Is It Too Late To Go Clubbing in Ibiza in Your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s?

In this article I look at the topic of going to Ibiza in order to go to the clubs if you are in your 30s or 40s – or in some extreme cases, even in your 50s!

I’m sure a lot of people are in my position whereby I was a late developer, somehow missing the nightclub and clubbing scene when I was in my early 20’s.


Dancers at Pacha – F*** Me I’m Famous Party

Besides, comparing a cheesy disco playing 80’s music in the UK to the mega clubs in Ibiza is just not on!

The dance scene and club scene in Ibiza has matured to the point where the island is recognised as THE place to go to enjoy the latest dance music. The major clubs now attract internationally known global DJs from around the world such as David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren.

Dance music itself has grown from being a niche to dominating the music in the charts these days.

Earlier this year I mentioned to my girlfriend I felt I had missed out on the clubbing scene and she said the same to me.

It seemed obvious to me that there must be many other people in their forties who also had the urge to go to Ibiza and visit clubs – but were we too old and would we even be allowed entry into the clubs?


David Guetta at Pacha Ibiza

Yes You Can Get Into Ibiza’s Clubs In Your Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Older!

The resounding answer is that you are not too old to go clubbing in Ibiza, no matter what your age.

It is definitely possible to go to some of the major clubs such as Pacha and Space, without feeling out of place if you are aged 30 and over.  If you are an older person looking to go clubbing in Ibiza then I suggest you just go for it!

We are both aged 46 and we saw many other people our age if not even slightly older.

Of course most of the other people in the club are in their twenties but Ibiza is the sort of place where people go to enjoy the music and we certainly didn’t feel out of place or embarrassed to be there.

VIP Areas

It also seems to me that the clubs themselves don’t care. They seem very driven by money and if you’ve purchased a ticket you are in. In particular the clubs are very much keen these days to attract VIPs who were allowed to enter special cordoned off area’s with a minimum spend in order to secure a table.


VIP area Pacha

I would honestly say I didn’t feel out of it by not being in the VIP area. They certainly were not able to get close to the DJs as we were, so I didn’t particularly see any advantage.

Perhaps if you were rich and famous and you want a bit of privacy, sure, but none of the people we saw appeared to be well known. I guess it was just a cool thing to do and many of these guys were busy trying to impress the younger model looking girlfriends.

Book Tickets in Advance

I recommend that you book your ticket in advance because the most popular nights are likely to be sell-outs.
We booked tickets for David Getta’s F*** Me I’m Famous party night on Thursdays at Pacha which cost €80 each.


Dancers on stage at Pacha nightclub

We also booked tickets for the A State of Trance closing party hosted by Armin Van Buuren at Privilege, the world’s largest nightclub, which cost €50 each.

I was definitely concerned about the price of drinks inside clubs. We decided the best idea was to get as merry as possible without being drunk beforehand. Staggering all over the place would almost certainly have meant we were denied entry.


What I wore to Privilege nightclub

You can only start getting into the clubs at 12 so there is plenty of time in the evening to do some drinking in anticipation of the long night ahead.

We left the clubs at 6.30 in the morning our legs and feet absolutely aching mostly from just standing all that time. My girlfriend definitely advises all the ladies to wear flats as if you wear heels you will inevitably end up taking them off and there is broken glass all over the dance floor.

What to Wear?

Your are probably also wondering what to wear if you are a person in your 30s, 40s or 50s going to be at the club is the first time.

dancer-at-privilegeThe answer pretty much appears to be anything you like apart from football shirts.

Seriously, the lads were in vest and shorts and the ladies were often dressed up but you could honestly wear what you like and get in the club.

You have to remember that Ibiza is very much about the music and the clubs are grateful to be taking your money and getting you in as most clubs have capacity for about 5,000 people.

Drink Prices in Clubs

I was actually quite relieved about the drink prices when we ordered a beer and a Jack Daniels and Coke in Privilege which came to a total of €28, €10 for my Estrella beer and €18 for a Jack Daniels and Coke.

I went to the bar with a €50 note not necessarily expecting any change so that was a relief to be honest.

We had a couple of drinks but you can imagine how much money you could get through if you’re going to clubs every night!

What Are The Clubs Like?

Being inside the clubs was a fantastic experience which we are so glad to have enjoyed firsthand.

There were just some great moments of losing yourself in the music – however equally there were long periods of time where the music tended to wash over you.

pacha-nightclubBeing there six hours was a long time to be in the moment!

Afterwards we agreed that while we enjoyed it, we wouldn’t necessarily want to go back and it again.

Sure, being surrounded by thousands of people enjoying pounding club music was pretty awesome, but when tracks came on that you weren’t so into, it became a bit dull at times.

It’s a unique experience that is nothing like a concert in my opinion, where listing to live artists is very much different to hearing them on the radio.

The DJs certainly do try to pump up the atmosphere by clapping and cheering, but you know they are not really doing anything, just twiddling a few knobs to make it look like that.

They could quite easily just pre-record the set and I’m sure in many cases they have!

Sometimes just being out at a special beach bar like the Blue Bar in Formentera was equally just as good.

I did live on the Costa Blanca of Spain for 7 years and went clubbing in Benidorm during that time but that was awful compared to Ibiza which is sophisticated and modern, Benidorm was full of cheap pints in rundown bars, karaoke singing, cheesy tribute bands and x-rated adult  shows such as Sticky Vicky. Just horrible!

Where to Stay in Ibiza?

If you are an older clubber in your thirties or forties I’d certainly advise you to avoid staying in San Antonio which is very much geared towards the younger crowd with plenty of groups of males and females on stag weekends and hen parties.

Ibiza has a great bus network so can pretty much get anywhere in about 30 minutes, quite easily and cheaply.

We stayed on the outskirts of Ibiza town in Figueretes in the two-star Luxmar Hotel. The buffet breakfast and evening meal was absolutely outstanding quality – full of choice and delicious food.

In just 10 to 15 minutes walk we were in the heart of Eivissa (Ibiza Town) which has a wonderful historic area (Dalt Vila) and narrow cobbled streets filled with bars and restaurants. It’s quite classy and sophisticated – a world away from the West End in San Antonio!


Views over Eivissa

Figueretes has its own beach with plenty of bars and restaurants in this area and you are close to Playa d’en Bossa which can be walked in 15 to 20 minutes.

Playa d’en Bossa has the longest beach on Ibiza and appeals to the younger crowd who enjoy the many beach clubs such as Bora Bora, Sands and Ushuaia as well as nightclubs Space and DC 10.


Space Nightclub in Playa d’en Bossa

From Playa d’en Bossa you can also catch a ferry over to Formentera which was my personal highlight of the week in Ibiza.


Tantra bar in Playa d’en Bossa

The main bus station has buses travelling all over the island, you can get the number three bus to San Antonio which only takes 25 minutes at a cost of two euros. After about 10.30pm the standard bus service ceases and you get what is called a disco bus back to Eivissa at a cost of three euros.

Exploring the island by hiring a car is highly recommended and something we did for two days, although at a push you could do it all in one day. A car enables you to explore the mountains and fields in the north with some lovely remote coves and small sandy beaches away from the crowds.


Bora Bora beach club

We found a week in Ibiza the perfect length of time and we packed a huge amount in and were never sitting around all. Certainly if you do a couple of nights in the clubs you will feel pretty wasted the next day so it takes time to recover.

As well as doing some of the major clubs, the island of Ibiza is a beautiful one with many fantastic beaches and it is well worth getting out of the major tourist resorts and exploring the whole island.

In fact the highlight of our trip was a day excursion over to the smaller island of Formentera where we hired scooters for the day and had magical experiences.

Go to the hippy market on Wednesdays at Es Canar on the eastern side of the island near Santa Eulalia.

Watch the sunset from opposite Es Vedra, the huge volcano-like rock coming out of the sea just off the western coast of Ibiza.


Sunset at Es Vedra Ibiza

Some of the best music we heard was actually at some of the beach bars such as the CBBC (Cala Bassa Beach Club) on Cala Bassa near San Antonio.

A little tip for you, some of the top DJ’s have what is called pre-party shows down at the Cafe Mambo on what is known as the Sunset strip in San Antonio. We were there on a Friday at 10 PM and were able to be just yards away from Pete Tong performing a set of about an hour and a half before his Friday night residency at Pacha with the It’s All Gone Pete Tong Night.


Pete Tong at Cafe Mambo


This is a great way to experience some of the feeling of going to some of the big club nights totally free of charge. You can just be walking up and down the Sunset Strip enjoying the music without even the necessity to stop and buy a drink or eat.

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  1. Macaulay says

    My friends want to celebrate their 50th at Ibiza and I’m 52 years old who just loves to dance but my local small
    town just does not cut it. I’m an old London ‘the wag’ clubber back in the late 80s where they played old ‘Frankie Knuckles’, strings of life, soul vocal,long piano tunes. Can anyone recommend a club/DJ that would play these sorts of tunes. Need to dance the old memories away.

  2. Mark Morgan says

    Well am now 56, but ‘a man of colour; with a 31″ waist and defined abs and no facial lines…as Will Smith famously said ‘I make this look GOOD!’

    Taking my 18yr old daughter and 3 friends out to Ibiza in Oct as her 18th birthday treat.

    I fully intend to do some serious clubbing when out there with my significant other, she’s 48 5’1″ with a stunning figure and weighs 7st 2lbs after 4 kids.

    This article has been invaluable xx

  3. Luis Caetano says

    And I thought I was starting to get old to get into night clubs (32 Yo now). Next July, I’ll be going to Ibiza!!

  4. This article is fantastic! Just the information i’ve been looking for, for weeks and has erased any doubts I had about going to Ibiza! Will now get on and book up for my 40th in July this year. Thanks so much!

  5. I’m 52 and went to Ibiza for the first time in August 2018 and had an absolute ball. Went to two clubs, Ushuaia to see David Guetta which was amazing and an absolute highlight and to Amnesia which was good, but not a patch on Ushuaia. Plenty of old farts like myself at Ushuaia, some partying hard like me and my wife, others stood round looking a little lost. My suggestion is if you’re going to the clubs don’t be too self conscious, just get on and dance your ass off as nobody gives a rats what you do. We went to Amnesia on a Wednesday for Vibra which is the Latin night which was great. Not as many oldies, but still people just got down and enjoyed themselves although it was a little packed. We bought VIP balcony tickets which was a waste of money as they were letting anyone in irrespective, so my advice is don’t bother. They also told us we needed to wear long pants for the VIP area which was another joke.
    For accomodation we stayed in Figurentes which was nice and peaceful allowing us to recover. Beautiful spot and highly recommended.
    One last note to say thanks for this review as it made a difference in deciding how to approach our trip. Cheers again.

  6. This is brilliant just reading all about Ibiza. Went with the girls last year for my 50th and had a blast – we even went to Ocean Beach which even though it was a younger crowd we weren’t made to feel old at all it was refreshing. Off again this Thursday and have lots booked: Blue Marlin, Amante and Lio just for starters.

    • Julie Kelly says

      Hi! Great reading you went with the girls for your 50th and didn’t feel out of place. I too have always wanted to go, but time and years have passed me by, so this year I thought, go for it! Could you recommend which part of the island is best to stay in your opinion? we are really looking to soak up the boho vibe with chill out beaches and cocktails, maybe one night experiencing the clubs and then a bit of old town shopping. any comments much appreciated!

  7. I’m planning a trip to Spain in Summer 2018 for my 50th birthday. I’ve never yet been to Ibiza and want to cross it off the bucket list in this special year of my life. Therefore I was quite relieved and inspired by your article here when I found it by Googling “Am I too old to go clubbing in Ibiza” :-)) (You really can find the answer to all of life’s important questions on the internet.) Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information on where to go, where to stay and also what to wear. Much appreciated!!

    • Mark Eastwood says

      Thank you so much Mike, I’m 52 now and would go back to Ibiza in an instant, that was easily one of the best holidays of my life.

      • Now I have to go!! I’ll be 55 on Jan 21…………..I’ve been to Barcelona with my kiddos on a vacation…. Ibiza was on my mind….but I had to take care of the kids…!!!
        I want to go to Ibiza because of the music……..and (I’m tooting my own horn here) my lady friends say I’m a good dancer……..sooooooo…….Ibiza may happen sooner than I think!!

        Thanks a bunch for the info!!!!!

      • I leave Tuesday for Spain and will be in Ibiza Aug 10-14. I am so excited even more after reading all of your amazing comments! We are only as “old” as we tell ourselves we are!

  8. old crow of d floor says

    IBIZA beats anything in VEGAS AND LOS ANGELES any time

  9. Off to Ibiza for first time end of Apr I’m 57 but hope to pass for 50 Your comments have made me feel more comfortable & confident to go to Pacha still a bit nervous about what to wear but get the impression not to work too hard at it!

  10. Great review! My wife and I are heading there in late April-early May of this year, and are super excited. We are in our 40’s and have clubbed all over the world. This is just the next stop. 🙂

  11. I’ve been wanting to go back to Ibiza for years but now am in my mid 40’s , as much as I still love listening to dance music and still boogie to the music , I know I’d feel out of place with all the young , good looking , amazing body people there. But reading this article it’s give me a bit of hope … maybe I just might make the trip sometime

  12. I’m still in my 20s but feel like I’ve missed out on clubbing as I was never keen on joining my peers going to endless parties in during uni days… Am planning to drag my cousin, who’s new to Europe, to Ibiza this summer- but she can’t drink due to health condition, and neither of us enjoy hooking up with strangers, drugs, partying every night like an animal.. none of those things. So was looking for a tip from a quieter, mature visitor, and found this post really helpful. Thank you:-)

  13. I’m in my early fifties went in 1989 when House music was young, and eurobeat was the thing no one mentions this, as a lot of Brits only know house music, I went two years ago when season finished cheap and the best, catering for a older crowd you heard Latin house salsa trance and chill out music I will go again Sept end so you over 40s should do as well

  14. I’m SO glad I found this! I’m just turning 55 and intending to go for my 1st clubbing experience with some friends/work colleagues, I want to before it’s too late, I thought it was! Really cheered he up reading these comments, just love the music

  15. My husband and I are both in our late fifties and have just come back from our annual pilgrimage to the White Isle,( we have been for the last ten years). This year we did 5 club nights in our ten day stay — not bad for 2 oldies egh!!!!!!!!!!!! We have never had any trouble getting into any of the Ibiza clubs and although majority of the other club goers are younger than our Son, we have never been made to feel uncomfortable. To the contrary many youngsters come up to us and want to chat / have photos with us and say that they hope that they are still enjoying this music at our age. Ibiza has the attitude that anything goes – so my advice is go for it what ever your age. Age is just a number and as far as we are concerned music does not come with an upper age limit.

    • Hi we are also in our 50s. Just got back from Playa den Bossa. Went to Pacha and
      the closing party at Space. Loved it. Agree with everything you have said.
      Are there any other holidays in Europe that are for old clubbbers.?
      Im always searching for the music

  16. Organising a 35-40+ girls long weekend for 20 people was really helpful thanks!

  17. Indeed very helpfull, we (42) go to Ibiza for the first time in september and didn’t know what to expect!

    can’t wait now!! Thanks!

  18. Been twice in my 20s..loved in 30s and planning on taking my hubby as he’s never been..thinking of staying same resort as you and prob hitting two clubs and exploring island can’t wait x

  19. VERY helpful as a fellow old fart going clubbing in June! Thanks for all the useful info.

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