BEST Airport Transfers to Calpe: Taxi, Shuttle & Bus Prices

In this article we assist with tips and advice on how to get from Alicante airport to Calpe.

This very pretty beach resort on the Northern Costa Blanca is very popular in the summertime with sun lovers for many Northern European countries.

Most visitors to Calpe, Spain, will arriving at the nearest major airport of Alicante Airport which is 77 km to the south or Valencia airport to the north.

Having arrived at Alicante airport it will take approximately 60 minutes to get to Calpe and below we give you an idea of how to find the cheapest way of getting to your Calpe accommodation from Alicante Airport.

Although the nearest Calpe airport is Alicante airport, there are also options to fly into Valencia airport which is 134 km away with a transfer time of 87 minutes or even San Javier Murcia Airport which is 160 km to the south with a transfer time of 103 minutes (Ryanair fly there).

We can also quote for airport transfers to Benidorm and airport transfers to Moraira.



Flying can be stressful these days, with its delays, long lines, and hidden fees. Let all of that melt away as I welcome you to Spain!

My name is Andrew and I will take you directly from the airport to your holiday destination in Calpe in comfort and safety, at a low price and with great customer service.

You can easily book online or just email me with your flight information to reserve your transfer. You may pay online by credit/debit card or pay in cash when you arrive.

I will be waiting for you as you exit the baggage claim at the airport, holding up a sign with your name. Even if your flight is delayed, I will wait until you arrive at no extra charge. If any problems arise, you can always call me for help. Think of me as your mobile concierge.

My taxis are safe, reliable, and insured. We can comfortably seat up to eight passengers and more. I can also provide baby car seats or booster seats if necessary, at no charge!

For larger groups I can provide minibuses or coaches at very competitive prices.

I and my team look forward to being of service to you and providing you with a no obligation quote for your private transfers.

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    These are real questions we get asked often so we will aim to answer these below:

    1. Is there an Alsa airport bus Alicante to Calpe?
    2. Is there a shuttle service to Calpe from Alicante airport?
    3. What is the nearest airport to Calpe?
    4. How much is a taxi from Alicante airport to Calpe?
    5. What is the cheapest way to get to Calpe?
    6. Cost of cab from Alicante to Calpe?
    7. How can I get from Alicante to Calpe?
    8. How often does the bus run from Alicante airport to Calpe?
    9. Is there private taxi hire in Calpe Alicante?
    10. What is the cheapest way to get from Alicante airport to Calpe?

    There are four main methods of airport transfers from Alicante to Calpe:

    Alicante Taxi to Calpe

    We are often asked, how much does it cost to get a taxi from Alicante airport to Calpe?

    Getting a taxi from Alicante airport to Calpe is a good option because there are unlimited airport taxis at all times of the day (and night) directly outside the doors of the arrivals terminal at Alicante airport. You won’t have to wait around as you would with a bus and it will take you directly outside your hotel, villa or apartment in Calpe.

    Taxi from Alicante Airport to Calpe: The journey time is fifty- five minutes at a cost of €99. This is the fastest and most convenient way to get to Calpe but not the cheapest. It is advisable to try and fix the price of the fare before leaving the airport.

    Catching a taxi is the easiest and most stress free option to get from Alicante to Calpe. You can expect to pay around €88 for your fare from Alicante airport to Calpe. You do have to remember while looking at this rate that you will have to pay this kind of fare again on your day of departure to return from Calpe to Alicante.

    taxi-alicante-airport Make sure you agree a fixed fare before you leave the airport so there are no disputes when you come to pay at the other end. Some drivers may add airport supplements and baggage supplements so getting an agreed fare first before you get in the taxi is best. Especially if you have arrived late at night or on a national holiday in Spain.

    Tip – Most taxis from Alicante to Calpe only can carry four people.

    Public Bus to Calpe from Alicante Airport

    In this section we answer the question, is it possible to get a bus from Alicante airport Calpe?

    The duration of the trip is between one and a half to two hours at a cost of €8.20 and a return €16.35. You would have to catch the bus to Alicante and from there catch the bus to Benidorm. In Benidorm one would then catch another bus to Calpe.

    There is also a more direct service whereby one can catch the bus to Benidorm from Alicante Airport and then catch a connecting bus to Calpe, but this service is a little more infrequent. All services connecting Alicante to Calpe are provided by the ALSA bus company.

    Train from Alicante Airport to Calpe

    There is currently no train station at Alicante Airport, but one could catch either a taxi or the C6 bus to the Puerto de Mar Stop. The Puerto de Mar Stop is next to the Playa El Postiguet and the Melia Alicante Hotel and from there you can catch the TRAM up to El Campello and from there the FGV train to Benidorm.

    From Benidorm on the Tram no 9 it is nine more stops to Calpe. The cost of such a journey can be broken down €1.50 from Alicante Airport to Alicante.

    From Alicante to El Campello it is another €1.05 and to Calpe it’s another €5.25 totalling €7.80 from Alicante Airport to Calpe by train. The train lines are being updated at the moment so having to change trains at Benidorm is a bit hit and miss.

    Private Shuttle Bus to Calpe

    In this section we answer the popular question, how much is a private shuttle bus from Alicante to Calpe?

    Private Transfer from Alicante Airport to Calpe: Shuttle companies such as Costa Blanca Transfers, Shuttle Direct, Blue Skies and Resort Hoppa offer a service which one can pre book to suit the size of the party.

    This kind of transfer is much like a taxi service with the exception that the transfer is pre booked with the option of using the shuttle service as well on the day of departure.

    The journey time is around fifty-five minutes at a cost of €90 for one person one way. The price for a return transfers to Calpe would be €170 – that is about £140 for 1 person. Obviously if you have  more people the cost goes down per person.

    A shuttle transfer needs to be researched as there are many competitors out there and you do want to get the best possible deal. To give you an example a well-known transfer operator called Shuttle Direct offer a private shuttle transfer from Alicante to Calpe for £41 per person. This private shuttlebus is exclusively for your use, meaning you are not sharing the journey with other passengers who also need dropping off in Calpe.

    Alternatives are private shuttlebus transfers from Valencia airport to Calpe for £84 or private shuttlebus transfers from Murcia airport to Calpe for £85.

    Pre-booking a private shuttle bus from Alicante airport to Calpe will get you a much cheaper rate than taking a taxi on arrival. As with a taxi, a private shuttle takes you directly to your Calpe hotel or apartments in Calpe. Slight downsides could be that the airport shuttle also has other people going to other Calpe hotels so it may not be as quick or direct as a taxi. A company called are very reputable and cheap. The size of vehicle varies from small mini-buses to coach transfers to Calpe.

    Calpe Car Hire

    Car Hire at Alicante Airport: One of the more popular ways to get from Alicante Airport to Calpe. Calpe is fairly spread out and unless you have booked a beach front apartment you will need a car to get around to the supermarkets, bars, pubs and restaurants.

    Many of the villas are located well away from the city centre making car hire a necessity. All the major car companies are represented at Alicante Airport and one can compare companies to get the cheapest quote.

    Calpe-restaurants Car hire companies include Atesa, Auriga, Avis, Centauro, Europcar, Europa, Gold Car, Hertz, Record, Sixt and Sol Mar.

    Costs of hiring a car are dependent on the time of year, model and duration of the rental period.

    The journey time of course would also be approximately fifty-five minutes. One can choose to pre book car hire which is a smart thing to do especially during the busy tourist season or organise the car hire after arriving at Alicante Airport.

    It is a personal choice of how much money one is willing to spend on the transfer from Alicante Airport and Calpe and how much time wants to spend in transit.

    The train service from Alicante Airport is the cheapest but if you are travelling with small children is not ideal especially during the very hot summer.

    Car hire does seem to be the way to go for vacations in Calpe especially if one has booked a villa on one of the more outer lying urbanisations of the resort.

    Hiring a car from Alicante airport to get you to Calpe is a great idea if you also want to explore the fantastic Costa Blanca area of Spain. Car hire from Alicante airport is very cheap so it could be a good option even if you don’t intend to use the car much.

    Calpe is very much a compact beach resort with usually plenty of Calpe bars, restaurants and beaches within walking distance, so unless you want to go on a number of excursions you probably don’t need to consider taking out Calpe car hire. Our page on Costa Blanca tourist information will be a big help if you are looking to explore.

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    Calpe Transfers Page Summary:

    Alicante Airport to Calpe. How to get from Alicante Airport to Calpe on the Costa Blanca.

    Calpe is located on the Northern Costa Blanca in Spain and the nearest airport to Calpe is Alicante Airport which is sixty-six kilometres or forty-one miles away. Most of the tourists who have booked vacations to Calpe do choose Alicante Airport as their gateway to the Costa Blanca. On arrival at Alicante Airport you can then make your way to the resort by one of the following ways above.

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