Reviews & Guide to Air-Pro Working Holidays in Spain

In this review we take a detailed look at the company Air Pro who provide working holidays to the lively and busy tourist resorts of Ibiza, Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Tenerife, Malia and Zante.

What Are Working Holidays and Who Are Air-Pro?

A working holiday is very similar to what is known as a package holiday whereby you pay a fixed price and your flights, transfer to the resort and accommodation are all included.

The key difference in this case is that the company you are travelling with, in this case Air-Pro, will try their best to find you a job in the tourist resort.

The two major companies that are currently providing these working holidays to destinations in Spain are Air Pro and PlayaWay Abroad. A third working holiday company is Sun-Kiss Travel.

We are independent and do not have any connection with these two companies, as we run a very popular website all about getting jobs in Spain people often e-mail us with questions asking if these companies are legitimate or a scam – hence the review!

We are being asked who is better? Air Pro or PlayaWay or Sun Kiss? It seems PlayaWay are getting the more positive reviews if you are going to Tenerife, where they have a dynamic small team compared to Air Pro but equally people have had a good time with Air Pro so it could go either way.

We haven’t really had any negative or bad feedback on either to be honest.

Of course to find a job in Spain you can book a flight and arrange accommodation yourself in the resort.

If you wish to do this these related job pages will be useful: Magaluf in Majorca/Mallorca, Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria, Ibiza and Tenerife.

When Do These Working Holidays Start?

Clearly most jobs in these resorts will be bar and restaurant related, therefore they are really just summer jobs.

It is however possible to start work from mid April and usually the season goes through to the end of August, sometimes into September.

What Type of Work & Jobs Can I Get?

The most obvious types of jobs will be working in a bar or in a restaurant. Many people want to know how much they can get paid. Naturally this will vary but figure on about €6 an hour for most of these types of jobs.

There is a huge demand for casual work in the summertime and they don’t require any Spanish so they are ideal jobs for English-speaking people.

So in a bar you will probably be serving drinks as a barman or barmaid. Other bar jobs include cloakroom, glass collector, jelly-shot girls, bouncer/security or as a PR in a promotional capacity.

These PR reps (PR stands for public relations) stand in the street trying to get customers who would otherwise pass by to come into the bar or club. PR reps tend to be paid mostly on commission for each customer you get to come in and spend money on drinks. If you’re lucky you’ll get a small basic salary and commission on top.

The other common type of job in these tourist resorts is working as a waiter or waitress in busy restaurants or as a kitchen assistant or dishwasher. Sometimes there are vacancies as a chef or cook.

It is unlikely but possible that one of the hotels will have a job as a holiday rep although in reality most of these positions are already filled months in advance from the UK where the major travel and tour operators are based.

We do highly recommend these companies such as Thomas Cook, TUI, Thomson, First Choice and Club 18 to 30 because not only are you paid a reasonable salary, you actually get your accommodation, medical care and food and drink included.

We have dedicated pages here: holiday reps Tenerife, holiday reps Ibiza.

Is Air-Pro a Scam and is a Job Guaranteed?

Air-Pro has been operating since 2002 and is firmly established with thousands of people who’ve used them before so they are a legitimate company.

We have no doubt from our research that you will go to the resorts and get what you pay for. Whether you have a good time is completely up to you but it does seem the majority of customers have a fantastic time.

Perhaps the key question comes down to getting the job.

Otherwise you might as well just go on a package holiday although it does seem that with Air Pro you will have a good time because you are with like-minded young party people.

Perhaps you don’t really mind whether you get a job during your stay or not?

If you don’t manage to get a job it is debatable whether this is the fault of Air-Pro or not.

There can be no doubt that some people are not in a fit condition to be employed and are just plain lazy.

Also Air Pro cannot manufacture vacancies, they have to exist in the first place and thousands of young people from all over Europe descend on these popular beach resorts in July and August hoping to get work, so there is massive competition for vacancies and positions.

In conclusion, Air-Pro cannot guarantee 100% that you will get a position but the reps do their utmost with the contacts that they have, to provide the opportunities for working abroad.

Why Book With Air-Pro?

Going on a working holiday takes the stress and pressure away from organising everything yourself.

Effectively you are booking a holiday for which a good time is almost certain.

The bonus is that the reps have contacts in the resorts and know the places to go to get jobs. If you just arrived yourself you are not going to know where to start.

The headaches of organising the letting of an apartment is removed. This is more important than you may realise. Just getting hold of an apartment in peak season is very difficult. With Air Pro your accommodation is sorted.

When you get a job, Air-Pro sort out the administration in Spain. Although in reality it isn’t too difficult it is nice to have everything handled for you and worth paying for in our opinion.

Air Pro also have a number of great parties and events to make sure that you’re having a memorable holiday as well as searching for work at the same time. As a worker you will be entitled to special discounts to nightclubs and discounts on drinks.

Contact Air-Pro

Telephone: +44 0151 709 5216


11.00pm – 5.00pm (Mon-Thu)
11.00pm – 7.00pm (Friday)

Air-Pro Reviews Page Summary

The article above contains answers to these questions that readers have been asking us about the Air-Pro company:

  1. Is Air-Pro trustworthy?
  2. Air-Pro v PlayaWay v Sun Kiss who is best?
  3. What if I don’t get a job – refund?
  4. Is it easy to get a job on my own?
  5. Is Air-Pro a rip-off?

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