Jalon Valley Restaurant Reviews: Jalon, Alcalali, Lliber & Parcent

Verd i Vent – Where: Ctra. Jalon a Bernia, Km. 5 (Ptda. Maserof). Closed Tuesday. Telephone 620 550 833 or 965 973 413.

“I would like to add to the above recommendation for Verd i Vent. It seems to be an old farm house or at least old farm buildings with lovely nooks and crannies as opposed to just a cow shed. We went as just 3 people and thoroughly enjoyed the smaller adjoining rooms and the whole place made me feel I wanted to explore around every corner. The owners are not Spanish and they mix healthy, traditional Spanish country food with a twist of Northern European cuisine. It makes for a very widely enjoyed menu. I have been told the police watch the diners as they leave because the free flowing wine leaves the drivers well over the limit, be aware and be safe. It is a very difficult place to find on the first visit, especially for those not familiar with Jalon. You take a small back street in Jalon which runs parallel to the main street and then turn into a narrow, unassuming street sign posted Bernia. The restaurant card does not show enough detail to find it if you are not already ‘in the know’. Once heading for Bernia it seems a long way out but keep going and ask your passengers to be vigilant! It is WELL worth a visit. As it only opens at lunchtimes it is essential to book as far in advance as possible. In high season the first available booking may be 7 or more days away!” Annie P. April ’08

Jalon-Valley-views “Great five course meal for about 18 euros in an old cow shed! This makes for a completely different eating out experience and so we always go there as a group which is a lot of fun. The tables in the main room are quite long which suits for groups, there is a roaring fire and the wine just flows and never stops. Being Jalon wine it is very good but very strong! Verd i Vent is only open at lunchtimes because it runs on a generator. Off the main room are smaller rooms also with tables so don’t be put off if there are only two of you.” June S. March ’08

Alcalali Restaurants

Valbon Restaurant – “The most under rated restaurant in the area must be the Valbon in Alcalali.
They supply good food at a very modest price, the welcome is warm, the parking is easy-as far as I am concerned that starts a decent package.
Where it stands out however is in their response to groups. We have some responsibility for two local clubs which meet on an irregular basis and do so at restaurants between Benidorm and Denia. It is always a pleasure to deal with Carlos at the album. A menu is quickly agreed and a good price is fixed. When the day comes the bottles are not carefully counted out and there are many enquiries as to the satisfaction of the diners. We have never received a complaint. This all looks a bit much, but I swear that I have no connection with the Valbon apart from being a well satisfied customer.” Peter M. December 2008

Lliber Restaurants

La Vall – Where: Ctra. Benissa-Jalon. From Benissa take the road to Jalon and it is not far past the Lady Elizabeth school. Telephone: 96 573 13 64.

“I would certainly recommend this excellent English-run restaurant. It is very, very good and the atmosphere is terrific. The Menu del Dia is 14.50 euros. We ate there recently, this was with a special group so I’m not sure if these dishes are on the set menu but anyway we had the pot roasted beef pie with roasted vegetables – simply delicious! For dessert the vanilla poached pear was equally notable. All in all, an excellent meal.” Pat T. March ’08

Parcent Restaurants

Restaurante Paraiso – Where: Partida Poet de Mas, Coll de Rates, Parcent. Telephone: 966 405 398. “Very good English-run restaurant. Menu from €12.95 including wine with an amazingly inventive choice of dishes.”

Restaurante Paraiso in Parcent “Situated near Parcent, with a beautiful view of the village, this rustic restaurant has two blazing fireplaces, and a really old olive press in the centre room. The international menu, that I´m told changes weekly has an international feel. Run by two chefs one is renown for his steaks the other sweets and spicier dishes. A sweet menu to die for, including cherry crepes, chocolate fudge cakes, meringues, toffee apple pies …….. need I say more!! 5 courses start at E12.95 including wine.” Lynda L. November 2008

Jalon-Valley “We have just visited the Paraiso on the road out of Parcent. We had not booked in advance and this may have influenced the slightly chilly welcome we received. However, once it had been decide at which empty table we might sit, things improved. The menu was outstanding with a wide choice and some very unexpected dishes. Purely for my personal taste some of the items leaned too far towards the oriental-but the rest of the party were perfectly happy and I had no difficulty in finding dishes to my taste. The service was excellent, but not so that we felt that we were being rushed, and the food was tasty, hot and appetising.

Room for improvement. Certainly not in the food and service-or in the prices which were amazing for the quality and choice of food. The only snag in the end was that the place was FREEZING. I sat about two metres from a cheerful looking log fire which was making no impression at all. There were radiators on the walls but they were cold. When we left we hurried down the stairs to the car and turned the heating up to maximum until the chill was driven out.

Of course we shall go again, but not when the outside temperature is only 8 degrees. Thoroughly recommended.” Peter M. December 2008

La Piscina – Only open from 12 pm until 4 pm. Telephone: 96 640 5126.

“Great character in what appears to be a converted barn! Very rustic with lots of farmyard tools and features about the place. For the starter you have a buffet selection and you can go up as much as you please. There were so many choices of main course that I can hardly remember them all but I can certainly recall there being wild boar, ostrich, pork, lamb, tuna, calamari and various pastas. I’ve probably missed some off! We went as part of a special group and the cost was 16 euros but I don’t think the price would be so different if you were just going as normal.” Pat T. March ’08

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