How to GET A JOB in Ibiza as a DJ in Clubs Bars Pubs

Welcome to our guide on getting a job in Ibiza as a DJ in one of the many clubs, bars and pubs on the island.

Unless you are one of the world’s top DJs you’re likely to struggle to find a job on the island.

Becoming a DJ (deejay) in one of the major clubs such as Pacha, Eden, Amnesia, Es Paradis, Privilege, Amnesia and Space is virtually impossible unless you are a well-known name in the industry.

Famous DJ’s working the turntables in Ibiza nightclubs include David Guetta, Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren.

We also have some advice on moving to Ibiza.

DJ Jobs in Spain 2023 or 2024

If you are looking for a DJ job in Spain then without doubt you should be looking at Ibiza first and foremost. As discussed above it is very difficult to find work here in one of the superclubs but there are are plenty of other smaller venues.

The positive news is that there are lots of bars, pubs, discos and smaller clubs that also require DJs to cater for the thousands of dance-mad tourists who come to Ibiza (Eivissa) every year.

Some of the other Spanish islands also had some good clubs and work opportunities where you won’t need to be a superstar internationally famous DJ unlike Ibiza!

There are some good clubs and opportunities to be a DJ in Tenerife and Marbella.

Majorca also has a thriving club scene especially in the resort of Magaluf with the BCM Club.

Any DJ (disc jockey) jobs available that we have will be listed at the bottom of the page.

Employers and clubs – list your DJ job vacancies for free.

If you’re looking for work as a DJ in Ibiza, please also leave your details at the bottom of the page so that you can be contacted directly.

There are plenty of alternative employment opportunities to work in Ibiza and some of the other types of jobs are very much easier to find, for example, bar jobs, PR jobs, hotel jobs, holiday rep jobs and dancer jobs.

To be honest what you might need to do is put your disc jockey ambitions on hold and just get any type of club job just to work the summer season and then you can seek out gigs and search for vacancies when you’re actually there once you get to know people.

Start by going into workers bars such as the Ship Inn. Some of these workers bars will let you play free on their decks and you can play some mixes and maybe get discovered?

Ibiza DJ Jobs

Becoming a DJ in Ibiza is much harder than it looks. This island may be famous as a magnet for clubbers all over the world but there are still only a limited amount of clubs and you are competing against world famous names.

The most likely way to get a DJ job is in one of the small bars and pubs in the West End area of San Antonio.

Even there, many of the bars and clubs have resident DJs who return every single year.

You just have to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Unless you have a name then you will also have to be aware that you can’t turn up play your mixes and favourite tracks.

The bars and nightclubs in the West End will expect you to play the most commercial dance and pop music regardless of your taste or abilities as that is what their customers want.

Here is a good article about DJ Sam, AKA Miss Divine who has been fortunate enough to gain a residency at Hush in Ibiza.

Most DJ jobs will be located in the busy resort of San Antonio but around the island are other major resorts such as Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa.At least as a DJ you are actually working in the clubs themselves with the bonus of free drinks included.

Can’t get work as a DJ? – you can buy Pacha tickets here.

Where Can I Get DJ Jobs?

Any vacancies that we are aware of will be listed at the bottom of this page, you can also contact the major clubs directly. These clubs hold their opening parties from mid-May going through to the closing parties mid-September.

Page Summary

We hope the article above helps you in your quest to work as a DJ in Spain and in particular in Ibiza in the Balearics which is the best place to work as a DJ as it has the best dance clubs in Spain. Some of the questions we get asked:

  • Can I get a deejay (DJ) job in Space/Pacha/Eden/Amnesia/Es Paradis/Privilege?
  • Where is the best place in Spain to get work as a DJ?
  • DJ jobs wanted Ibiza?
  • Am I allowed to work as a DJ in Spain?
  • I want to DJ in Spain.

All disc jockey jobs in Ibiza are listed below in the comments box.

Employers – please list your job vacancies below for free.

If you are looking for a job as a DJ in Ibiza you can leave your details below for free.

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  1. Hello there!

    My name is Haydn. I am absolute legend from Birmingham, England and I have a decade’s worth of experience as a DJ. I have played at numerous parties around the West Midlands including Pro-ject raves (Worcester), It’s Just a Disco parties and Festival in 2019 (around the West Midlands). I have been lucky enough to visited in Ibiza many times and have played at Ibiza Rocks Bar. Genres include: House, EDM, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Pop, Techno. I am also confident playing with vinyl. I’m dying to get back over there and get my DJ and music career back on track after a turbulent post pandemic period for me. I am open to playing anywhere around the island and I am happy to help with sound/stage setting up, bar work etc as I have plenty experience around the music industry. I can promise you that no matter where you place me on the island, I will show passion, hard work and commitment. I would like to work this summer for any amount of time and I am able to sort accommodation. Please email me for links and references.

    Many thanks!


  2. Anna Wagner says


    My name is Anna Wagner and I am a Techno DJ in Berli

    I would love to play some Gigs in Ibiza this summer. As I live in south of spain now it would be easily makeable for me to come to Ibiza. And I also can help to make a contribution to any place with my own crowd I could bring with me.

    It would be great to hear from you. Please contact me if you are interested and wish to have further detailed information (like DJ-Sets or Social Media).

  3. Dear Ibiza,

    My name is Cem Orlow and I am excited to introduce myself as a DJ who specializes in providing a great atmosphere for clubs and bars. With a diverse range of music and an engaging personality, I would be thrilled to perform at your venue.

    I’m from May 19 – June 1 in Ibiza for Holidays.

    Having performed at various events and clubs all over Europe and especially in Berlin. I have experience in reading the room and creating an electric atmosphere where people can dance the night away. I am passionate about music and love exploring different genres to keep my sets fresh and exciting.

    If you are looking for a skilled, reliable and versatile DJ for your bar or club, look no further! I am confident that my talents will exceed your expectations and bring a unique energy to your establishment.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


    Best regards,

    Cem Orlow

  4. Shadae Small says

    Hi my name is Shadae , I’m a Caribbean Latina DJ that lives in Rome and is looking into DJing gigs in Ibiza for the summertime. I’ve been a DJ for almost 2 years now and I specialize in reggaeton, baile funk, techno, afrobeats, dancehall, bachata and so much more. I speak 3 languages and love to mix cultures with music.
    Instagram: shadaexms

  5. Ronald Gelderbloem says

    I my name is Ronald Gelderbloem and I’m a DJ with the Rogelami. I’m a DJ for 5 years in the Netherlands and I produce my own music the Trance, Bigroo, Future Rave and Progressive house. I have more then 10.000 monthly listeners on Spotify,

    I’m looking for DJ jobs in Ibiza. I can help with promotion with my huge social media following on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  6. Ricardo Centurion says

    Looking to live in ibiza as a dj this summer. 20 years experience London and grecce dj.

  7. Adam Williams (AKA adwills) says

    ‘Ello ‘Ello,

    I’ll be heading out to Ibiza early May and getting behind the decks as much as possible out there! I’ve been living and working full time as a DJ in London for 4 years now and finally looking to step things up a notch over at the island! I specialise in house/disco/tech house but no stranger to open format work either!

    I’ve held numerous residencies over the years and played a right range of venues, from your standard bars, clubs and restaurants, all the way to daytime pool and boat parties! And of course, always happy to start with a trial shift to showcase my skills and go from there!

    Feel free to check out my insta (@adwillsdj), or soundcloud @ or even contact me via email to discuss any potential bookings!

    Hopefully speak to youse all soon!

  8. Theo Hansen says

    Hello my name is Theo Hansen, I am Canadian DJ and I’m moving to Ibiza in April 2023. I have 14 years experience deejaying, opening up for world class DJ’s such as Sasha, Carl Craig, Tiesto, MK, Danny Howells, Dennis Ferrer and the list goes on. I have just as much experience headlining events as I do warming things up. I specialize in house, deep house, techno, breaks, electronica, disco and downtempo but am very diverse and can play anything you need. Whether you need a nice atmosphere for a lounge setting or need to get the party going and people dancing, I have strong skills in selecting the appropriate music for the moment.

    Thank you for your consideration!


    Instagram: theohansen.official

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