your guests more than happy.

    For Bookings to discuss your requirements or further information please don’t hesitate to contact me on the details below.

    Mobile: 07812635227


  15. Louisa Dorney says

    I am a company accountant want to move over to lanzarote. I have a wealth of experience.
    Any help or vacancies would be gratefully received

  16. Carmel Tierney says

    I’d like to teach English in Port Del Carmen

  17. Niamh Clohessy says


    I am currently working in Ireland as a software support engineer and I am planning to move to Lanzarote Porto del carmen area. If anyone has any info on where to look it would be a great help. Thanks.

  18. Ross Scott says

    Hi Leanne Toulon,
    I have noticed your comments regarding your move to Lanzarote as a carer and was wondering how you went about finding the opportunity to continue work within the healthcare sector. I already have a younger brother who lives there at the moment and would be grateful if any advice you could give me.
    Many Thanks
    Ross Scott

  19. Joseph Gardner says

    Hi, I am a head chef from England, I have been a chef for roughly 3 years and I’m currently looking to expand my knowledge of food by hopefully getting a job as a chef in one of the great locations based on the Canary Islands.

  20. Leanne Toulson says

    I am currently working my notice in the UK as a live in carer and want to continue to do this in lanzarote next month when I move. I have all my paperwork ready and in place to start in August, fluent English some Spanish.
    Thank you

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