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Teaching English in Spain 2022 or 2023

Once upon a time if you were an English-speaking person it was quite easy to get a job teaching English to people in Spain without any qualifications.

Not any more. These days it is virtually essential to have formal qualifications as a teacher of English as a foreign language.

The English language is in ever increasing demand throughout the world, especially Spain which has seen an influx in expatriates who are a vital part of Spain’s economy.

Any progressive Spanish businesses who want to make money knows the importance of having English speaking staff which helps attract more expatriate customers.

As well as domestically, Spanish companies are increasingly competing in global markets and therefore the English language is extremely important in that capacity.

So with more and more Spanish people needing and wanting to speak English, it means there are more and more opportunities to move to Spain and take up a position or post as a teacher of English.

About TEFL Teaching Jobs in Spain

Your chances of finding work and jobs in Spain will be enhanced tenfold if you take a qualification which will give you the skills and training necessary to be able to teach English.

job-spain-graphic The most recognised international qualification is a TEFL certificate or TESOL certificate. This qualification enables you to not only be able to find a job in Spain but also to teach throughout the world once you have your certificate.

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It means where English is being taught in a country where it isn’t the native language i.e. in Spain.

You may also see some other abbreviations such as TESOL which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or ELT which stands for English Language Teaching.

Another popular course is the ESL.

Here is a video showing the experiences of Kevin who teaches in Spain:

TEFL Resources

It is important to point out that many countries are insisting that you must have a degree before you can actually even take the TEFL course. Go to the official TEFL website for more information.

On the official site you will also find many job postings all around the world.

Working As a TEFL Teacher

Most positions for teaching English to Spanish people will be in the major cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Malaga.

Most other locations will be in areas that have large expatriate populations or areas that are very popular tourist destinations where it is important for Spanish people to be able to understand English-speaking tourists. The most popular regions would be the Costa Del Sol and Costa Blanca.

The Spanish islands would also be very popular as they are popular tourist destinations for summer work in Spain, examples include the islands of Ibiza, Majorca, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

7 Top Tips for Teaching in Spain – From Actual Teachers!

There’s no doubt that teaching English in Spain is still the most lucrative job available for a number of English speakers who are seeking better job opportunities in a country outside their own. If you’re searching for an English teaching post in one of Europe’s most visited nations, here are a few tips that would help you get the hang of teaching and eventually make the most out of your English teaching career.

1) Get an English teaching qualification.

The best and most established schools in Spain tend to hire English teachers who have the necessary qualification in teaching. This means that if you are new to teaching or you have no proper credentials to teach, it can be a bit more difficult to find a decent and high-paying teaching job. Therefore, it is best if you had been able to complete courses such as TESOL or CELTA  which can cost you anywhere between $1400 and $1700 (£1000-£1200) depending on where you would like to take it. Most courses can last either 4 weeks if you want to do an intensive study or 6 months if you intend to study part-time.

2) There’s an increasing demand for English teachers in Spain.

Generally speaking, English academies in Spain are mushrooming in almost every corner which means that finding work as an English teacher is hardly a problem even to those who are new in the field. One of the surefire ways to secure an English teaching job in Spain is to home in on each of the academies as soon as you set foot in the country. If you have an easy access to Internet, you can also start looking for academies where you intend to teach by searching online and sending a CV along with a cover letter to your prospects by email. Once you are in Spain, it may be wise to make a personal visit to each academy while you bring more CVs along. Whenever possible, find a chance to meet with the school’s DOS (director of studies) who is usually deemed as the one responsible in the process of hiring new teachers.

3) Know your students and build rapport with them.

At the beginning of your teaching job, you may find it daunting to stand in front of a class while a dozen people expect to learn from you who they perceive as an expert in English teaching. However, as soon as you get to know your students and you have successfully built a rapport with them, all of those feelings of overwhelming responsibility beforehand will soon fade away. Eventually, you will realize that your students, most especially the adults and teens with higher-level skills, are more than interested to help you so that you can help them. Likewise, handling younger kids may require using a different approach and an added ton of patience. You will survive, of course!

4) Don’t forget to bring out the kid in you when teaching.

While you may have a certain preference on the age of students that you would like to handle in your English classes, there could be a huge possibility that you may end up with a class that is far beyond what you have planned in the beginning. This includes teaching kids as young as 8 years old. In reality however, kids are totally adorable and have the keenness to learn. Occasionally, you may find a student who would disrupt your lesson plan or do a “childish” behaviour as a way to corrupt his classmates. There’s no need to worry as you’ll eventually learn how to control the bad behaviour rather quickly. In order to understand young learners better, you should be able to behave like you are a kid yourself. Of course, you still need to show your students that you are their teacher and you have a huge responsibility to take. Children know how to appreciate simple things easily. If you know how to make them laugh, you can be sure that your students will like you. If your students like you, then  you can make them listen and pay attention in your class.

5) Never stop learning and upgrading your skills.

As an individual who has just entered the world of teaching, it’s enough that you have a rudimentary understanding of your own language’s grammar rules. However, it really helps a lot if you continuously do some research and learn the ins and outs of English grammar rules in order to teach them effectively in the classroom. Not only will it allow you to gain more confidence in teaching, it will also allow you to understand better the rules involved in learning Spanish grammar. You can make a comparison and contrast between English and Spanish. Apart from grammar, you can also gain a deeper understanding on the vocabulary and pronunciation patterns in Spanish.

6) Treat exam prep classes as a new and refreshing teaching opportunity.

In Spain, exam prep classes have so far become the increasing norm in any English academy, providing more money-earning opportunities for English teachers. Spanish students have the huge responsibility of doing well in a Cambridge CEF (Common European Framework) English exams as a prerequisite in graduating from the University (may not apply to some cases) or in finding a job.

Don’t be surprised if you are assigned to handle either a B1 (pre-intermediate English level) or B2 (intermediate English level) exam prep class at the start of the year. The downside is that most of these classes are a drag wherein more focus is placed on completing the required textbook prior to the date of exam. On the other hand, the best thing about exam prep classes is that you get the results of your hard work faster when your students pass the exam. There is a certain level of pride and achievement that you get which doesn’t normally happen in regular classes.

7) Make your free time worthwhile.

On average, English teachers in Spain earn a monthly wage of around €1200. While it may seem a bit low, it is still enough to have a normal life, pay the bills and go on an occasional holiday. One of the best ways to actually save money is to have another source of regular income. You can easily achieve this by accepting private English classes on your free time.

Unlike in a regular school, private classes will allow you to set your own rate which should depend on a number of factors. This can include your student’s expectations and the type of lessons needed. Compared to exam preparation classes, conversation classes don’t need a lot of preparation. In general, you should never allow yourself to be paid with anything less than €15 per hour. Qualified and certified teachers are definitely worth even higher or at least within the same pay range. Accepting a lesser pay will definitely undercut other teachers which is of course not good for the industry.

Employers – below you can list your vacancies for qualified TEFL teachers. Please include details of qualifications required, job description, details of salary, any additional benefits and location of job.

TEFL jobs wanted – if you have a TEFL or TESOL qualification, you are more than welcome to list your details and qualifications below so that any companies or employers in Spain, can contact you directly as soon as positions become available.


Business Address:
C/Montesa 35 (dcha) 2ºdcha, 28006, Madrid.

Telephone: 915721999

Email: josefina@ttmadrid.com

Type of Business: Teacher Training

Towns or Areas Covered: Madrid

Best Features:

– 4 week intensive TEFL course at TtMadrid.
– 3 hours per week part time Spanish classes.
– Spanish culture program
– 2 week intensive Spanish class
– Lesson planning sessions.
– Professional development certificate courses in: TEFL for Young Learners, TEFL for Business, Advanced teaching skills in the TEFL classroom.

Main Description:

Our visa program gives you the chance to obtain a TEFL certificate and to enjoy a year abroad teaching English and travelling.
This program allows you to do our 4 week TEFL course, 36 weeks of Spanish classes, our Advanced Certificates in TEFL, and be able to enjoy our cultural activities!

TEFL Madrid

Martin Poropat of Think English School is looking for more teachers to begin teaching in the upcoming school year this September 2016. Here is his full message:

Hello. We have a school in Cartagena to teach English. We are looking for native teachers. We have few native teachers now but need more in the new school year in September. Please send out the word we are looking for teachers. We pay good wages and great staff to work with. Here is my email and telephone number.eporopat@hotmail.com, 868-066271. My mobile number is 645-406227. We have two schools. The numbers are 868-066146 and 868-063587. Thank you.

There are two schools: one is in Cartagena and one is in Poligono, Santa Ana. You can find the location details below.

Think English SchoolThink English Cartagena

Calle Soldado Rosique, 1, 30205
Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

Think English Academy

Av. Genova, 100, 30319 Poligono
Santa Ana Cartagena, Murcia, Spain



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  1. Hello
    My name is Leastra, I am a British Citizen and Native English speaker.
    I have over 10 years of teaching experience in mainstream, independent and special needs schools, over a wide range of ages; from 3-16 year olds and various abilities, including students with learning difficulties, within the UK.
    I have been a TEFL Native English Language Teacher and TEFL Drama Teacher in Spain, since January 2018, teaching YL and VYL learners.
    I have gained my Cambridge CELTA and PTLLS qualifications and I also have certificates in Psychology and Counselling.
    I am an enthusiastic and energetic teacher, full of dynamics, fun and humour. I am very flexible and can easily adapt to various teaching methodologies, styles and practices.
    I am available to start my new teaching position from mid August 2018 onwards, I am able to forward my C.V. and a reference from my current employer.
    I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
    My email address leastra1970@gmail.com

  2. Peter Screen says

    My name is Peter Screen, I am moving to Puerto de Mazarron this summer permanently, I have a 150hour TEFL Certificate and a BA in Stage Management Studies, I am 60 next birthday but still have a young vibrant outlook for teaching. I taught music for 15 years in my early career so have an abundance of teaching experience. Would love to teach English either part-time or full-time

    email: peterscreen@msn.com

    Kind regards


  3. Katie Newman says

    My name is Katie, I’m 24 years old and I am looking to teach English in Murcia, Spain. I recently became TEFL qualified and I am currently in the middle of a contract in Beijing, teaching primary school children. I also tutor one of my students privately twice a week.
    My contract ends in July, so I am looking at jobs that are available to start in September 2018. I am very flexible when it comes to hours and I don’t mind working weekends.
    I would love to continue working in China, however I have found that its a bit too far from my family! I have family that live out in Spain and have frequently visited the country from a young age, so I have some knowledge about the culture.
    I have an EU Passport and clear CRB check. I have done 2 years at university studying Graphic Design so I am a very creative individual, something that I think makes my lessons all the more fun!
    My email address: katiealicenewman@hotmail.co.uk
    If there are any known jobs in surrounding areas, not just Murcia, then please feel free to send them over.
    Many thanks,

  4. Jane Gonzalez says

    I looking to move to spain in the next 2 years. I am currently searching for my ideal home in towns outside Benidorm. Such as Alfaz del Pi, Finestrat etc.

    I am a qualified teacher, looking for opportunities to teach English as a foreign lanugage. I have also got qualifications in Business, Computing, IT, Employability and Equal Opportunities too. Pleae could you advise me onto the surrounding educational establishments and also any possible links to private tutorial prospects.

    If you have any bargain properties that you feel my be of interest. 2 bed, 2 bathroom, access to a pool in the outside area of Benidorm up to 135 .00 please feel free to supply me links to this too.

    Cheers Jane

  5. Jessenia Rivera says

    Hello! I am a qualified ESL teacher, and I am looking for a teaching position in Fuerteventura. I have an extensive experience teaching students from different grade levels in private and public schools in my country. During my years of experiences, I have had the opportunity to use different teaching approaches such as the Direct Method, the Whole Language Approach, the Structural Approach, and others. I am an innovative teacher, always incorporating strategies that stimulate the students interest in a natural and meaningful way. If you are interested, you can contact me through the following address:

  6. I am a qualified English, French and Spanish teacher for KS3, KS4 and KS5. I have been teaching in a secondary school in London for 15 years and am looking to teach in Ibiza. Please contact me for my CV. My email address is: lneocleous@hotmail.com

  7. Rob Birchall says

    My name is Rob Birchall and I am a TEFL qualified English Language Tutor. I have completed both the general English course and the English for Business course and will be re-locating to Totana in late August 2017. I am 54 years of age and have recently been made redundant from my position as the head of a Music Academy in the UK teaching 16-19 year old students.
    I would very much like to teach English in Spain and will be available on either a full-time or part-time basis.
    I have my teaching qualification in the UK and I am also responsible for writing the courses and assessment briefs as well as the timetabling of the entire Academy in my current role. I am an enthusiastic person with good communication skills. If you are interested in hearing any more from me or would like to see an extended curriculum vitae my contact details are as follows.
    Email – robbirchall63@gmail.com
    Tel – +44 7813 099339

  8. nahla (naz) elkady says

    Hello. My name is naz and i am currently living in my home town in wales,UK, however, within the next few weeks Im jumping ship to start a new life in Spain. I have accommodation, as my family live in Spain, but am in need of work in the malaga/ costa del sol areas. I have a TEFL and have had some experience teaching English as a foreign language. I also have qualifications as a drug and alcohol support worker, experience in elderly, child and mental health care. I have also worked as a SEN tutor but am eager to work and will do anything that’s available. Im young, energetic, enthusiastic, compassionate, punctual, reliable and most importantly always happy and optimistic and a pleasure to be around 🙂 wish me luck!!!

  9. Sam Bastiman says

    I’m an English female living in Almoradí. Qualified TEFAL teacher. Degree educated. Looking for work in the Southern Costa Blanca area

  10. Emma Akkad says

    My name’s Emma and I’m a qualified primary school teaching. Planning to move to Ibiza in the summer but I will need a regular income. Ideally, I would like a full time teaching job, but I will be happy with tutoring (able to tutor primary English, mathematics and science. Please message me if you know of any families who need a tutor or if any schools are looking for an English teacher.

  11. Mike Allen says

    I am a native British man who is TEFL qualified. I am currently living in the UK but looking to re-locate to my apartment in the Costa Blanca region of Spain in a small town called Almoradi. I qualified as a TEFL teacher when I last lived in Spain 7 years ago. However, despite working briefly as a TEFL teacher when I first qualified, I returned to my previous established career as a qualified Probation Officer when I re-located back to the UK.

    I am looking for teaching working around the Torrevieja area but wiling to travel to Alicante City or Benidorm for the right role. I am preferably looking for full time work. I would also be interested in teaching English to Spanish employees in corporate companies or within schools with children or within academies. Once I find suitable employment I will be able to re-locate immediately in order to start my new teaching career,

  12. Anne Coghlan says


    I am a qualified TEFL teacher here in Lund, Sweden. I’ve been working at this for over 23 years now! I love it…. But would be very interested in working in the south if Spain during autumn/winter months!
    I am Irish… and also speak fluent Swedish… pretty good French… Now working on espanol….
    Have also studied InterCultural Awareness. Have a lot if experience preparing students for IELTS and Cambridge Exams.
    Appreciate any offers!

  13. Daniyl Ofosu says


    I have an HND certificate in Accounting, part 1 of ACCA and a diploma in basic education certificate holder.

    I have taught English Language for 8 years. I currently live in Madrid and I am looking for teaching appointment anywhere in Sapin. I am ready for either part-time or full time teaching job.

    Contact: danof280@yahoo.com

  14. Teaching position in south Tenerife, Spain 20 hour p/week
    Native English speakers with TEFL qualification.
    Send CV and covering letter to: cib@cib.es

  15. Teaching Assistant position, Spain (many locations) 20 hour p/week
    No experience required but A Level education is a minimum
    Native English speakers.
    Free accommodation with monthly grant. Register at Europe Language Jobs for free (link below) to apply to this position.
    More info. here: //bit.ly/2h6ThkQ (with https)

  16. Aisha Seleem says

    Hello everybody
    My name is Aisha, a British citizen and qualified TEFL teacher
    I’m living in Salou city near Tarragona with my family and looking forward to start my career as an English teacher for any age.
    My husband is native Egyptian Arabic speaker, he is also qualified to teach both English and Arabic for all ages.
    If you need our services , please feel free to send me
    Email : aishaseleem2015@gmail.com
    Phone : 634293245

  17. Hello, I am a qualified native English teacher from Canada with over 6 years of international teaching experience with both private and boarding school environments as well as day schools. I have an honours degree in Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education as well as specialized certification. I have taught ESL/EFL classes as well as a variety of other core English, SAT and Music courses for children ages 5-18 and adults. I have have created and developed curriculum for English and Writing courses as well as studied and taught mindfulness practice and apply this within my teaching. I am looking to work in Tenerife part or full time. I would be happy to forward my CV and cover letter or to arrange a time to meet at your school to discuss opportunities. Please email me at: gamergrl76@gmail.com

  18. Hello qualified TEFL Teacher, looking for a teaching Position In Gran Canaria , willing to teach anyone and any age, Native English speaker , And a EU Citizen , so don’t need any Visa , also I have a Police clearance from Ireland were i Live at the moment please contact me 00353862044422 or kevinkelly_20@hotmail.co.uk

  19. Hi
    My name is Leastra, I am a fully qualified CELTA teacher and also a Kundalini yoga instructor. I currently work as a teacher’s assistant in a special needs school for students aged 7-16 yrs of age and have 10 years plus of teaching experience. I also teach yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice to my students.
    I am looking to move permanently to live and work in Barcelona, Spain to teach in schools. So I am looking for teaching opportunities in schools, for any age students, everyone, be it children or adults can benefit from mindfulness practice so I am also willing/ wanting to teach yoga and meditation within schools.
    I am British citizen so I am able to work in Spain. My email address is leastra1970@gmail.com.
    Hope to hear from you soon.. Thank you

  20. Brenda McEwan says

    My name is Brenda and I will be living in Benalmadena, however I am moving to another apartment at the moment. I am a qualified TESOL teacher with a specialization in tutoring. I have tutored for 2 years in Canada and the United Kingdom with foreign students. I have an EU passport and a police check. My background is in business have taught business English, as well as children. I am happy to work full time or part time. I look forward to hearing a reply.
    Thank you
    My email address: bmcewan2012@gmail.com

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