Malaga Jobs: FIND Work in Malaga Spain in 2022/2023

Malaga is located on the southern coast of Spain, particularly in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

It is one of the world’s oldest cities with a history that dates back to about 2,800 years.

It is also the sixth biggest city in Spain and the second most important city in Andalusia with a population of more than 560,000 people.

One of the most important industries in Malaga is the tourism sector which sees around six million visits from tourists every year. More and more expatriates are choosing to move to Malaga because of the city’s stunning Mediterranean climate wherein the summers are long, hot and dry while the winters are relatively mild.

Summer officially begins in April and lasts until November. The hottest months are from June to September with temperatures usually hitting the 30˚C mark. Likewise, the winters are warm when compared to most of the rest of Europe since the Malaga Mountains are said to block the weather coming from the north.

No wonder that the population in the city and the surrounding area during the hot summer months is noticeably bigger compared to what has been observed in the winter. While Spanish remains the dominant language, many locals seem to have a fairly good understanding of English as well.

Here’s a visual guide to the best sights of Malaga:

On this page, we will give you a guide on how to find work in Malaga and as well as the type of jobs you can expect to find if you primarily speak English.

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Work for English Speakers

Many expats who are looking for work in Malaga would normally do their search in areas where their knowledge in speaking English is in high demand. These include areas such as the tourist industry and those that provide services catering to the expat community. Some of these services can be anything from working in a restaurant or in a bar or simply being self-employed cleaners, hairdressers or plumbers.

job-spain-graphicIf you have minimal to basic knowledge of Spanish, you can get an opportunity working with a real estate agent which has a known expertise in properties for expats. You may have to speak some basic Spanish when conversing with sellers or when there’s a need to do a legal representation. The good news is that many of the house sellers normally turn out as English speakers too.

Foreign teachers who are aiming to find jobs in state schools may find some difficulty in their search because of a complicated process known as “oposiciones” (different exams) which is a requirement when seeking a post in any public or civil service sectors.

If you have a fairly good level of Spanish and you have successfully fulfilled all the legal requirements needed in order to work in Spain, you are therefore allowed to compete with any Spanish local for jobs. At this point, English speakers will always be at an advantage even if the job does not directly require an English speaking capability on a native level.

Malaga Summer Jobs 2022 & 2023

One of the easy ways to stay in Spain through summer and earn a bit of money on the side is by teaching English at a summer camp. Apart from being employed for the two-month summer period, there are also a lot of invaluable skills to learn along with an added boost to your resume.

The best time to start your search on summer camps is on the last week of June which shall run through July and August. This is because the academic calendar in Spain normally ends in late June. However, a number of day camps are usually held in urban locations while those held in residential or sleep away are often times scheduled for several weeks.

Generally, most camps in Spain will not discuss wages until you get an offer for the position. Once accepted, you can expect to receive anywhere between €600 and €1000 for a month’s work.

If you’re a foodie and you have a special interest on Spanish food, you can also try to become one of the food tour guides in Malaga. Known as the “Devour Malaga Food Tours,” becoming a guide would mean doing around 2 to 5 tours a week with each tour lasting about 3 hours. After you become trained, you can start earning around €20 per hour including tips. Moreover, you can also receive tour discounts that your family and friends can enjoy. Lastly, you will get continuous free training on Malaga and eating and drinking in Spain so long as you’re working with the company.

Bar Work in Malaga

At the center of Malaga, you will find that most bars are in close proximity to each other and are normally occupied by people chatting in the midst of music played in the background. Most of the inhabitants of Malaga would prefer not to go out before midnight and would usually party until dawn. Bars that have smaller dance floors are common in the center. If you’re searching for a serious discotheque, the place to go is Puerto Marina in Benalmádena.

We recommend the following English bars in Malaga where you can seek for an employment if you want to work in a bar.

  1. Morrisey’s Irish Pub – C/ Méndez Núñez, Malaga, Tel. +34-952-608-687
  1. Druidas Irish Bar – Plaza de la Merced, 17, 29012 Malaga, Tel. +34-952-218-171
  1. The Bailey Irish Pub – Calle Doña Maria Barrabino, 4, 29620 Malaga, Tel. +34-667-290-490
  1. Hollie’s Fitzsimons Irish Bar – Av. Palma de Mallorca, 14, 29620 Torremolinos, Malaga, Tel. +34-952-056-215
  1. Casey Duke’s Irish Bar – C/C Los Porches L55, Avenida de Antonio Machado, 29630 Benalmádena, Malaga, Tel. +34-687-189-617
  1. Shamrock Irish Pub – Edificio Benalplaya, Av. Antonio Machado, 106, 29630 Benalmádena, Malaga, Tel. +34-952-566-999
  1. Tony Shanley Irish Bar – Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 44, 29640 Fuengirola, Malaga, Tel. +34-952-461-941
  1. Pogs The Old Irish Pub – Calle Lamo de Espinosa, 4, 29640 Fuengirola, Malaga, Tel. +34-662-594-111
  1. The Mad Ass Irish Bar – Calle del Siroco, Benalmadena, Malaga, Tel. +34-952-446-128

What type of work can most expats find in Malaga?

Since the 1970s, there has been a growing increase in the number of expats moving to Malaga wherein the majority is made up of British and German nationals who now call the Spanish city as their home. A large number of expats have chosen to stay near the coastline as opposed to staying in the city center.

Expats who are eager to start working in Malaga will notice that apart from the city’s tourism sector, there are also other opportunities in the fast-growing logistics and transportation sectors.

Generally speaking, the three main industries that make up the economy in Malaga include tourism, construction and technology services. However, the economy is also diverse which means that expats who are searching for opportunities in the region will most likely find a huge range of job openings available.

ESL/EFL Teaching Jobs

English teachers will find that there are plenty of work available in either of the city’s international schools or private language schools. With many locals being interested to take English classes as an important language to learn in the area, English teachers have a lot of opportunity to supplement their income by arranging some private English lessons with the locals.

Most adult learners are normally focused on practicing their English conversational skills which may not require any formal teaching qualifications. However, it is also recommended that teachers earn a TEFL qualification if they want their job applications to stand out from the rest.

Here is a useful video for those of you who are interested in teaching English in sunny Málaga:

If you’re searching for an English teaching job in Malaga, you may consider sending an application to any one of these international schools found in the region.

  1. St. George’s British School Malaga – Urb. Cerrado de Calderon, Av. Centaurea, 8, 29018 (
  1. Sunland International School – Crta. de Cártama Estación a Pizarra, s/n, 29580 Cártama Estación (
  1. The International School Estepona – Calle Azahar, 112, 29688 El Paraiso (
  1. The English International College – Urbanizacion Ricmar, Ctra. de Cadiz-Malaga (
  1. Laude San Pedro International College – Urbanizacion Nueva Alcantara, Avda La Coruña (
  1. St. Anthony’s College – Camino de Coin Km. 5.25 (
  1. Aloha College – Urbanizacion El Angel, Nueva Andalucia (
  1. The Ark Christian School – Calle Rio Darro, 2, Las Lagunas de Mijas (
  1. Swans Primary School – S/N, Calle Malaga, Marbella, Malaga (
  1. Calpe School – Urb. Linda Vista Baja, Calle los Eucaliptos (

Knowing the Rules and Regulations

If you are interested to find work in Malaga you need to be at least 16 years of age and at least 18 years of age if you are planning to be self-employed.

If you are offered a labor contract, your employer should request for your authorization to work in Spain. Likewise, you can get a work visa as soon as you are issued with residence and work authorization.

Foreigners are advised to register with the city’s corresponding Social Security system upon arriving in Spain. They are also expected to apply for a foreigner identity card.

Where to Find Work

 Malaga job websites and forums. You can check out the Spain Expat forum to get information on job offers that are available as well as the seekers for a corresponding offer. We also offer the same service to job seekers by providing a way for employers to post the details of a job vacancy and opportunity at the bottom of our page.


Other notable sites that you can try in your search include the Malaga Official Job Portal, Info Empleo, Opcion Empleo, and Mil Anuncios.

Recruitment companies are also a good place to start when searching for job opportunities in Malaga as they are most likely in good contact with a number of large companies in the city.

Some of the recruitment companies you can find in Malaga are:

  1. Adecco (
  2. Randstad (
  3. Ambient (

Malaga Resources:

Malaga Tourism is the official website of the Department of Tourism of the city of Malaga.

Malaga Information is where you can find various information about Malaga such as an overview of the city, history, getting around, attractions and things to do.


Malaga, also known as the birthplace of artist Pablo Picasso, is without a doubt one of the most appealing places in Spain that has easily become a favourite destination of foreigners coming from various parts of the globe. Apart from choosing Malaga as their new home, many expats also come to the city as their choice location for retirement.

It is also a melting pot of various religions although the Roman Catholics are recognized as the dominant religious group. Other religions that are practised by the inhabitants include Protestantism, Islam, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the Jewish Association.

The Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport is an international airport and is also one of the first airports that was built in Spain. While it has daily links to 20 Spanish cities, it also offers regular flights to more than a hundred European cities. Expats from cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riyadh, Toronto and New York can also take advantage of the flights that are available from the airport.

If you are interested in this area of Spain above all others, consider our job guides to Seville and nearby Marbella.

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  • What are the best places and sites for finding jobs in Malaga?
  • Part-time Work in Malaga
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  1. Hi, I am Spanish living in the UK for 28 years, I want to back to live in Spain and find a job in Spain Malaga, Seville or Cadiz as a English Spearker. Please can you help ? Thank you

  2. Searching for a live in housekeeper, with careworker experience, male preferably. Food and accommodation provided and low basic wage. Living close to amenities and beautiful white spanish village on the Costa del sol. Living with lady with memory issues. No agencies please.

  3. Sarah Smith says

    hi I I’m a 50 year old lady skilled in facilties management /hotel management looking to relocate to Spain

  4. Frankie Brown says

    Hello reaching out to any expats or English speakers looking for a job in Benalmadena, Malaga in the hospitality sector, for public relations / front of house and barista/waiter/waitress.
    Looking for passionate, movitated and flexible individuals to assist in a busy Marina based restaurant

  5. I’m an engineering manager and we wish to move as a family to Spain.
    I don’t speak Spanish but we have agreed to learn at least the basics.

    I’m a great manager of people and fantastic technical knowledge which these skills are transferable. Ideal a manufacturing/brewing/winery/distilling would be good be open to anything.

    Any and all help to find work would be appreciated as at the very early stages.


  6. Fereshteh Weigand says

    Soy Fery, vivo en Alemania hace muchos años.
    Hablo irani, alemán, inglés avanzada y español Nivel B1.
    Estoy buscando para una trabajo en hotel o touristic desde agosto hasta abierta!
    Tengo experiencias profundo con computadoras y soy muy responsable y organizada. He trabajado en una empresa de telecomunicaciones para muchos años.
    Un Saludo
    Fereshteh Weigand

  7. Zainab Hussain says

    My name is Zainab and I am a native english speaking undergraduate, studying Psychology and Marketing. I have many years of experience working as a Barista, and I am looking for any hospitality jobs in Malaga that are available to English speakers. I would be available to start working in September.

    Thank you,

  8. Hello to all here,My name is Miroslav ( shortly Mickey).I am skilled ectrician by diploma,but beside this electric jobs(home wiring…),I work like painter,plaster-skimmer,drywall installer,I have rich expiriance whit UK,US,and Euro made paints,and materials,work beffore on renovation elite homes.I speeak English, Ukrainian, understand Polish to and Bosnian-Croatian,I am From Bosnia and Herzegovina,but in Love whit Spain and specially all Andalusia,if someone interesting this pls notify me here,I have other offers in Europe,or overseas,but I like more Spain, lenguage I don’t know but only simple phrases,but actually not be problem to teach Spanish

  9. Margaritha says

    Hello, my name is Margaritha and im from the Netherlands.
    Im a experienced campingsitemanager, painter decorator, receptioniste and looking fir a permanent job in Malaga, Tenerife.
    I also worked for a real Estate company.
    I speak Englusch, Dutch, German and French. I easy pick up languages, so to learn Spanisch will not be an issue. Please conract me if you can advise me or help me finding a job.

  10. Sára Ergangová says

    I’m 19 year old and me and my 20 years old sister are looking for job in Malaga for July and August. we have very little Spanish but we can speak English also we are learning spanish. I have experience costume services. We are hard working and a quick learner.
    Thank you.

  11. Anna Delaney says

    Hi I’m Anna,
    25 year old Irish girl and native English speaker.
    Have been working in hospitality for over 6years, including management rolls and most recently self employed in Australia before returning home to grieve a family loss.
    Now looking to relocate to Malaga and start again.
    Any information on venues looking for a strong bartender would be very much appreciated.

  12. Marta Murray says

    I am a 24 year Irish girl so a native English speaker and have very few words in Spanish. I have reception and admin skills as I have worked with the Hilton for 4 years in Dublin City centre aswell as one of Dublin’s 5 star hotels. I also have barista, bar and restaurant experience.

  13. Kim Ronner says

    I am a tutor /trainer teaching and practicing therapies for over 30 years. Independent and hard working and have experience of working in colleges teaching therapies.

  14. Luke McDonald says

    I’m an 18 year old looking to work in Malaga for July and August. I have very little Spanish but I’m an English speaker. I have experience in retail and with food and catering. I’m very hard working and a quick learner.

  15. Hi, I’m an electrician that will be relocating to Marbella in September with my partner as she as a position in the area.

    If anyone knows of any job opportunities please contact me. I have 8+ years experience, working in Ireland, UK and Internationally (currently in Switzerland).


  16. Tracey Keenan says

    I am a native English speaker with experience in tutoring English. I have completed the TEFL advanced teaching course . I am looking for work in the benalmadena area.
    Any advice or help in obtaining a position in this line of work would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  17. Colleen O'Leary says

    I’m a native English speaking carer with over 6 years experience looking for a position in Southern Spain. I’m a US citzen and need a job offer to make my transition to moving to Spain easier. Please let me know if you know of anyone that needs an in home carer or of an agency that hires foreigners.
    Thank you!

  18. Christina Mehew says

    I am a experienced personal assistant/carer in England and I am also able to work with children, so looking for work in Malaga or Coin area. I also have experience in hospitality (Hotel) and housekeeping. Any work offered will be considered.

  19. I am an English speaking nurse with 4 years general medicine and post op experience I am looking to work in benalmadena area where English speaking nurses are needed I am a hard worker and very reliable any information would be greatly appreciated

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