Jobs in Seville 2023/2024: Guide to Finding Work in Seville Spain

Seville is a bustling and vibrant Mediterranean city that is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

Covering a total area of fifty square miles, it is also the capital and the largest city in Andalucía.

It boasts of an inland port that easily makes it a trade hub as well as the financial and cultural center in the southern part of Spain.

However, the smaller villages in the city still depend on agriculture being the dominant industry.

Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain – Photo by Gzzz, Wikimedia Commons

With a population of a little over seven hundred thousand, Seville is also the fourth biggest city in Spain. It is one of Europe’s hottest places with its temperature reaching even higher than 32˚C at an average of 88 days in a year. Summers are usually hot while the winter months are mild leaving the city with an average temperature of 18.6˚C. See live views of Seville from webcams.

There are a number of reasons why expats would choose to live in Seville. Apart from the city’s Mediterranean climate, it is also filled with a rich history and a friendly atmosphere. Most of all, Seville has a unique lifestyle with its people dedicating the same amount of time and energy to their family and social life as they would to their jobs.

job-spain-graphic In this guide, we will help you if you are thinking of moving to Spain and to discover the types of job you can expect to find in Seville with a particular focus on jobs that cater to English speakers.

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Work for English Speakers

Teaching English remains one of the most common jobs for expats who are looking to find work in Seville. Searching for jobs at private language academies is more preferred than in the public school system for reasons such as higher wages and more reasonable workload.

In order to land some work at a decent organization where the teachers are provided with training and support, you must have obtained a TEFL or TESOL qualification beforehand. Know your rights and make sure that no companies would take advantage of you with no contracts, low pay and “beyond normal” working hours.

Do read our main guide to teaching in Spain if this is your intended way to find work.

As for the language, the type of Spanish that is spoken in Seville is pretty much similar to the one that is taught in most schools worldwide. Compared to any other place in Spain, the accent in Seville is closer to South American Spanish such as Argentinian.

The next sections of the page shall be focused on the best possibilities available to help you find jobs for English speakers in Seville. You can also try widening your options by searching for jobs that would go beyond those that only need English-speaking applicants. Most of the tourists and English language teachers in Seville tend to come from both the United Kingdom and North America.

While the city depends on certain sectors such as industry and service, Seville places a particular focus on technology, financial services, trade and tourism. Known for its rich cultural heritage, it’s no wonder why Seville’s tourism industry became one of the pillars of the city’s local economy which has seen an increasing number of foreign visitors being drawn to the city.


Plaza de España (Spain Square) in Seville

Seville Summer Jobs 2022 or 2023

Summer work at a camp or doing an au pair type of job can be your best bet if you’re looking for something to do during the hot summer months in Seville. However, you may also be interested to try a different summer job experience if you’re the adventurous type who doesn’t mind doing something that is non-glamorous nor lucrative.

To be honest for summer work you are going to find jobs easier to come by in beach resorts such as Benidorm and Marbella and islands such as Tenerife, Lanzarote, Ibiza, Mallorca (Magaluf) and Gran Canaria.

You can take advantage of the summer’s seasonal spike by finding a job in the city’s numerous bars, restaurants, hostels and resorts. Alternatively, you can also opt for being a tour guide which is a perfect way to meet people from all over the globe as you try to make yourself more knowledgeable about your current location.

If you have a passion for food particularly on Spanish food, then you can be a food tour guide in Seville. The “Devour Seville Food Tours” is constantly looking for qualified and enthusiastic food tour guides who are passionate about Seville and the Spanish cuisine. Some of the basic requirements to be considered for the job include: a smartphone where you can be easily reached and advised about last minute tours and other information; the ability to have an internet access at home and do an email check at least once a day; the availability to attend monthly staff meetings and periodic training sessions; and a minimum of one year residency in Seville.

Bar Work in Seville

One of the easiest jobs you can find in Seville is working in a bar or a restaurant. With the “Sevillanos” filling the streets during the weekends and using nightfall as a way to meet friends and enjoy tapas and beverages, it’s not surprising that the city has landed a spot in the Top Ten list as far as nightlife is concerned. Of course, it’s still incomparable to the nightlife in Madrid, Barcelona and Ibiza.

Some of the bars that you can find in Seville include the local “cervecerias” which serve beer, wine and salty snacks; bars similar to an Anglo coffeehouse which serve both food and drinks; Irish and Scottish pubs. Most clubs and discos are open until 5 or 6 in the morning while a number of seasonal clubs called “terraza” are open in the summer.

We recommend the following Irish bars if you’re looking for a bar job in Seville.

  1. O’Neill’s Irish Pub, Restaurant – Calle Adriano, 34, 41001, Tel. 954-222-618
  1. The Trinity Cocktail Bar & Lounge – Calle Madrid, Hotel Inglaterra, 41001, Tel. 608-775-536
  1. Phoenix Pub – Pl. de Cuba, 2, 41011, Tel. 954-008-008
  1. The Merchant Pub – C/ Canalejas, 12, 41001, Tel. 954-214-500
  1. Cervecería Internacional – Calle Gamazo, 3, 41001, Tel. 954-211-717
  1. The Clan Scottish Pub – Calle Adriano, 3, 41001, Tel. 954-220-397
  1. Kennedy’s Irish Pub – Calle Cardenal Bueno Monreal, Tel. 954-628-457
the mushroom seville - Las Setas - Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol, known locally as Las Setas (the mushrooms)

What Type of Work is Available for Expats in Seville?

While it is true that Seville has a large number of expats from across the globe, foreigners looking for a job in the city may find little success in their job search. Seville’s economy is one of the nation’s hardest hit with the world economic crisis. As a result, the city’s labor market does not seem to be very open to expats. However, it may still be possible to find a job in Seville despite the high unemployment rate.

The latest data shows that Seville has an unemployment rate of 31.23 percent. Likewise, data from the National Institute of Statistics revealed that the number of companies in the city has now reached 480,094 wherein 98.98 percent have staff members fewer than 50 in number.

What you can do is try sending regular applications to some of the big companies that are operating in the region. These include foreign trade, marketing, production, language teaching, distribution fields and more which would most likely hire foreigners.

The average monthly salary in Seville is between 1,100 and 1,800 euros after taxes. Employees who earn less than 18,000 euros for a fiscal year are exempted from paying taxes.

Nevertheless, full-time employees in Seville can enjoy a number of local holidays that include a full two weeks of paid Christmas off, several days off during Easter and the local fair in the city. It is also a norm among employees to enjoy one month’s vacation which usually happens in August.


Seville’s famous cathedral

ESL/TEFL Teaching Jobs

Finding a teaching job in Seville can be more difficult if you would like to try out teaching but you don’t have any experience or you lack the proper credentials. One way to start your journey into the academe is by joining a teaching program which will allow you to start earning years in order to qualify for a Spanish residency. Another option you can try is to do a TEFL or CELTA course.

The current global financial crisis has somehow created a growing awareness on the need to enhance one’s English speaking skills. In Seville, there is a notable rise in the number of English language academies although a majority of them are run by people who are either non-English speakers or non-teachers. Moreover, there is a risk of being taken advantage by schools which don’t require their teaching staff to have any experience or to hold a certification.

These are some of the international schools in Seville where you can consider looking for a job in teaching.

  1. The British School of Seville (
  2. International College of Seville (

Rules and Regulations

In order to enjoy certain employee benefits such as free medical care, pension system and entitlement to the Spanish social security system, you need to make sure that you have secured an official job contract before you start working.

EU nationals such as those coming from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany are no longer required to get a visa to work in Seville. Likewise, non-EU nationals such as those coming from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States are all required to secure a visa from the Spanish embassy or consulate in their own country prior to traveling to Spain.

Bear in mind that the visa normally lasts three months and can be renewed by leaving the country. During this time, you need to wait until a new visa is issued before you can be allowed to go back to Spain.


The Giralda is a bell tower of the Seville Cathedral

Where to Find Work

There are many popular websites that can also help you in doing your job search in Seville. We also offer this service which you can find at the bottom of our page. Here, job seekers can view the vacancies in Seville that have been posted by employers and business owners.

Here are some of the useful links that you can try in your search.

  1. Craigslist –
  2. Xpat Jobs –

Word of Mouth – While in Seville, it is best to build your contacts who may consider you as a referral for a job post. Most business and company owners in the city would usually hire someone who is either a Spaniard or an EU national. This is because visas for non-Europeans are said to be time-consuming, costly and face the risk of getting denied.

Seville Resources

Visita Sevilla provides valuable information to anyone who is visiting Seville either for leisure or for business. It even has some listings on certain services available in the city such as car rental, accommodation, hotels and upcoming events.


Compared to bigger cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, Seville is relatively small and boasts a cheaper standard of living. You can find a number of housing options that can match anyone’s taste. Renting a room or apartment is also cheaper compared to other Spanish cities.

It also easy to get around because of the city’s pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. This means that you can simply use your own two feet since it is definitely the best mode of transportation. You can also try the new underground metro line and the city’s light rail system if you think of going to areas that are a bit further out.

Other pros that you can expect once you have decided to move to Seville to do your job search include affordable healthcare with basic coverage; government-funded education in public schools and cheap university education; vibrant culture with a number of entertainment options; and relatively low crime rate.

Below are some of the main sections and frequently asked questions that are usually brought up by our readers on finding jobs in Seville.

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  • Are there jobs in Seville for English speakers?
  • Where are the best places to find jobs in Seville?
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  1. Hi,my name is Deborah,I’m looking into coming to live in Seville longterm in the new year of 2023.Im looking for a job and accommodation,I have experience in restaurants working as a waitress.I have also worked in retail shops and as a Health care assistant in a Hospital setting.I am a quick learner and a great people’s person.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Kind regards,

  2. Hi I’m Becky. I currently live in London but am planning to live in Seville from September this year, I currently childmind/ au pair in the UK but have also worked in hospitality (cafes, bars etc.) so would be looking for work in either of these sectors. I am currently at a beginners level in Spanish but looking to improve my Spanish with lessons over the summer before I leave.

  3. Ben Osborn says

    Hi my name is Ben i am from london uk but have moved to spain now.I have been learning spanish for a while and have also lived in serville over the summer as my wife works in a school there.I am looking for work in cleaning manual labour or bar work.

  4. Pilar Baize says

    Hello I’m Pilar, looking for work in Sevilla and fluent in Spanish and English.
    I am a hard worker and live working with people.
    Thank you.
    Have a nice day!

  5. Hi I’m sarah looking for work in Seville in any area I am learning Spanish and I am a hard worker looking for a better life in Spain

  6. Hi I’m Mairi. I’m looking for work in seville in the areas of hotels, bars and restaurants as housekeeping or kitchen work. I’m currently learning Spanish and I am at intermediate level and would do well to get the experience of working in seville.

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