Which Beach in Oliva Spain is Best?

Oliva’s beaches are absolutely fantastic.

Up and down the coast you have other also very good beaches but Oliva’s are something special.

All of Oliva’s beaches have the European Blue Flag awards which indicate a good quality standard of beach and facilities.


Image above: El Pirata Beach Bar (Chiringuito) in Oliva.

To the north of Oliva you have Gandia, a nice resort but very commercial and full of high-rise apartment blocks. To the south of Oliva you have the Costa Blanca coast with beach resorts such as Denia, Javea, Moraira, Calpe and Benidorm.

Oliva beach is different because it is more natural. There are sand dunes which give it a more natural quality. You can picnic between the sand dunes and feel cut off from others on the beach.

Also the buildings behind the beach are very low-rise and discreet. The beach is generally quiet and uncrowded – even in summer.

Below: Video footage of all three Oliva beaches as well as the Club Nautica

Most visitors to Oliva’s beaches are Spanish. Mass tourism has thankfully missed Oliva. Only in the summer do the Spanish flock to Oliva’s beaches and even then because there are over 10 km of beach, you can always find a quiet spot if that is what you wish for. Otherwise you can enjoy Oliva beaches facilities such as the football pitches with goals, volleyball nets, windsurfing hire, the beach bars, cafes and restaurants.

There are perhaps less restaurants and bars than you would expect. It appears many of the Spanish use their holiday homes to gather and cook large family meals together.

You probably wouldn’t want to live in the beach area of Oliva because it is very much separate from the actual town of Oliva and it lacks supermarkets and shops. In winter it is basically deserted as most of the apartments and houses are owned as holiday homes for the Spanish. Having said that Oliva town is only a 20 minute walk or 5 minute drive away.


Image above: Stalls at Playa Pau Pi (beach).

It almost goes without saying but we must mention it – the weather and climate of Oliva are excellent. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy Oliva’s beaches – even in winter it can be very pleasant, although too cold for a swim. There is often a good breeze blowing at Oliva’s beaches making it a very good site for watersports. Also there are hardly any rocks so that helps too when you are learning to windsurf. You can also do sailing, fishing boogie-boarding and kayaking.


The Terranova-Burguera beach is Oliva’s most northerly beach. It has many sand dunes and is noted for being perhaps the quietest stretch of beach in Oliva. It is great to feel the nature and peacefulness but then you won’t have the facilities of the other beaches. There is a beach bar and two restaurants off Terranova-Burguera beach but the other Oliva beaches have many more.


Image above: Terranova Burguera Beach.

To the south of the Terranova-Burguera beach you have the marina with it’s Club Nautica and the beginning of the Pau Pi beach. Terranova-Burguera beach has a water spring called “Tou” or “Clotal” that people use to bath and swim in. The photos below of Oliva’s Terranova-Burguera beach clearly show how beautiful and natural it is.

terranova-beach (1)

Image above: Terranova Beach


The beach of Pau Pi is traditionally the oldest and most central beach in Oliva. Pau Pi is where the first residential buildings sprung up. Thankfully in keeping with the rest of Oliva’s beach areas, the houses are very low-rise with only two floors. Pau Pi beach has lots of market stalls, restaurants, ice cream parlours and small bars including beach bars.


Image above: Pau Pi Beach in Oliva.

What is significant about Oliva Pau Pi beach is that unlike the other Oliva beaches it does not have the sand dunes because the houses have been built right up to the sand of the beach whereas at the other Oliva beaches the houses are behind the high sand dunes and so they are much less noticable and discreet.

However Pau Pi beach is the busiest and has the most facilities so you much decide what you are looking for and at least you have different choices.

The Pau Pi beach is fine golden sand. To the left (north) known as Alfonso el Magnanimo you have the marina called Club Nautica, a very pretty spot with the boats and yachts, there is a walkway with a restaurant and bars. There are facilities for the handicapped, volleyball nets and also some beach football pitches with goals which is a nice touch.


Image above: Club Nautica Oliva.

To the south of Pau Pi beach you have the Aigua Blanca beach.


When you drive towards the beaches of Oliva, the main road tends to naturally take you to the roundabout and car park of the Aigua Blanca beach. Here you will find a really good cluster of bars, cafes and some really good restaurants.

The Aigua Blanca beach lies between the rivers of Alfadali and Bullent. If you walk to the left you will go onto the Pau Pi beach but Aigua Blanca beach has everything you need so why go anywhere else?


Image above: Aigua Blanca Beach Oliva.

Immediately when you walk onto Aigua Blanca beach you have the first beach bar and just to the right is a good childrens play area as well as volleyball nets.

Running along to the right of Aigua Blanca beach is a walkway or promenade which is also very good for cyclists and rollerskaters.

Also to the right of the entrance to Aigua Blanca beach the sand dunes start again. As you walk south along Aigua Blanca beach it becomes more remote, more natural and quiet as you are leaving the main centre of Oliva beach behind.


Image above: Playa Aigua Blanca Oliva.

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