Mil Palmeras Map: Street & Road Map of Mil Palmeras Spain

Below we have an interactive guide and map of Mil Palmeras for visitors and tourists visiting the town of Mil Palmeras on the Southern Costa Blanca coast of Spain.

This free Google map of Mil Palmeras can be used in many ways: as a streetmap of Mil Palmeras, as a map of hotels, apartments or as a way of getting driving directions to Mil Palmeras or as a map showing the main tourist attractions and sights.

This Mil Palmeras map page helps people searching for the answer to the questions:

Where is Mil Palmeras located in Spain?
What is the nearest airport to Mil Palmeras?
How do I get to Mil Palmeras?
Where can I find driving directions to Mil Palmeras?
Where can I find a free streetmap of Mil Palmeras?

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Using the buttons on the top left you can ‘zoom’ and ‘pan’ and take an interactive virtual tour of Mil Palmeras watching the panoramic images and pictures of the sights and attractions of Mil Palmeras. You can also choose the point you want to have in the centre of the map by double clicking.

Mil Palmeras is a small coastal resort on the N332 and near the AP7, is located between Dehesa de Campoamor and Torre de la Horadada on the Orihuela Coast on Spain’s southern Costa Blanca.

Mil Palmeras literally means a thousand palms. Mil Palmeras is a quiet coastal beach town which only really comes to life in the summer months.

This interactive Google map and guide is best used as a Mil Palmeras tourist information guide as it shows some of the best sights, attractions, tourist spots, famous landmarks and places of interest in Mil Palmeras.


Alternatively you can use the Mil Palmeras map as a street map to help you with driving directions and travel information, to and from Mil Palmeras. You can use it from your place of origin such as Alicante airport or Valencia airport. It will help you get to Mil Palmeras and also help you get around Mil Palmeras when you are here on your trip or holiday.

Parque Universal de Mil PalmerasOn the map of Mil Palmeras we have placed markers showing the locations of Mil Palmeras’s best-known tourist attractions and sights. These markers and pins show the locations of the famous buildings, museums, galleries, parks, beaches, golf courses, major sights of interest, tourist offices, Costa Blanca markets, hotels, apartments and restaurants within Mil Palmeras.

Use the interactive map to show you where your accommodation is situated for your stay in Mil Palmeras. You can find all the hotels, apartments, villas, guesthouses, hostels, pensions and camping sites that are in the Mil Palmeras area.

For eating-out and dining out you can use the map to pinpoint locations of restaurants in Mil Palmeras, bars and cafes.

You can change the street and road map view to a view of the terrain of Mil Palmeras or you can choose a Google Earth satellite view of Mil Palmeras which shows you actual images of Mil Palmeras from the sky above.

Mil Palmeras Map Page Summary – Visitors to Mil Palmeras can use the map above in conjunction with our tourist information pages to learn and find out what to do, where to go, how to travel and get around, what to see and do in Mil Palmeras. Explore Mil Palmeras and discover many of the hidden places within the town or use the map for planning trips and excursions outside of Mil Palmeras.

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