Want to Work in Spain? Reviews of PlayaWay Abroad

In this article we review the company PlayaWay which you will often see referred to as PlayaWay Tenerife or PlayaWay Abroad.

PlayaWay provide working holidays to some great tourist destinations which include Faliraki, Magaluf, Ayia Napa, Ibiza, Kos, Tenerife or Zante. They also offer working holidays to the ski resort of Chamonix in France and to Sydney in Australia!

We feel our website which is all about working in Spain and finding jobs in Spain would not be complete without mention of this company and the service that they provide.

If you fancy organising your own trip to Spain to look for work then we have some useful guides for you.

We suggest reading our holiday rep job page whereby you can actually have a job organised in advance with a major tour operator such as Thomas Cook or Thomson.

Our most appropriate pages that you would most probably be those on finding jobs in Magaluf in Majorca/Mallorca, Playa del Ingles in Gran Canaria, Ibiza and Tenerife.

The pay and perks of working for these companies will likely far exceed anything that you will get in the resort yourself.

Please note that we are completely independent and not affiliated with PlayaWay in any shape or form. In fact we welcome and encourage your personal experiences if you have used PlayaWay in the past – just fill in your comments at the bottom of the page and we will publish them.

These are some of the questions that we have been e-mailed:

  1. Is PlayaWay a scam?
  2. Has anyone used PlayaWay?
  3. Are Playaway a legitimate company?
  4. Will I definitely get a job if I travel with PlayaWay?
  5. Is it better and cheaper to go and try find a job on my own?
  6. Are Playaway better than Air Pro or Sun Kiss?
  7. Is it dangerous to go on one of these PlayaWay holidays?
  8. What negative/bad feedback is there?

Who Are PlayaWay Abroad & PlayaWay Tenerife?

PlayaWay are a company who have come up with a really interesting idea. Realising that many young people wanted to go work in the summertime in exotic foreign destinations they decided to provide package holidays to these popular tourist destinations in Spain (and now in other tourist destinations all around the world).

The unique twist is that when you are in the resort on your holiday with them, they will try to find you a job through their unique knowledge of the resorts and the contacts that they have established with popular bars and clubs.

So even if you don’t manage to find a job you will have the time of your life and an amazing holiday experience!

As an alternative there is a competitor which we have also analysed – see our Air Pro reviews. Another working holiday competitor which appears to be smaller is Sun-Kiss.

What Does a Working Holiday Include?

PlayaWay pretty much provide everything that you would expect in a typical package holiday such as flights, airport transfers and accommodation.

Most trips will be from the beginning of April until the beginning of September.

Whether you are just looking for a seasonal job for the summer or if you are looking for something a little bit longer term, perhaps even a full-time permanent position, PlayaWay can help you.

You would normally go on one of these trips for a month so that you are given every opportunity to find work. The first few days would be getting acclimatised to the resort by basically letting your hair down and having a bit of a party. You will go on pub crawls, probably get very drunk, visit most of the bars and party the night away in the nightclubs.

What Type of Work & Jobs Can I Get?

The types of jobs that you are likely to get will be very much low paid casual work such as working behind the bar or in a pub. You might be a bartender or barmaid.

Equally there are other jobs in bars such as collecting glasses, jelly-shot girls or PR reps whose job it is to get passers-by into the bars and clubs by handing out leaflets or offering discounts and free shots.

In some of the popular nightclubs you might be able to find work as a DJ or dancer.

In some of the hotels you may be to get a job as a rep although most of these vacancies are organised from the United Kingdom well in advance of the season. Perhaps you are good with children and can work in the kids clubs.

There will be quite a few catering related jobs in the many restaurants in the resort to cope with the summer tourism. Perhaps you are a chef or cook? Most likely you would get work as a waiter or waitress or dishwasher.

Is PlayaWay a Scam?

We advise you to do your own research but from what we have found out it does appear a perfectly legitimate way of finding work in a holiday resort.

Will I Definitely Get a Job?

We don’t see any mention of PlayaWay guaranteeing you a job which is fair enough in our opinion. There are many factors outside their control such as the availability of jobs and the demand which is always extremely high for these holiday resort jobs.

As PlayaWay have been getting young people jobs for so many years now, they clearly have good contacts in many of the bars and clubs in the results.

So you stand a better chance by going with them as opposed to arriving in the destination on your own.

Clearly some people will be unemployable and will just get drunk most of the time and be a liability to any bar or club that may consider employing them.

It wouldn’t be the fault of PlayaWay if they couldn’t find a job for these people.

We strongly suggest that if you want to go on a holiday and party every day, that you simply book a package holiday!

If you’re serious about getting a job you need to understand that you actually have to work and you can’t be completely drunk all the time!

Why Book With PlayaWay?

One of the advantages will be that they sort out and arrange everything for you. This includes important administration such as making sure you can work legally in Spain and that all the paperwork for your job contract is taken care of correctly.

Just finding accommodation itself in a busy holiday resort is difficult in the peak summer months so this reason alone will save you huge amounts of time and hassle. Plus don’t forget with accommodation that you have to deal with deposits, utility bills and tie yourself into long-term contracts.

You will also save yourself money because PlayaWay can get you workers discounts on drinks and on entrance tickets to the clubs which as a member of the public you would not know about or be available to you.

Contact PlayaWay Abroad

Telephone: 0871 288 4412 (UK) Lines open 12pm – 8pm (7 days a week)
Calls from BT landlines charged at 10p per min, other providers may vary.
If calling from outside the UK call 0034 922 753 639

E-mail: Australia Specific oz@playawayabroad.com or info@playawayabroad.com (Head Office)
General enquiries E-mail: info@playawayabroad.com

PlayaWay Website

Head Office Address:
PlayaWay Tenerife SL, Resd Paradero, Avda. Arquitecto Gomez, Cuesta, No. 9, 38660 Playa De Las Americas, Local No 4, Semisotano Tenerife

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  1. Just come back from Tenerife and had the best time of my life out there! It is what they say it is. If you want a job then you’ll get a job. There are loads of opportunities out there which the reps explain and go through with you in the first few days. Everyone in my arrival group stayed on and some are still out there! I agree with the guy above i don’t know how people can slate them so much when they gave me the best few months of my life. Maybe its other companies trying to ruin there reputation.

  2. Jacob White says

    Ive used Playaway twice now…..Tenerife and also Ibiza. Reason being……They are amazing! i don’t usually write reviews but feel like i have to because of these FALSE reviews i am reading that people have written. I have met hundreds of people thru playaway and ALL of them shared the same experience as me…nothing like ones i had read off peoples parents ha ha ha! I was met at the airport by my rep, taken to my accommodation which was basic…NOT A PALACE….what do people expect? it was clean, spacious and even better we had a cleaner twice a week. We went on bar crawls etc on the first week! it was messy and just what i wanted especially as i was only 19 when i first went with playaway. on my second week my rep sat us all down and spoke about jobs! I then started my job as a PR that night earning 30 to 40 euro every night. I had already paid for my months accom so all this was spending money…it was great! I honestly don’t understand how people can slate a company that gave me the best 2 summers of my life! I’ve made friends forever and memories that i will NEVER forget and its all down to playaway and my reps. 10 out of 10 for me

  3. Colin Ryan says

    My lad who is 20 next month and is a experience bar person he went to Tenerife with playaway 9 days ago hoping to work and stay out there,he was promised by them they would find him not only a job but also assist him with all the paper work allowing him to work in Tenerife as to date they have not found him a job but was told by the Rep he would have to go to the police station on his own to sort out work a permit bearing in mind he do not speak very much Spanish my question is why did he pay playaway and the Rep money if they are not prepaid to honour what they agreed to do.lastly it’s not only him that’s having problems,two of the others that arrived at the same time have booked there flights back home because the Rep is not heiping them to secure work,so what is going on with this company.

  4. Ricky D Blake says

    i went away with Playaway last year to Tenerife and this year to Malia, the standard of acom compared to the cheaper acom is loads! i checked out other acom when i was in resort with Playaway for further acom and its disgusting where as Paradero in Tenerife is a hotel so its gets cleaned every couple of days by a maid! The Malia acom this year was amazing yes its nearly 120 euros more than a normal malia worker room but have you seen a malia workers room. OMG I’m not an animal I’m a human and you get what you pay for and again you get a maid which cleans your room and gives you clean linen and towels every 2 days which i thought was really good.

    For Jobs yes you can’t be picky but if you want to actually work you can! the reps will get you a job. but if you want to be Bum and be like a couple of people i know saying i only want to be a bar man and infant they have never served a pint in there life let alone a cocktail in a busy bar in a busy resort and when the rep says we cannot get you a bar job and get them a PR job they complain saying the reps hasn’t found us work is a joke!

    To put it straight i have been away with Playaway 2 years on the trot to 2 different resorts (Tenerife & Malia) they have both been amazing the Reps are great, the hotels they put you in are clean and in great locations and i got work both times!

    They are 100% a legitimate company and due to Playaway i have had 2 amazing summers where i have genially made friends for life!

    For those who have had a bad experience with Playaway I’m sorry to hear that as all i can say is good things


  5. Laura Dale says

    This is my first time going away with playaway. When i arrived at the airport the rep was already there waiting. Rick then drove us to the hotel which we were staying at, the owners were very welcoming. Me and the other 2 girls i was sharing a room with were shown to our room which was very clean. Within the first week my rep had got me a job in one of the best clubs in malia and i had also been offered a few other job trials. After 2 weeks me and one of the other girls chose to fly to Ayia Napa with a different company. When we arrived there we paid our accommodation of 230 euros and were taken to a block of workers apartments, i couldn’t believe how disgusting this apartment was, there was no cutlery, dirty bed sheets and mould all over the bathroom. Within 2 hours of arriving me and the other girl had booked a flight home (back to malia) in the space of 2 weeks, our rep and everyone in malia had made it feel like home. Playaway may be a little more expensive but its totally worth it. i would much rather pay a little more for the service i received with them. They put in so much effort to keep everyone together and organise events. I’ve made some friends for life and met some amazing people.

  6. Jack Blattner says

    Been with Playaway twice now, currently in Malia on another amazing adventure. Both times reps have done there upmost to try and find me work. Last year in Magaluf I had been offered two jobs on my first night.
    Managed to stay on up until mid September in Playaway accommodation; which is at a very high standard in comparison to other alternatives.
    You meet friends for life, have recommended Playaway to four of my very close friends and all have said it was the best thing they have ever done!

    If anyone needs any help or would like to find out more about my time abroad with Playaway feel free to contact me via email: Jackblattner@yahoo.co.uk

  7. Went with playaway in june, apartments were abs dirty with no clean sheets, reps were very unfriendy and had to ask plenty of times for small help, poor job guys


    The problem has already started at the airport, a rep was supposed to be waiting for me at the airport, when I arrived there was no rep, I have tried to call them numerous times but no reply, after continuously trying the rep has picked up and told me to wait at the cafe, she will ‘shortly be here’ I have waited at least 2 hours. When we got to the apartment it was very filthy, the floor was unclean with bugs crawling all over the floor, not even mentioning there were bug inside the sink, yes the SINK!!! The next day we all meet at the café for drinks, I have asked my rep to sort me out with a Spanish phone, she said no problem and she will come to my apartment later on in the day, she never turned up, I especially stayed in waiting for her, I haven’t seen her in a few days, when I did see her she told me she came in for me but I wasn’t in, absolute rubbish!!. I have then asked her for a job, NIE number and a bank account. The situation was the same as with the phone, when I seen her a few days later and asked her to help me set up a bank account, she simply said, quoting the exact words ‘ I don’t know how to set up a bank account’. Overall she was very rude and treated most people with no respect at all. This was my worst experience ever, I have paid a lot of money for things and services I did not receive. So please double think when booking with this company, they will try suck every penny out of you. Also I did not receive my 100 euro of deposit back, and neither did most of my friends. THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!

  9. Beverley Haley says

    My daughter has been waiting on a refund from PlayaWay Abroad for some months now. They have agreed to make a refund, there is no dispute, they have even claimed to have deposited the refund into her bank account after asking for her banking details, but there us no deposit or refund from them at all – just a long string of emails claiming to have done so. We are at the point of having yo take them to court for it now. I have been reading many, many stories from other dissatisfied people, they are impossible to get hold of by phone, and certainly mislead many, leaving a wake of general dissatisfaction, even anger and disgust. I really think they should be made to be accountable, and stop ripping people off. Please don’t continue to promote them? They are very dishonest, and not to be trusted. Feel free to ask me more if you want to.

  10. Joao Canelas says


    I would like to share my (bad) experience with you from the Playaway Abroad agency. I went to Ibiza with them from July 16th to August 13th, because it was this the website where I discover Playaway Abroad.

    If you would like me to share it with you, please send an email for joaopcan@gmail.com.

    Thank you

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