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In this review we take a detailed look at the working holiday company Sun Kiss who provide working holidays to the lively and busy tourist resorts of Ibiza, Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Gran Canaria and Zante.

Who Are Sun Kiss Travel and What Are Working Holidays?

If you are looking to get a job in Spain or elsewhere in Europe there are companies who will fly you out, accommodate you and while you are on ‘the holiday’ they try to find you work.

A working holiday is similar to a package holiday whereby you pay a fixed price and your flights, transfer to the resort and accommodation are all included. Whether you find work or not you will have an amazing time.

The two other major working holiday companies are also reviewed on our site, these being Air Pro and PlayaWay Abroad.

Because we are a leading source of finding jobs in Spain we get many emails from people asking if Sun-Kiss Travel is legitimate or not with some people asking if these working holidays are in some way ‘a scam’.

With over 19,000 Facebook likes, it does seem that Sun-Kiss are firmly established and that you will get a working holiday if you book with them.

In fact, just because their website is slightly less glossy than their competitors does not mean that they are any worse.

Perhaps you are independent enough to just want to travel direct to the resorts and sort out your own job and accommodation.

In that case, consider these lively resorts too which are also well suited to young people looking for a good summer job in Spain: Magaluf in Majorca/Mallorca, Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria, Ibiza and Tenerife.

When Can I Start Work?

The working holiday companies such as Sun Kiss specialise in helping find you summer jobs which are generally rep jobs, bar jobs or restaurant work. Most of these will start from May through to August.

If you want to start any earlier you may as well go out to the resorts, get yourself a long let apartment and try to find work yourself.

Alternatively consider contacting major tour operators such as Thomas Cook and Club 18-30 well in advance of the season and you might also get a job as a holiday rep in Spain.

About Sun Kiss Travel

“Sun-Kiss Working Holidays makes working abroad much quicker, safer and a lot less stressful. Before you even leave home, we’ll have everything arranged for you.

We organise your flights, 4 weeks accommodation and have experienced reps on hand to help you find a job on the island you choose.

You will also make so many new friends along the way with us.

From previous experience we know how hard it is to do all this on your own and finding the right job and accommodation.

It can be expensive getting a package holiday then doing everything when you get there. Why not let us arrange everything for you and we promise to give you the best price.

Sun-Kiss provide you with endless opportunities for a summer jobs in Ibiza, Gran Canary, Ayia Napa, Magaluf or Zante.

You will be enjoying summer work in bars and the best clubs around Europe, there are many jobs to suit you and your personality. Bar work, shot girls, glass collectors, waitress and PR’s and plenty more.

The only way to find these summer jobs, however, is to be in resort and talking to the bar, club and restaurant managers and that’s where the Sun-Kiss team comes in, we know the right people to talk to and all the legalities, to help you find your dream as job quickly and trouble-free as you can.”

Is Sun Kiss a Scam and is a Job Guaranteed?

A job is not guaranteed but neither do Air Pro or Playaway guarantee you a job either.

There is a huge demand for these summer jobs from young people all over Europe and much depends on your personality. It comes down to the employer seeing you in person and evaluating your skills and what you can bring to their business whether it be a bar, club or restaurant.

At least Sun Kiss reps are there to help you and have contacts in the resorts. Nevertheless the other companies such as Air Pro and PlayaWay are also trying to use their contacts to fill the same jobs!

These working holiday companies like Sun Kiss make their money by charging you fees which you would not normally pay if you went on a standard package holiday.

For example, Sun Kiss charge a €100 registration fee (effectively their profit from organising you the holiday).

In addition, you also pay a €50 rep fee which is for in-resort assistance in finding you work.

In our opinion, these fees and charges are good value for money. Don’t forget that if you went on your own looking for work, you would have no contacts and you would have to find long-term accommodation, providing deposits and references. Sun Kiss have workers apartments on hand with no hassle.

Contact Sun Kiss Travel


Sun Kiss Address:

Alexandra House
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Dublin 4.

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