Bar Work: Get a Job in a Bar in Tenerife 2023/2024

Without question, the most popular type of job in Tenerife is working in a bar.

We have created this entire page devoted to the subject in order to answer your frequently asked questions that you have e-mailed to us.

Tenerife is the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands which is a group of seven islands very close to the North African coast.

If you don’t mind which islands you find bar work in, then also look at our pages on jobs in Lanzarote, jobs in Gran Canaria and although it is a little bit quiet for bar jobs there is also Fuerteventura.

If you want a lively resort which has a party atmosphere then Playa del Ingles on Gran Canaria is a good alternative to the very busy resorts on Tenerife such as Los Cristianos, Playa De Las Americas and Puerto De La Cruz which are located in the south of Tenerife.

Where Can I Find Bar Jobs in Tenerife in 2023 or 2024?

South Tenerife is the part of the island which has an abundance of our jobs in the summer because the three major tourist resorts of Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos and Puerto de la Cruz are located here.

job-spain-graphicAround the island you will find some smaller resorts which of course also will have plenty of bars, these include the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Amarilla Golf, El Medano, Garachico, Guia De Isora, Los Gigantes, Playa De La Arena, Playa Paraiso, Puerto De Santiago and San Miguel De Abona.

We list below a couple of companies below that offer a service whereby you effectively pay for a package holiday with your flights, transfers, food and accommodation included but while you are in Tenerife they have reps on hand who have local contacts and who try find you a job for the summer which is usually in a bar, club or as a PR rep.

Air Pro working holiday packages include flights, airport transfers, 4 weeks holiday accommodation and an experienced rep on hand to help with finding you a job in Tenerife.

PlayaWay “There are various jobs available here in Tenerife and depending on suitability and availability your Playaway Reps will endeavour to get you sorted with work as soon as you’re ready to.”

The most common method of getting a bar job in Tenerife is simply to turn up at the beginning of the summer season and ask around by going from bar to bar and asking the bar staff if they have any vacancies going.

Leave your details and sooner or later someone will call you back.

You just need to make sure that you have enough savings in order to pay for your living expenses and accommodation for about four weeks while you search for work.

Hopefully it won’t take this long but it’s best just to make sure. At least you will have a fantastic time while you are in Tenerife!

There is usually a lot of accommodation where you can share with other people searching for work but if you want to rent an apartment then a studio or one bed long let usually will cost from €400 a month.

The earlier you arrive in Tenerife the better (May or June is ideal) because renting apartments in the height of summer is going to be difficult especially if you are saying that you only want to rent for one month.

Our main page on jobs in Tenerife also has some good places where you can find work such as forums, newspapers, radio stations and other useful websites.

Bar Jobs in Playa de las Americas

As the busiest and liveliest party resort on Tenerife this is obviously the place to go if you want to work in a bar.

Most bars and clubs are located centrally in three distinct areas known as Starco’s, Veronicas and The Patch.

Here is a list of the most popular bars in Playa de las Americas with which to search for jobs:

  • American Dream bar
  • Anthony’s Bar
  • Bell Bar
  • Blaydon Races Bar
  • Brannigans bar
  • Bonkers Bar
  • China’s White Bar
  • Down Under bar
  • Drunk N Duck Bar
  • Dubliner Bar
  • Fitzpatricks Irish Bar
  • Full Monty Bar
  • Gangsters Bar
  • Judge Jules Bar
  • Leonardo’s bar
  • Lineker’s bar
  • Mett bar
  • Murphy’s Irish Bar
  • O’Neill’s Bar
  • Oasis Bar
  • Open air Bar
  • PI’S bar
  • Playaflor (gay bar)
  • Pleasure Island Bar
  • Railway Tavern
  • Rooftops Bar
  • Sax Bar
  • Shenanigans Bar
  • Soul Cafe Bar
  • Travellers Rest
  • Yates Bar
  • Yordy’s Bar
  • Wakikis Beach Bar
  • Weatherspoons
  • Wigan Pier Pub
  • Yates Bar
Here is a list of the most popular night clubs in Playa de las Americas with which to search for bar jobs:
  • Babewatch Lap Dancing Club
  • Bobby’s Club
  • Busby’s Club
  • Crows Nest Club
  • Jumpin Jacks Club
  • Rags Club
  • Tramps Club
  • Sound of Cream Club
The Playa de las Americas/Costa Adeje gay village is centred at the Salytien Shopping Centre and has the following popular bars: Geminis bar, The Cellar Bar, Chaplins bar and Punto Zero Club.

Tenerife Bar Jobs – Do I Need To Speak Spanish?

Because there are so many bars in Tenerife there are many positions and jobs available but the other great advantage of looking for bar work in Tenerife is the fact that you will not need to be fluent in Spanish.

In fact you don’t even need to speak any Spanish at all in order to be hired in one of the many international bars that cater to the British German and Scandinavian tourists that make up the majority of nationalities on holiday in Tenerife.

Types of Summer Bar Jobs

Most are jobs are going to involve serving drinks behind the bar or pub or club. Previous experience will help that is not necessary in working behind the bar.

You will need to be good with numbers in order to calculate change. A friendly disposition is a must and it doesn’t hurt if you are a good-looking male or female.

There are some spin-off alternative bar jobs if you don’t fancy working behind the bar itself.

As well as bartenders and barmaids there is a need to for staff to collect empty glasses, to man the cloakroom, each bar or club will require security staff such as doormen or bouncers, jelly-shot girls, laughing gas sellers, there is also a need for PR’s in Tenerife and dancers.

There are plenty of opportunities for working as door staff in Tenerife as what are known as door supervisors providing security on the doors to bars and clubs. A door supervisor job in Tenerife, also known instead as a bouncer or DS, decides who can gain entrance to the bar, pub or club and is responsible for the safety of the customers and clients.

This page will help you if you fancy looking for other types of summer jobs in Tenerife.

Summer Bar Work – How Much Can I Earn?

There are lots of opportunities for summer bar jobs in Tenerife and because the island has such mild winters many tourists from all over Europe go there to escape and catch some winter sun so it is even possible to work all the year round in Tenerife.

Having said this most are jobs will be seasonal, temporary jobs for which the bar and is just need extra help to cope with the massive demand in the summer months of July and August.

Working behind the bar in Tenerife is brilliant fun and ideal if you are a student who wants to work through the summer.

To be honest you’re not likely to come back from Tenerife with a lot of savings but at least working covers your living expenses and working in a bar in a holiday resort gives you the opportunity to have time off and go to the beach during the daytime.

So how much can you earn working in a bar job in Tenerife? Most bar owners are happy to exploit the fact that there are more people searching for work than there are jobs. Rates of pay are on average six euros an hour, sometimes less!

At least one of the perks is that you get cheap or free drinks while you’re working.

Alternatively look for a job as a holiday rep in Tenerife with a major tour operator.

Tenerife Video

Below we have a video showing spectacular views and sights on the island of Tenerife as well as nightlife.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is warmed year-round by the African sun. Tenerife offers its visitors lush forests, spectacular beaches and lively nightlife, providing a wide variety of holiday styles to suit all tastes.

We encourage companies looking to employ bar staff on Tenerife to list your vacancies for free below and if you are searching for bar work you can also leave your situations wanted and your contact details below in the comments box.

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  1. Jordan leslie says

    Hi there, I’m an Australian currently travelling and will be in puerto de la Cruz in a week or so looking for a job behind the bar, I have experience from working in pubs in the uk. Thanks so much in advance!

  2. Hello my name is Lucy Im from Ireland and I am thinking of moving to Tenerife again! I am hoping to find a job over there anywhere hiring?

  3. Hi, Im looking for full time work, I have a total of 5 years of experience in working behind bars in London.
    I have had cocktail, waitering and barista training, I very hardworking, flexible and deidcated I love working in a fast paced envrioment. I love working withing a good hardwroking team. I have all my nessasary paper work.

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