Terra Natura Murcia and Aqua Natura Theme Parks Murcia

Guide to the theme park of Terra Natura in Murcia.

Next to Terra Natura is the separate but obviously related water park called Aqua Natura Murcia.

You can buy a ticket for both or just visit them separately.


Going to theme parks while on vacation has become a popular way to spend a day out. Just like the other Terra Natura in Benidorm, Terra Natura is a new concept of zooism.

terra natura murciaWatch out for the mascots walking around the parks (people in animal costumes just like at Disney world you can have your photo taken with them).

There are feeding sessions of the animals which are very educational. Terra Natura allows its visitors to learn about their habitats, reproduction, feeding and origins.

Terra Natura is a large park with over 320 000 square meters is a home for over three hundred animals of over fifty different species, three of which are on the endangered species list. In the flora department Terra Natura has over 500 different species of trees and plants.

You can enjoy a sea lion show in the newly built swimming pool.

If you walk towards the Mnemba Island Bar and Terrace you can watch the show from there. This is a comedic experience not to be missed.

You can also experience swimming with sea lions at an additional charge.


Terra Natura Murcia is open all year round except for New Years Day and Christmas Day.

Aqua Natura is open from 24th of May until 17th of September

During the off-peak months of January, February, November and December the park will close at 17:00 while during the months of July and August you can stay until 20:00.

For more detailed information of their opening times please visit their website on www.terranatura.com.


Standard tickets for both Terra Natura and Aqua Natura are €25 for adults and €20 for children and seniors

Group Tickets for Terra Natura and Aqua Natura are €20 for adults and €17 for children and seniors

Group Tickets are also available at €15 for adults and €11 for children and seniors for groups of twenty and more.

Season tickets are available for purchase for €100 for adults and €85 for children and seniors.

Terra Natura Murcia


Terra Natura in Murcia is divided into four zones, Europe, Africa, Pangea and Iberia and clearly concentrates with animals, exhibits and shows typical to that zone.

Restaurants and refreshment kiosks are scattered throughout the park but you can always bring your own packed lunch.

In The Africa Zone you can find the Carnivore restaurant serving fish and meat. Exotic meat here can be sampled on this menu including buffalo, ostrich and alligator while you watch the lions feed.

At the Lunatic pub and Lounge you can enjoy cocktails while you watch the hippos, giraffes and zebras.

In the Iberrian Peninsula there is the Refugio del Lobo which is a rest area with picnic tables.

Terra Natura MurciaEl Humedal del Ajuaque is a bar where you can enjoy watching the storks and ducks.

There is a souvenir shop at the entrance of the park where you can do some shopping and find that keepsake to take home.

We hope you have a great fun day out at Terra Natura in Murcia, if you enjoy theme parks, not too far away, about an hour’s drive north are more theme parks in Benidorm.

Before you visit Murcia Terra Natura it would be a good idea to double check the weather forecast for Murcia so you choose a dry sunny day if possible.

At Aqua Natura Murcia next door to Terra Natura you can enjoy the water park with the two main islands, Prison Island and Grave Island.

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