Skyperspective – Aerial Photography on the Costa Blanca

Aerial photography on the Costa Blanca – ideal for marketing your property for sale.

By using our modern, electrically powered remote controlled multicopters, you can create spectacular, precise aerial photographs and video recordings to convey impressions which were previously impossible, or only possible at prohibitively high expense.

Our copters feature high-end camera systems operated via remote control which can take high resolution aerial photos and record HD videos at heights ranging from 3 – 150 meters.

The copters can be flexibly and rapidly deployed, are quiet, can be precisely positioned using GPS and can operate using any takeoff and landing location.

Give your customers deeper, more emotional imagery and a new perspective!

From: Stephanie Wunsch

Business Name: Skyperspective

Business Address:


Av. Serra Cabeco d’Or 18, bajo 3

03530 La Nucia

Telephone: 0034 667837698


Type of Business: aerial pictures and videos

Towns or Areas Covered: All Costa Blanca / Spain


Best Features:

We document the building process of your new construction!

Property purchase is a matter of trust – always!

Especially if the property is under construction and you can not be always on site.

Doesn’t matter which construction company, we generate documentations of the construction progresses which we send you per email or present them on our web channel (videos).

The description contains a written detailed documentation, fotos and videos on a daily basis as well as aerial views and videos with our own copters (Very often you can get a much better impression of all progresses viewed from above).

Like this you can have a relaxed look at the development of your property while being at home.

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