Adsubia (L’Atzubia): Quick Essential Tourist Guide From Locals

Enjoy our quick guide to Adsubia, a small village that lies a few kilometers away from Pego with the number of inhabitants reaching only more than 700 (INE 2012).

Below we feature an expat interview with Vanessa Crocker-Dean of Hello2Spain who covers the Adsubia (L’Atzubia) area.

We asked Vanessa the major advantages of going to Adsubia and why people may consider moving into this area of Spain’s Costa Blanca as well as the value for money that they can get.

Castle of Forna, Adsubia, Spain

Castle of Forna, Adsubia – Photo by Melibokus, Wikimedia Commons

Where is Adsubia?

Adsubia is a municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain. It is located in the northeast of the province of Alicante, in the comarca of Marina Alta. It has 749 inhabitants (INE 2012).


This town is nestled in the Valleys of Pego, north of the province of Alicante. It is formed by Adsubia Forna and core.

The municipality of Adsubia is borderered in the north with Villalonga and Oliva (and in the province of Valencia both); in the east with Oliva and Pego; in the west with Gallinera, Vall de Ebo and Villalonga; and in the south with Gallinera and Pego.

It has a very mild Mediterranean climate.

L’Atzubia History

Adsubia – Forna has Arab origins and many legacies of the Moorish population although the earliest evidence of settlements are traced back to the Bronze Age.

Forna adsubia and different nuclei were merged in 1911. They are two areas that show a great variety of landscapes, and a rich heritage with Templar castle and cave Forna Canalobres equipped with recreational and camping area on the Llop Tossal, plus hiking trails.

The core of Forna surprisingly exhibits an excellent state of preservation as shown on its people as well as the area’s Moorish farmhouses dominated by its medieval castle .


Adsubia – Photo by Hello2Spain


It is predominantly agricultural (citrus), construction and tourism-based.

Things To See and Do

Forna Castle. Declared a Cultural Medieval Castle of the Military Order of the Templars, in an enviable state of preservation, located in the village of Forna, 5 km from Adsubia.

San Vicente Ferrer Parish. Building of architectural interest.

Parish of St. Bernard, abbot ( Forna ), in the village of Forna.

Canalobre Cave, located in the Tossal of Llop .


In Adsubia, the festivities are held on the first week of September in honor of the Virgen del Rosario (first Monday) and Christ the Miracle (first Tuesday).

In Forna, the festivities are on the second fortnight of August, around August 20, celebrated in honor of San Bernardo and San Antonio.

Both are celebrated with religious activities, popular festivals, Moors and Christians, and paella contest called “Alfabegues.”

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Below is a video showing the breathtaking views and interesting places in Adsubia.

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