Holiday Reps Spain: Want to Work as a Holiday Rep in 2023/2024?

One of the very best ways to find work in Spain is to consider getting a job as a holiday rep.

Most people who contact us looking for jobs in Spain appear ready and willing to simply fly out to Spain and expect to find work on the spot!

This is an extremely risky and difficult way of going about things unless you have a decent amount of money behind you so that you can afford to not work for a few weeks.

When you arrive in Spain you will immediately need to find accommodation and it will take some time to get out there and find a job.

job-spain-graphic The best method is to get the local newspapers and look in the back at the classified jobs advertised as well as going into bars, restaurants, nightclubs, shops and simply asking around in all these places if they need staff.

Going to bars where expats gather is always a good way of making contacts and is often a good source of work but what about a better alternative?

Did you know that there are major international travel companies who are actively seeking holiday reps to work in Spain for the summer season? This means you get paid to travel to exotic foreign locations – does it get any better than that?!

An alternative to working as a holiday rep is to pay for what is known as a working holiday and when you are on one of these holiday the companies reps try to find you work in the resort.

We analyse the three major companies – see our Review of Air Pro, Review of PlayaWay Abroad and Review of Sun Kiss.

Do You Want To Be a Holiday Rep in 2022 or 2023?

A holiday rep is short for holiday representative and this is a person who is responsible for making sure the customer of the travel company has a fantastic holiday with no problems.

These travel companies are often known as tour operators and they advertise what is commonly known as package holidays whereby instead of the customer having the hassle of organising flights, airport transfers and accommodation, instead one easy payment to the tour operator is made which includes all the different elements that make up a holiday.

Customers just expect to turn up at the airport and that everything will be organised and run smoothly and this is where you come in as a holiday rep to make sure this is the case.

You are the public face of the company and as part of the customer service provided, you will need to assist customers in many different ways and with many different problems and situations that will arise.

Typically people see the Spanish holiday rep job as purely a customer service role but you could also be working for a tour operator as a holiday rep in the role as an entertainer, animator or in childcare working in the kids clubs which many tour operators provide as part of their packages.

Do I Need Qualifications?

Fortunately if you’re looking to become a rep in Spain you will not need to be too concerned about formal qualifications.

Still it doesn’t hurt to have a good CV which shows that you have attained certain qualifications and goals even if this is not in the academic arena.

Tour operators are looking for people with ‘get up and go’ who have motivation, energy and the desire to succeed.

Qualifications which really do help you are a travel and tourism degree or diploma and being able to speak languages other than English.

Do I Need to Speak Spanish?

To get a job as a holiday representative in Spain it is not strictly necessary to have to be able to speak Spanish but it will put you at an immediate advantage over other candidates.

Although your clients and customers will generally be British, you will need to deal with Spanish people such as doctors ad nurses when it comes to medical emergencies. There will also be a need to deal with government officials such as police when unfortunately tourist have items stolen. It may even be that some customers are arrested and jailed!

You will also probably be escorting your customers on excursions in the local area so this is another opportunity when Spanish may well be required to be spoken.

Work as a Transfer Rep

There is an alternative to being a holiday rep (also known as overseas rep) which is a specific role as what is known as a transfer rep.

You can also get these transfer rep jobs for the major tour operators such as Thomas Cook, Thomson, First Choice and 18 to 30.

Working as a transfer representative is very important because first impressions count. You will be the first person to meet the customers when they have arrived off the plane at their destination be it Mallorca, Benidorm, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria or another destination in Spain.

Customers may be tired from their journey and a little bit stressed out having just picked up their luggage and cleared customs. Your job will be to organise them into coaches to transfer them to their destination.

Usually the tour companies have a variety of different hotels in the resorts and so there is likely to be a large group of people to organise, welcome and deal with in a short amount of time as they will all be arriving at once!

This job requires a great deal of calm and being able to hand challenges and problems on the spot quickly. Working as a transfer rep can also be dull at times because you often waiting around at the airport for the passengers who may well be delayed so it’s not always the most exciting job.

On the plus side, working as a transfer rep gives you the opportunity to see the world while being paid. You will be living in a holiday destination full-time so there will be plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

What is the Minimum Age?

Unfortunately you will need to be at least 18 years of age in order to become a travel rep or holiday rep and some companies actually require you to be over 21. This is because in previous times younger reps have lost control of themselves and got too drunk and disorderly.

Holiday companies received bad press in the newspapers and are now looking for more responsible people to represent them to their customers.

Sure being a holiday rep is all about having fun and making sure your guests have fun too but you still have to maintain a degree of professionalism and have a sense of maturity about you.

When Do the Holiday Companies Recruit?

You definitely need to plan ahead if you’re looking to get work for the summer season. If you are applying any time after April you are likely to be too late for the current year. Get started now if you want to find a job as a holiday rep in 2018.

In fact most positions for Spain will be filled by February but there are always some people who drop out at the last moment so at least if you have had an interview and been short-listed you will be in with a chance.

How Do I Get a Job in Spain?

Firstly you will need to make an application in writing to the companies that we have listed below. We have the most comprehensive information and sources of holiday rep jobs in Spain. We know that these companies listed are actively searching for applicants so get started as soon as you possibly can by clicking the links and filling out the forms.

It is at this stage that you’re most likely to be rejected. We can vouch for the fact that many people e-mailing us appear unable to spell or use correct grammar.

We suggest getting somebody to check over your application form before you fill it in and send off. Fill out each section carefully, making sure to be positive and upbeat explaining why you think you would be an ideal candidate for this position.

Tour Operator Jobs Spain – Companies to Contact:

Getting a job as a holiday rep with Thomson or First Choice:

TUI Jobs – “Life will never be the same again. Work with Thomson in any one of our overseas resorts and you’ll come back a different person.

You’ll meet all sorts of people from all sorts of places, develop your already excellent customer skills and gain great experience of helping our customers make the most of their holiday by introducing them to our great range of days and nights out. We’ll turn you into a slick sales person, problem solver and all-round crowd-pleaser. In short, you’ll develop into someone who has the confidence to do anything!

Thomson and First Choice is part TUI – the world’s largest travel group – so our standards are very high. You’ll be working in one or more of our hotels depending on the location you are working in.”

Getting a job as a holiday rep with Thomas Cook:

Thomas Cook Careers – “We’re proud to take over 22 million people each year to destinations around the world. And, in over 20 countries, we manage a portfolio of market leading travel brands, including Thomas Cook Signature, Sunset, Direct Holidays, Escapades, Panorama Ireland and Sunworld Ireland.

So we’ve a lot to live up to. And you will too. If you’re a real people person, you can be part of our success story by working in one of our resorts to ensure our customers enjoy holidays to remember. It’s tremendously hard work – there’s no day that isn’t hectic at some point. But it’s also tremendously exciting, fantastically satisfying and a great way of life.

Overseas is right at the heart of our operation, ensuring we have the highest standards of accommodation, the most competitive and exciting excursions, the best entertainers and that our overseas representatives, KidsWORLD Representatives and office staff deliver the kind of service we’ve become famous for.”

Getting a job as a holiday rep with 18-30:

On the Beach Recruitment – Club 18-30 operate in mainland Spain in Puerto Banus on the Costa Del Sol, just along the from the legendary Marbella. Alternatively work for Club 18 to 30 holidays on the Spanish islands of Ibiza (in San Antonio) or Mallorca/Majorca in Magaluf.

“At Club 18-30 pride ourselves on being the hardest working team in travel, taking thousands of passengers to all over the Mediterranean every summer! We are always on the look out for bright, energetic and motivated people to join our teams both overseas and in the UK. Part of the Thomas Cook Group. Do you have what it takes? Being a Club 18-30 holiday rep is a job like no other! Not for the faint hearted, you’ll need to have a great personality, awesome communication skills and enough stamina to keep going from morning to night! A lot of common sense is a must too!”

Getting a job as a holiday rep with Monarch/Cosmos:

Love Holidays – “Overseas Representatives. We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic and who enjoy life! Strong customer service skills are essential and any sales experience you have will definitely be an advantage as you will be expected to actively promote our range of in resort excursions. This will also be coupled with excellent verbal and written communication skills.

The role will include escorting coach transfers to and from the airport, presenting informative and accurate welcome meetings, making hotel visits to offer assistance and information to our guests, as well as dedicated customer service skills when resolving problems. Guiding excursions and bar crawls are all part of the job as well as completion of accurate paperwork, which also includes health and safety checks.

You will need to be confident with an outgoing personality, show commitment and most importantly have common sense.”

Interview Tips for a Holiday Rep Position

Now that you have got an interview as a holiday rep, you will need to prepare yourself thoroughly.

At this stage the competition is still extremely fierce with thousands of applicants to the holiday companies so you really need to stand out and make it impossible not to hire you!

Below we have just a few quick tips to make sure that your interview is successful:

Be funny but not too silly – of course being a holiday rep requires a good sense of humour but your interviewer will want to see that you have a sensible side too.

Dress smartly and not too casually – as you will be a public representative of the travel company it is essential that they can see that you have a dress sense.

Know the company – it will look good if you know something about the company that you are having an interview with. It will put you ahead of most other candidates and show that you have researched the position which shows initiative.

Be able to explain why you want the job. Saying that you want to travel and have fun is not what your interviewers want to hear. This isn’t about having a free holiday, it is about working in a job.

Yes of course you will get all the perks of working in a foreign country in a holiday environment but don’t say this during your interview! Instead it will sound better if you explain that you enjoy unique experiences and that you love challenges and working with people.

People skills. The vacancy is all about handling customers and their issues and problems. You need to be able to display that under pressure and with potentially angry customers you can stay calm and placate them. Relate any positive stories that show you to be the sort of person who would not lose their cool under pressure.

Can I Choose Which Spanish Resort I Work in?

If you have a preference about which location in Spain you would like to work in this might be a problem. Most companies will allocate you to a particular resort and although you may express your preferences, it is not necessarily guarantee as to where you will be placed.

The best resorts and places in Spain to find work as a holiday rep are:

Holiday Rep Jobs Costa Blanca:

Most rep vacancies can be found in Benidorm, the most popular tourist resort on the Costa Blanca.

Holiday Rep Jobs Costa del Sol:

Puerto Banus (Marbella) on the Costa del Sol is covered by Club 18 to 30. Other package holiday destinations where you can find jobs as reps include Fuengirola and Torremolinos.

Holiday Rep Jobs Mallorca/Majorca:

Magaluf on Mallorca/Majorca

Holiday Rep Jobs Ibiza:

San Antonio on Ibiza

Holiday Rep Jobs Canary Islands:

Tenerife holiday reps (Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos, Puerto de la Cruz).
Playa del Ingles on Gran Canaria

How Much Do Spanish Holiday Reps Get Paid?

This is not a job that you will do purely for the money and salary. Tour operators know full well that they will be overwhelmed with application forms from potential applicants. The attractions and advantages to working in a holiday resort and getting paid for it are huge. Also given that most applicants are between 20 and 25 they also know that these people do not expect to be well paid.

On the plus side you are working for major multinational companies and therefore you will be paid a reasonable amount, typically £150+ a week and you will be officially employed with contract meaning that you will be entitled to free medical benefits, insurance, accommodation and with food included in your package.

Popular Places for Spanish Jobs:

Popular Types of Jobs:

Helpful Pages if Moving to Spain:

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  1. Samantha Fallon says

    Hi my name is Samantha, I’m travelling to Spain in July for 6 months I’m looking for work in malaga or Torremolinos. I’m Irish so English speaking but I’m learning Spanish at the moment. I’m a very bubbly outgoing person. I am a trainee hairdresser at the moment, so far I have passed my blow dry and colour exams. I am very interested in the holiday rep jobs but I think its for the younger people. I am also interested in bar work. Looking forward to a new adventure in Spain kind regards Samantha

  2. Deepak Thapa says

    My name is deepak and i am from india, i have four years experience as a restaurant manager at the park hotel visakhapatnam’ located on beach. Now i am looking forward to explore myself in a new way and new surroundings, as i have always loved to greet new faces and serve them with my whole heart and at the same time i would like to make a source of living as well .. so please kindly notify me if any holiday rep jobs are available or any accommodation provided jobs like , bartender, sales representative or restaurant manager .
    It would be so great of you
    Thank you
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  3. Hi my name is Yazmin I am 18 years old and I am currently looking for a rep, bar work job in Benidorm, I am a confident girl who likes to work hard and improve skills, I also speak Fluent Spanish as I used to live in Spain when I was younger. I’d absolutely love this opportunity to gain more experience and meet new people!

  4. Chloe Leahe says

    Hi, me and my partner are eager to experience living and working in Spain. We are only young, I am 21 and he is 24 therefore we have little commitments here in England and are ready for another adventure! I am a business management graduate who has worked in retail, sales, customer service and consultancy, he is a plumber working on new build sites. We are both very sociable people and enjoy interacting with new people and make new friends. We are happy to do any type of work to allow us to begin our adventure of living and working in Spain. We are very quick learners. We would also like to improve our Spanish skills and would be eager to do this quickly.
    Kind regards

  5. Hi my name is Kimberley and I am looking for a radge summer before I head of to uni! Maga sounds like the perfect place for me as I like to show people what a good time is. I want people to come back from their holiday and feel like they want to hop back on the plane again and do round 2. A big part of my life is being able to please others as I like to see my work improve others circumstances. Thankyou I hope to see you in Maga!

  6. Sanah bukhari says

    My name is sanah bukhari and im 27 years old. I have recently moved to spain (Tarragona) from the UK, and have been looking for english jobs for a while now. Luckily i have settled myself quite well and comfortable as im enjoying the weather and the friendly atmosphere around me. Im desperately looking for a full time job near me im hoping somewhere in Reus, Salou or even Tarragona is great for me. I have got many years of experience in Customer Service and have worked in a International Airport in the UK. Im free to work straight away if the job is available il be very much thankful.
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