Denia Fiestas & Festivals

Fiesta is the Spanish for festival, basically it is one giant celebration and party often with fireworks.

Try plan a visit to Denia to coincide with one of the many fiestas for a glimpse into real Spanish culture.

The biggest fiestas in Denia are the Fallas bonfires and the Moors and Christians.

bars-in-Denia The Procession of the Three Wise Men is held on January 5 with the three Wise Men landing in the port by boat followed by a procession and presenting of presents to children.

Pilgrimage of Santa Paula’s Hermitage on January 26. Marked by a procession and a porrat which is a traditional market.

Carnivals are held mid-February with floats, processions, street entertainment, children’s activities, fireworks and dancing to live music.

The Fallas (Bonfire Festivals) are probably the most famous fiesta held in Denia attracting visitors from all over.

Held March 16-19 usually this includes the famous ‘cremà’ which is the burning of bonfires on St. Joseph’s night. This involves burning huge papier-mâché figures of famous people. These effigies are often over 50 feet in height and are incredible to look at before they are burnt accompanied by the letting off of many fireworks (mascletas).

Our Lady of the Forsaken is held on the second Sunday of May to celebrate the seamen’s patron saint day.

Our Lady of Rocío Pilgrimage is held the first fortnight in June with processions and music.

Sant Joan Fiestas celebrating Saint John’s Hermitage are held June 20-24 with religious events, and a traditional market known as a porrat.

Sant Pere Fiestas held in Saint Peter’s Street on June 28-29 with religious events, music and dancing.

Fiestas in the La Pedrera area of Denia are held at the end of June celebrating Saint Peter.

Our Lord’s Holy Blood is held in the first two weeks of July, with floats, concerts and the ‘bous a la mar’ where the bulls are run into the sea.

Moors and Christians. Fiestas in honour of Saint Roc usually held around mid-August. Lots of parades, mock battles, concerts and fireworks. Moors and Christians fiestas occur all over Spain in virtually every town to recreate the battles faught to gain control of Spain in the 13th to 15th century. Each fiesta is a re-enactment using replica weapons with people dressed in elaborate costumes depicting both sides of the battle with music played by a live orchestras especially composed for the fiesta.

Saint Agustin Fiestas is held in the Les Rotes area of Denia at the end of August or beginning of September. This fiesta celebrates Saint Agustin.

The All Saints Fair is held at the end of October or beginning of November is especially good for children as it is a massive fair with fairground rides at the Torrecremada Esplanade.

Pilgrimage to Saint Lucia’s Hermitage is a celebration usually held mid-December with a fair.

The video below shows the fallas celebrations in Denia:

Page Summary – This page contains unique content about the many festivals known as fiestas held in the town of Denia on the Costa Blanca coast of Spain. If you plan to visit Denia try coincide your visit with one of these events.

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    Harassing and forcing terrified bulls to jump into the sea is barbaric. I don’t think I’ll be visiting Denia now, it has put me off.

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