Lliber – The Essential Tourist Guide from Local Residents…

Enjoy our quick guide to Lliber – whether you are taking a short trip there or even thinking of moving to Lliber and becoming an expat.

In particular we wanted to find out from them why people might consider moving to this area of Spain and what they could get for their money.

Where is Lliber?

Lliber is a small Spanish village on the Costa Blanca North in the Valle de Pop.

It’s name comes from the Roman “Estate of Liberius.”  It was conquered and ruled by the Moors for more than 700 years and underwent a mass exodus at that time which was followed by a re-population of settlers from Mallorca.

There are many new developments which has resulted in an influx of expats from northern European countries yet Lliber still retains a traditional charm and appearance.

Below is a video showing some of  Lliber’s stunning views and renowned places.

Moving To Lliber

To find out more about what it is like to move and live in Lliber we interview resident Ray Tudor…

Ray, when did you first move to Spain?

We first moved to Spain in January 1997. Our plan was to see if we liked it and give ourselves 18 months to 2 years to settle in and if it didn’t work out we could return to the UK if needed.

Obviously we liked it as we have never left.

We have moved though, twice, since buying our first house near Torrevieja in the south Costa Blanca.

What are the advantages of living in Lliber?

I previously wrote about our experience living in Albatera but we moved to Lliber (pronounced yee-bare) in the north Costa Blanca in July 2014 and I would like to give you an insight of life in this region.

We decided to move areas because the north of the region always seemed to be greener and more towns closer together all offering different things. And a change is as good as a rest.

The almond blossom in the Vall de Lliber

The almond blossom in the Vall de Lliber

We decided on Lliber mainly because of the house but also due to its situation in between the coast and the mountains. We live in the countryside 4 kms from the main town of Lliber and 25 minutes to the coast at Javea, Denia or Calpe.

Prices in the north were always higher than the south when we first moved over but now they have levelled out quite a lot although the nearer the coast you go you can expect to pay more for a similar property inland.

Can you describe the area of Lliber?

The area is quite beautiful. We are surrounded by mountains and huge fields of grape vines and almond trees. The latter is actually quite a tourist attraction in that people come from all over the world to see the blossom in the valleys during February/March.

Lliber is at the end of the Jalon valley which has other towns called Alcalali and Parcent. The latter two are also lovely and offer that something a bit different but they are further away from the coast if that is important to you.

Lliber is spread over quite a large area and although the town is small with one road governed by traffic lights through the middle it is one of the most active towns around with many fiestas and celebration days throughout the year.

Are there many expats in Lliber or it mostly Spanish?

There are quite a number of expats of all nationalities living in Lliber but predominantly British. As the area is spread quite wide you can find many people to make friends with if you so wish. There is a very active U3A in the valley too which brings together people of all ages to participate in a huge variety of activities. For us Lliber is an ideal situation.

Jalon Valley from Coll de Rates

Jalon Valley from Coll de Rates

Does Lliber have many facilities such as doctors, dentists, supermarkets, bars and restaurants?

We are close to 3 bigger towns, Benissa, Jalon and Gata de Gorgos, all of which have everything you need in the way of shops, supermarkets, cafes and bars and restaurants so you can take your choice each day of where you want to go. Lliber has 3 cafes in the centre with various other shops selling bread, meat and groceries with a health centre, chemist and a small social centre. The doctor comes to the health centre every morning during the week and it is far easier to get an appointment than if you lived near the coast. She only speaks Spanish though but there are several local translators that a lot of people use for doctor and hospital appointments.

Vall de Lliber and our house

Vall de Lliber and our house

Are there any disadvantages to living in Lliber?

The roads are excellent but one of the main drawbacks, for us anyway, is that international cycling teams come to area to train along with many cycling clubs and cycling holiday ventures. This may not sound a problem but the roads are normal width but the cyclists do tend to ride 2 or 3 abreast which makes passing difficult. Speak to many locals and they always hate the cyclists! If you are a cyclist yourself you are going to love the area with its mountains and trails to follow.

How far are the nearest airports?

Lliber is half way between Valencia and Alicante airports but the motorway is 5 minutes away from us and, now the tolls have been discontinued, it is free to go to either taking roughly 1 hour and 10 minutes.

What about schools in Lliber? 

There is a highly recommended international school in Javea but with various primary and secondary ones nearby.

What are the best things about living in Lliber?

The thing we like about living in Lliber is the community, the peace and the scenery. It’s so quiet where we live and we can walk into the woods and mountains from our house. You can join in as much as you want or do your own thing but Lliber has a super feeling of community. There are so many events going on during the year involving a lot of the locals of every nationality.

Any tips and advice to expats considering buying property in Lliber?

Lliber has been the subject of illegal housing over the years with corrupt town councils and officials but, not being funny, that could be directed at quite a lot of towns in Spain. Just make sure the paperwork relating to any house you buy is checked by a solicitor of your choosing. There are many views on what you should or should not consider buying but listen to your lawyer and go with your gut instinct. If it feels too good to be true there’s probably a catch. This is my view though and we have bought 3 houses in Spain with various problems but have sorted them out in the end.

With the recent problems with Covid-19 you might find that there are quite a few bargains around when it is all over. There are various estate agents in the valley to help you find your own piece of paradise.

Some people prefer to rent before they buy which can give a good idea about the different areas but that isn’t an option for everyone so follow your own path but make sure you look at our region at some point.

One of the many attractive streets in Lliber.

One of the many attractive streets in Lliber.

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