Javea Property Maintenance: Best Companies

Unless you have purchased an apartment on a complex where the maintenance of the grounds is included in the monthly charges then you will have to organise the maintenance of your grounds and swimming pool for your property in Javea.

There are low maintenance gardens which will retard the growth of foliage and weeds such as putting down pebbles which make the upkeep of the grounds relatively hassle free. Otherwise you can employ a gardener who will come around once a week to trim hedges, mow lawns and deal with the endless pine needles.

Owning a swimming pool also comes with weekly maintenance. If you are renting out your villa then the swimming pool will need to be treated twice a week during the peak tourist months to keep the chemical balance in check. If the pool goes green then you will have to face up to draining and replacing the water in the pool which is not an option unless you want to spend in excess of €500 to do so.

Here again it pays to compare quotes and receive personal recommendations. Many of the local pool cleaners have very little education, don’t speak any English and forget to turn the taps off, only to find that they return the next week and the tap has been running all week, or the owners to return and find that was the case.

We have heard some horror stories from friends, of pool cleaners leaving keys in the gates, leaving properties exposed and receiving exorbitant water bills which of course the pool cleaning companies have refused to pay for the excess water they have wasted.

We would love to receive some personal recommendations of gardening services and pool cleaning services in Javea or perhaps you are a gardener or pool cleaner and would like some free publicity, then please get in touch with us.

Typically you can expect to pay around €220-€250 every quarter. Of course if you are living in the property yourself you can get your own pool cleaning kit and chemicals and keep the chemicals perfectly balanced yourself.

One thing to look out for if you are renting out your villa for the summer is to use chemicals that don’t turn blonde hair green. Even naturally blonde hair will turn green and you will have many complaints from guests which could affect future bookings if these complaints are made public.

Pool Cleaners in Javea

Reliable pool cleaners which we can recommend includes:

Hidris Total Pool Services

A good pool cleaning service can also give advice on pool safety, fences, lights, solar panels, covers etc. Pool safety is of paramount importance or obvious reasons. Hidris is also able to offer a garden maintenance service.

While we were still living in spain we fenced in our pool with a gate as this gave us more peace of mind having two small children who were not able to swim.

Of course if you are living in the villa yourself you may want to do your own gardening but with the weather being so great foliage and weeds tend to grow very fast. You can have a garden designer to help with making a minimalist garden such as pebbles with palms or get a weekly gardening service, again you can expect to pay the same kind of rates as the pool while some extras such as taking down trees can cost a lot more.

Word of mouth is also important in getting good reliable trustworthy and a reasonably priced gardening service. We would love to hear from you if you have a gardening service that you can recommend or own a gardening service

Of course if you don’t live in Javea then you can always put your property in the hands of a management company who will take care of the pool and garden as well as small odd jobs and repairs.


  1. A Thompson George says

    Hi I am going to but a villa in spain and would like to know what the cost for someone to maintain the pool and gardens I understand I full quote but a rough estimate and what you cane provide would be helpful

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