Moving to La Murada Alicante Spain

La Murada is a small village (population 3,200) located in the province of Alicante in Comunidad de Valencia.

Other nearby towns are Benferri, Abanilla, Cox, Granja de Rocamora, Redovan, La Gineta and Callosa de Segura. and Orihuela.

Below we ask our resident property expert Lynne from estate agent, a series of questions about property in La Murada and what it is like to move there.

I am thinking of buying a holiday home property in the La Murada area, can you help me?

If you want a holiday home you may want to be a bit closer to the coast.

Which are the best urbanisations or developments to buy in La Murada and surrounding area?

There are only a couple of urbanisations in the town.

What is the average cost for a 2-bed apartment or villa which I am looking at?

2 beds plus communal pool, just outside the town – we have one on sale for 44,000 euros

Can I rent it long-term and if so how much would I get (approx.)

I am sure that you could expect around 250 euros a month.

Is La Murada a good place to live?

I am biased as I have lived here for over 11 years!  It is a typical Spanish town with no English bars but there are English who live here.

Should I move to La Murada?

Again, I am biased but my family love coming here.

Is there crime in La Murada?

No more than anywhere else in Spain, it just a case of being sensible.  We have a weekly market on Sundays when the town is very crowded so you just have to be careful.,

Are there English-speaking dentists and doctors nearby?

Not in the town itself.

Do many expats live here already?

Quite a few either in the apartment block near the town or just outside in the countryside.

Where are the nearest beaches?

Guardamar is about 35-40 minutes drive away.

What is there to do in the La Murada area?

Sports centre, municipal pool, a range of restaurants and bars.  15 minutes from the provincial city of Orihuela which is beautiful.

Are there International schools in La Murada?

No, but most English put their children in to the state system where they have an exemption from English and extra Spanish.

Answers from Lynne who can be contacted directly:
c/ San Rafael 11, bajo
La Murada
03318 Orihuela
Tel y fax:                                (+34) 966 779 788
Lynne (English)                     (+34) 699 457 387
Johan (various languages)  (+34) 679 951 140
Jose Ramon (Español)          (+34) 679 951 140

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