Isla Plana Tourist Guide: What to Do & Where to Go

Our Isla Plana tourist information guide is below – written by locals so you can get the most out of your holiday and visit to the town of Isla Plana.

Where is Isla Plana?

Isla Plana is 40mins from Murcia airport and 90 mins from Alicante, motorway all the way till you reach the beautiful, historic city of Cartagena, follow the signs for Mazarron then Isla Plana about 20mins through the small Spanish town, just to get the flavor of Spain.

Isla Plana beach Then it is over the mountains and then you look down upon the beauty of Isla Plana Blue as far as the eye can see. The different blue’s of the Mediterranean sea and the clear blue skies are wonderful to see.

Isla Plana is a small village made up of four areas of the coast, La Azohia, Isla Plana, Puerto de Mazarron & Bolneuvo, all have their own charm and history and the Puerto de Mazarron has a new marina three years old with restaurants from all different countries.

Being a small resort Isla Plana can be unfairly overlooked except for the Spanish folk who know a good place when they see it.

Best Times to Visit/Weather

The weather is often glorious in March, April & May with temperatures in the 70’s and bars and restaurants comfortable and not too crowded.

As you would expect  in July and August, Isla Plana is heaving with happy people everywhere.

September is a great month to visit because almost everyone has gone, the beaches are 3/4 empty, the temperatures are still up in the 70’s to 80’s.

The whole place is heaven on earth with so many activities to do in and around Isla Plana.

What To Do and See

Water Sports – the local marina has a selection of water based activities such as sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing lessons available in La Azohia, canoeing and snorkelling.

For Scuba diving try the Rivermar Diving school.

The local camping site has a large pool naturally heated by thermal springs which is available to use  all year round.

Cycle hire is available locally to explore further the area and countryside and for the more adventurous – the mountains.

Why not go fishing in Isla Plana, the place where the famous fisherman “Gary Smith” does his fishing in the beautiful Costa Calida Area.

Restaurants – Isla Plana and the surrounding area has a selection of good restaurants. We are sure you will discover your own favourites. Spain is family orientated and all restaurants welcome children.

Hill walking and hiking details of tourist routes are available free of charge from the local Tourist Information Office.

The video below has images of Isla Plana:

Sierra Espuña

There is a very large national park within 30 mins drive. The Sierra Espuña contains Murcia’s largest extensions of forest, as well as being one of its most worthy areas of outstanding natural beauty.

La Azohia Bahia The Sierra Espuña mountain range is on the foremost eastern part of the Cordillera Betica, virtually at the point where the mountains connect with the coastal plains.

A national reserve park with wild herds of Sardinian Mouflon and African Aoudad running free, also wild boar, foxes and wild cats inhabit the park area.

The summers are hot and dry as the province of Murcia is one of the driest in Spain, although the peaks of the sierras normally receive 6 inches of snow in winter.

The lower parts of the Espuña are very mild in the winter (tee shirt weather in the sunshine).

Perfect tracks and trails for the adventures on the Espuña, fantastic scenery and views with Golden Eagles flying overhead this is experiencing the REAL SPAIN.

There are some impressive gun emplacements high in the mountains near to Isla Plana. The road up to the guns is narrow and twisting and great caution should be exercised but the trip is worthwhile for the view alone.  The road runs up into the hills behind Campilo de Adentro, which is to the right on the E16 road leading from Puerto de Mazarron and La Azohia to Cartagena.

This area is part of an important regional park and many rare birds and plants are found there.  There are signs stating that this is a military zone – these are old and out of date – be brave and proceed as the guns and views are breathtaking.

Moving to Isla Plana

Isla Plana is generally a very safe place to move to, crime is generally limited to break-ins. The people are friendly, the beaches are clean mountains all round, and beautiful blue sea and the sun.

The girls are friendly in the supermarkets, the market is wonderful, fruit and veg exceptional, just one month a year is busy and the rest the beaches are empty. I come from London I couldn’t mountain walk or even see one life is a pleasure here, and another pleasure is waking up to blue skies and looking out my window to the sea I live in the colour blue and blue is beautiful, welcome to Spain.

Markets Near Isla Plana

Street markets are a key part of life in Spain. There are colourful clothes, a huge choice of clothes shoes and fascinating collections of fruit and vegetables.

There is no bargaining in local markets as prices are usually so low that there is no need for it.  The markets generally run from about 10am to 3pm.

Saturday – Mazarrón town. The small street market is held around the permanent market in the centre of the town.

Sunday – Puerto de Mazarrón. A really big market is held in “the port” every Sunday from about 10am to 3pm.  There are rows and rows of stalls and things can get very crowded but the choice is enormous. The market can be found near the bus station.

Our thanks to Susan Weatherstone, a local resident of Isla Plana who wrote this article and tourist guide to Isla Plana.

Susan runs a bed and breakfast accommodation in Isla Plana so if you would like to stay there see below for further details and pictures…


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  1. “I come from London I couldn’t mountain walk or even see one life is a pleasure here, and another pleasure is waking up to blue skies and looking out my window to the sea I live in the colour blue and blue is beautiful, welcome to Spain.”


  2. Stein Holst says

    How do you go by car from Isla Plana to see the great guns in the montains? Road nr. an directions?

  3. Are there any local buses that run from Murcia airport to Isla Plana?

  4. Hi

    I too will be in Isla Plana at the end of July / beginning of August. Any information about tennis and gold nearby well appreciated too!!
    Do I assume previous posters got no reply?


  5. Catherine says

    I, too, would be interested in tennis courts in or near Isla Plana plus golf as well. We will be visiting April 7 to May 12 and I would love to meet up for some tennis. My husband is the golfer. Was there is response to Rowan’s query?


  6. ARe you able to tell me if there are tennis courts in Isla Plana that holiday makers can use?

    Can you tell me the name and contact details of a nearby golf club?



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