Hotel Jobs Ibiza: Find Hospitality & Hotel Work 2023/2024

Many people are searching for work in a hotel in Ibiza in order to be able to live and work on the island in the summer of 2023.

We get a lot of enquiries from students who would like to work in Ibiza but the reality is that of the limited amount of hotel jobs in Spain, they usually tend to be permanent full time positions.

Additionally, the Balearic island of Ibiza in Spain isn’t the best place to look for hotel work simply because some of the other islands and mainland tourist resorts are more suited towards package holidays and therefore these destinations will likely have more hotel job opportunities for English-speaking people.

Suggestions include the major Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, fellow Balearic island of Majorca and on the mainland, Fuengirola, Torremolinos and Benidorm.

On this page we will list actual vacancies for hotel jobs in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

If you are a job seeker you also have the opportunity to leave your contact details and positions that you seek in the hospitality sector, also at the bottom of the page.

Types of Hotel Jobs

Receptionist. Working on reception in one of the many major hotels in Ibiza requires you to be multilingual. Languages you should speak would be Spanish, English and at least one other such as German or French.

Chambermaids. Cleaning the rooms and performing the changeover once guests have left is a very necessary and manually intensive job so of course there are many chambermaids employed on Ibiza.

Unfortunately many tend to be women from North Africa and South America such as Moroccans, Algerians and Colombians who are prepared to work for cash without an official contract for extremely low rates of pay.

Fortunately if you come from an EU country you will not need a visa to work in Ibiza. You will however need to go to the nearest police station or social security office to get what is known as your N.I.E. number which is a tax identification number that you need to be able to obtain employment.

Entertainers. The biggest hotels hold nightly shows to entertain their guests. This is a great opportunity for work if you are a singer, dancer, juggler, acrobat or comedian.

Take a look at our dedicated page on a becoming an entertainer in Spain.

Holiday Rep Jobs. The major tour operators organising package holidays do of course need a representative based in the hotel to be on hand to look after the problems of any guests.

Importantly – these jobs are advertised and arranged in the United Kingdom not in Ibiza.

See our detailed page on holiday rep jobs in Ibiza.

Bigger hotels on the island will offer facilities such as babysitting and kids clubs so if you are good with children this is another possibility of finding a job in a hotel.

Most hotel jobs will involve working behind the bar or serving as a waiter or waitress in the restaurant.

Where Can I Get Hotel Jobs in Ibiza in 2023 or 2024?

The famous Ibiza Rocks group would be a good place to start with their hotel and hostel directly employing many people especially because they also have bars and host many rock concerts throughout the summer.

Ibiza Rocks just has to be one of the best employers on the island of Ibiza, especially if you are more into your rock music than your dance music, which the island is famous for of course.

Starting in 2005 they began hosting live performances from acclaimed indie bands such as the likes of Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs and Mark Ronson.

The Ibiza Rocks Hotel opened in 2008 and they then opened the next one in 2010, this one on the island of Mallorca in Magalluf. Guess what – it is called Mallorca Rocks!

The Hotel Club Bahamas Ibiza have been advertising for new staff. Positions vacant in the following departments:

  • Restaurant
  • Kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Reception
  • Entertainment
  • Performers: shows, cabaret, acrobats, etc.

The Palladium Hotel Group are one of the best employers in Ibiza.

To give you some better options for working in Ibiza we suggest visiting some of our other pages. It is very easy to get work as a PR or a bar job on Ibiza.

If you are looking for seasonal work then see our summer jobs or the main jobs Ibiza page.

You will never be paid well for hotel and hospitality work but most positions will include free accommodation which is a major advantage considering the cost of renting a studio apartment in Ibiza starts at €400 a month.

Hotels in Playa D’en Bossa

Hotels in Ibiza Town

  • El Hotel Pacha Ibiza
  • Ibiza Gran Hotel

Top 9 Tips To Find Hotel Work

  • Contact major tour operators in your own country before you come to Ibiza.
  • You won’t need a visa if you are an EU citizen.
  • Bring enough savings to last one month.
  • Go to the nearest police station to get your N.I.E. number which you will need to work.
  • To rent a one bed apartment costs around €400 a month without bills.
  • Be multilingual.
  • Fluent Spanish is essential.
  • Prepare a professional CV
  • Get a free EHIC card which will give you free emergency medical treatment in Spain.

In the comments box below we list any available hotel jobs Ibiza.

Employers if you’re looking for hotel staff, please list your vacancies below, it’s free.

If you are looking for jobs in Ibiza hotels jobs you can describe your job wanted below for free.

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  1. Tehseen kouser says

    I’m tehseen & I’m 18 years old. From Dewsbury England. Looking for hotel work/ Rep/ children’s Rep for summer 2019 in Ibiza. Fluent in English. I have qualifications relevant to this work such as Travel and tourism level 2 & 3 which included role plays and assignments of being a Rep. I’m Friendly, sociable and like interacting with customers. I can provide excellent customer service. I’m interested in indoor and outdoors.

  2. Miranda Oura says

    I am Miranda, a 21 year old Modern Languages student from London.
    Looking for hotel work for summer 2018 in Ibiza. Fluent in French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. I have experience as a youth hostel receptionist, English language teacher and catering agency work. Sociable, enjoy interacting with people and providing the best customer service as well as working as efficiently as possible. Interested in sport and the outdoors.
    I would be happy to answer any questions…

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