Alicante Airport Parking: Short-Term & Long-Term Prices

If you need to park a car at Alicante airport whether it is short-term or long-term, you will find the charges pretty high and they soon add up.

In this article we give you a guide to the costs for the official car park at Alicante airport as run by AENA and we give you alternatives for cheap parking at Alicante airport (known as El Altet airport).

These cheap off-airport parking services are offered by enterprising companies who have acquired land close to the airport where you can park your car and then get on the shuttle bus service which takes you to the airport and picks you up on your return.

The charges are a fraction of what you would pay to park at the official Alicante airport car although of course this is right by the terminals so if time is your priority these cheap car parking services may not be for you.


Inside terminal at Alicante Airport.


These are the official Alicante airport car park rates, correct as of 23rd February 2011:

alicante-airport-parking From the time you arrive the parking rate for the first 30 minutes is 0.021584 euros per minute.

From 31 minutes until 60 minutes the parking charges are 0.034175 euros per minute.

From 61 minutes the Alicante airport parking charges are 0.027779 euros per minute.

The maximum charge per day for parking at Alicante airport is €18.30 from one to four days.

After four days you are charged at €14.65 each additional day.

If you lose your ticket and your stay cannot be determined you will be charged for five days parking at the airport.

You can also park a motorbike at Alicante airport car park but you would pay the same rates as you would for a car, it isn’t any cheaper.


If you just need to pick somebody up from Alicante airport you simply need to follow the signs for short stay parking and collect a ticket at the entrance. The official car park is right next to terminal one, you simply need to cross the road where you enter the arrivals terminal.

When you are ready to leave you must pay at an automated machine which takes cash or credit cards or there is a booth with staff who can help you. The charges for short-term parking at Alicante airport are fairly reasonable, the maximum you could pay for one day is €18.30 per day.

Images below: Parking ticket machine at Alicante airport and official prices for parking at the airport.


The long stay car park at Alicante airport is the same as the short stay car park. It costs €18.30 per day for the first four days and then €14.65 per day after five days at Alicante airport’s official car park.

parking-charges As before you simply collect a ticket on entrance and pay at the automated machine or there is a kiosk manned by staff. Because the car park is next to the terminal it offers convenience but if you are going on a trip for more than say three or four days, the parking charges will rapidly add up and there are much better cost-effective alternatives offering low-cost parking close by.

The companies offering cheap Alicante airport parking have acquired land close to the airport and they have created secure parking lots most of which have security systems or staff and which are safe for you to leave your car.

Some companies even offer to valet or wash your car for you so when you arrive back at the airport it is in perfect condition before you pick it up.

It generally works that you drive up to the gate, drop your car off, load up your luggage to the transit van and they will take you to the airport. On returning to Alicante you give the company a ring and they will pick you up and take you back to the parking lot to pick up your car. The shuttle service is usually also included in the price.

Make sure to receive your quotes well in advance before your flight, because these parking spaces are popular and sell out fast especially at peak times such as Christmas.


We have personally used Claus Parking House many times and we have found them extremely reliable, English-speaking and very friendly. They are well-established having been in business for over 10 years and their car park is open 24 hours a day which is great to know when you arrive on a delayed flight in the middle of the night.

Parking rates at Claus Parking are really cheap and start at €33 for a week, €65 for a month or €300 a year. These prices are for outdoor parking or you can choose indoor parking for a little bit more. The prices include a free courtesy bus service to and from the terminals at Alicante.

At Low Cost Parking you can park your car for €29.95 per week, €69.95 per month or €299.95 per year.

Victoria Parking is another company where you can park your car. Here you can walk to their booth at the airport after your flight has landed. A year pass will cost €365 for a car, €399 for a van or €730 for a truck. Weekly rates are €35 for one week, €70 for two weeks, €91 for three weeks or €112 for four weeks.

When we have gone on holiday and needed to park our car at the airport we have personally used Victoria Parking. We did have to wait outside the gates because the car park was unmanned but after about 20 minutes wait the shuttlebus turned up and we would have to give them a thumbs up as they were very professional and we felt safe using them. However it has to be said we just used Victoria on this occasion because Claus Parking House was full as it was over Christmas.

At Roberto Parking you have to park for a minimum of three days for €28.50. Roberto parking was the first cheap Alicante airport car parking service that we used. Our personal experience very negative, when we arrived and we should point out we did make a reservation in advance, nobody was there. When we got back to Alicante because our flight was delayed there was nobody at Roberto Parking and we had to call a mobile number and get somebody out of bed. The whole process was pretty stressful with two very tired children in tow!

Open Parking is another place to securely park your car. Their rates start at €28 for a week, €49 for two weeks, one month at €65 and €98 for two months. An annual ticket will cost you €250. is a well established fully legal Spanish registered company offering short and long term secure Alicante airport parking. Situated a mere 250m from Alicante airport, the nearest off site parking to the airport, open 7 days a week 365 days a year with a complimentary delivery and collection service. All types of vehicles allowed from one day to one year saving as much as 75% over the normal parking prices.

Royal Parking Alicante. At the moment there is no website but you can call their number on 965 683 360 to receive their quote.

Aqua Car Parking rates are €10 for a day, €33 for a week, €66 for two weeks, €90 for three weeks and €110 for a month. An annual ticket will cost €340.

At Ascars Parking you can expect to pay €41 a week for their parking service. To receive further information please take a look at their website which at the moment of publishing this page is under maintenance.

Umbrella Parking will charge you €15 per day, or, €33 per week, or €62 in the open air car park, for covered cheap Alicante airport parking you will pay €16 per day €37 per week or €77 per month.

wardcar Wardcar Parking

Business Address:
Ctra. Aeropuerto Torrellano, Pda. Torrellano Alto, Pol.3 nº129-B, C.P. 03320 Torrellano (Alicante), ESPAÑA GPS COORDINATES 38º 18´ 11,71″ N 0º 31´ 52,36″ W

Telephone: 646209050


Type of Business: Parking

Towns or Areas Covered: Torrellano Alto

Best Features:

– Only two minutes from the airport
– Outdoor and indoor parking
– Unlimited free transfer
– We take care of your car or caravan

Main Description:

You can leave your car for 10 € weekend, 20 € week or only 150 € per year. Also, we take care off your caravan for 60€ per month. Those are our prices in outdoor parking, but you can use our indoor parking. It consist on enclosed area where your car will be completely protected from the weather. Also, we have unlimited free transfer.

It pays to shop around so happy comparing!

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Parking Page Summary – If you are interested in parking your vehicle whether a van, car or motorcycle, at Alicante airport and you wish to find out the cheapest place to park, then our article on parking at Alicante airport lists many companies offering low-cost parking services as well is giving information for the official shortstay and longstay car park at Alicante airport.

* Please note that obviously these prices and rates are subject to change but were correct as of July 2010.

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