Holiday Rep Work Tenerife: Get a Job as a Rep 2023/24

If you are a young person thinking about summer jobs in Tenerife then probably you are thinking of booking flights, arranging accommodation and just getting out there and trying to find some work most probably doing bar work or as a PR.

There is a much better option which you might not be fully aware of which is working as a holiday representative in Tenerife.

This is also sometimes referred to as an overseas rep or travel rep and it involves looking after the guests and customers of the company who have organised the package holiday to Tenerife which would include flights, airport transfers, accommodation and food. These days most of these are all-inclusive holidays to Tenerife.

The major advantage with this job is that you can arrange it months in advance from the United Kingdom.

Which Travel Companies Need Holiday Reps in Tenerife?

job-spain-graphicAs a holiday rep in Tenerife you will be employed by a major established and reputable company such as Thomson, Club 18-30, First Choice and Thomas Cook.

We have a dedicated page on how to work in Spain as a holiday rep and this page contains lots of detailed information as well as links to the recruitment pages for those companies mentioned above.

If you are lucky enough to get one of these rep jobs you will find that your flights, accommodation and food and drink is all included on top of your salary which is a complete contrast to going out and getting a lowly paid job in a bar and somehow having to find accommodation and support yourself.

Do note that you cannot turn up in the resort and get these jobs in Tenerife as they are organised in the UK well before the summer season starts.

Where Would I Work in Tenerife 2023 or 2024?

The good news is that as a holiday rep you would be working in the busiest and liveliest resorts where all the action is.

These are generally located in the south of the island in resorts such as as Playa de las Americas, Los Cristianos and Puerto de la Cruz.

If you can’t work as a holiday rep in Tenerife then there are plenty of other busy Spanish islands which you can work on such as Ibiza, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Mallorca.

On the Spanish mainland you could find rep work in these huge tourist resorts: Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Benidorm, Marbella and Puerto Banus.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Be a Rep?

You won’t need any formal academic qualifications but it would certainly help if you spoke some Spanish although this is not strictly necessary.

You will need to be of an outgoing personality and able to deal with stressful situations and problems involving the travel operator customers.

The ability to sell is also essential as the tour operators expect you to sell excursions and trips to their customers in order to make extra revenue. You will often be paid commission the more sales you make.

As well as getting a job as a holiday rep, also known as an overseas rep, there are additional positions in Tenerife for entertainers, animators, dancers, kids clubs and transfer reps.

How Do I Get Work As a Tenerife Holiday Rep?

Go to our main holiday rep in Spain page mentioned above and complete an application form to each tour operator that we have listed.

Then sit back and hope you are called for an interview!

Remember to say the right things on your application form. This job demands a tremendous responsibility because you are looking after customers on holiday. This isn’t all about you being in the resort and being out of control and on holiday yourself!

Additionally there are a couple of working holiday companies which we have reviews on – see Air Pro jobs and PlayaWay jobs.

How Much Do Reps in Tenerife Get Paid?

If you are working for one of the major tour operators then you will be paid a reasonable salary. This would appear to be about £250 a week.

The other major consideration is just how many extras are included as perks. Don’t forget that your flights, accommodation and food and drink are all part of your job package as well as health insurance so that if you get sick or have an accident in Tenerife you will be looked after with free medical care.

Holiday Reps Summary

This article supplements our main section on jobs in Tenerife.

For all other jobs and work opportunities see our main home page.

If you have worked as a holiday rep in Tenerife we want to publish your story – please contact us or leave your comments below.

If you are looking for jobs as holiday reps in Tenerife you can to list your jobs wanted and contact details below – it’s free.

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  1. Chris Townsend says

    I’m up to do any job that is needed to be honest, i love clubbing, the environment of people having a good time and raving, making new friends and I can’t lie pulling and being a wingman. I would be fine working abroad, I’ve always wanted to do it and I wouldn’t miss being back home, I’ve only been to ibiza when I was younger, been around the other canaries islands always wanted to come to linekers though, I think I’d love working there and I’d just make it a better experience for everyone. I want to make something of my life and the only thing I want to do is work abroad.
    I have worked in customer service before, serving customers and using the till, I cant lie, i can only speak english but I’m willing to learn Spanish if needed.

  2. Summer whiteley says

    I’m a 17 year old young girl just looking to live her best life haha. I would like to be a holiday rep over the summer of 2020 to fully enjoy the full experience of Tenerife and what it has to offer. I’m a bubbly bright character and not afraid to talk to anyone.

  3. Michelle Grant says

    Buenas tardes.
    My name is Michelle, and I am planning a future in Tenerife, and wanted to know if there would be any work available for me from mid 2018. I am currently learning spanish at the moment, and hope to become fluent, its actually quite difficult when you are teaching yourself, but will continue the challenge. I have done lots of retail work and am store supervisor for my company. I would actually be interested in becoming a rep, if I can get more help with my spanish. Any feedback regarding work for 2018 would be much appreciated. Gracias
    Kind regards. Michelle.

  4. Hello, I am Latvian who lived in UK for 11 years and now I have decided move to Spain. I am 31 and I am speaking also Russian and Lithuanian. Looking for work in tourism or travel industry but would consider also any available positions. My previous experience is customer service, sales, administration, photography, recruitment and properties sales.
    I am available for full time work from middle of August.
    Could please someone advise me if there is any work available.
    Many thanks

  5. Agata Kaminska says

    Hi, I’m an International Hospitality and Tourism Management student studying in Ireland. As a part of my course we have to go abroad and work for a while in hospitality sector. I’ve worked before in hotel and I have a lot of experience and skills. I speak Polish and English as a fluent. My Spanish is at beginning point. I would love to get a job in Tenerife. I’m available from May 2017.

  6. Hi, I am an Irish language student, studying Spanish and Chinese looking for work in Tenerife. Please contact me if you are looking for workers.

  7. Hi,

    I recently moved to Tenerife and would like to work as a holiday rep also during the winter. I have already experiences, because I was working as a holiday rep in Malta.
    I come from Slovenia, but I speak more languages, like German, English, Spanish and a bit of Italian.
    Please contact me for further informations.

    Thank you.
    Regards, Marija

  8. David Cressey says

    Hi ,

    I am half british half canarian and looking for work in Tenerife north, I have worked in hotels , sports centers,restaurants and teach English/spanish. Please contact me if there is anything available in this area , I’m originally from Lanzarote but would like to live in Tenerife, at present I’m in La Laguna.

    Thank you.

  9. Liam Wood says

    My name is Liam and i am 18 years old
    I have 1 years experience as a bar worker, I am highly motivated in succeeding with becoming a holiday rep, I am a very outgoing laughable and very friendly person, constantly willing too talk and serve with a smile, i would love for you to contact me with further details and possible interviews,

  10. Hi, I am looking for any work that is available at the minute. I would move over as early as July. I have a lot of experience in Human Resources, Customer Service and Sales. Thanks.

  11. Hello i would like to no if there is any summer jobs going at all 2013 please thankyou .

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