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Enjoy our quick guide on Bellreguard, a small village with more than 4,000 inhabitants in the comarca of Safor in Spain’s Valencian Community.

We are excited to feature an expat interview with Vanessa Crocker-Dean of Hello2Spain who covers the Bellreguard area.

Specifically, we wanted to learn from Vanessa why Bellreguard is a good choice for those who are traveling to the area and planning to stay either for a brief a holiday or for a permanent stay.

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Playa de Bellreguard – Photo by Constantin Gro, Wikimedia Commons


Nestled in the center of the Llacuna alluvial plain between the foothills Gallinera, the right bank Serpis and the Mediterranean Sea.

The municipality consists of two major population centers: the town, crossed by the national road N-332 from Valencia to Alicante, between Oliva and Gandia, and Bellreguard beach, coastline of the municipality with views down to Denia. The coastline has been awarded Blue Flag beaches for many years.

How to get there

Directions: From Alicante or Valencia the main autopista AP7 exit junction 61. Proceed on the N332 towards Valencia and you will find Bellreguard approximately 2 km.
By train from Valencia to Gandia and the train station in Gandia is also the bus station. Take a bus from Gandia to Bellreguard.

Are there smaller villages nearby that you might also recommend?

The municipality of Bellreguard is limited to the following locations: Almoines, Gandia, Guardamar de la Oliva, Miramar, Palm and Rafelcofer, all in the province of Valencia.


It certainly is of Islamic origin, as evidenced by the Moorish necropolis found in 1984. In 1486, it was purchased by the Duke of Gandia, Pedro Luis de Borja. This writing is when it first appears Bellreguard name of Sotaia substituting, Arabic name which was popularly known old. In this act of sale acted as plenipotentiary Attorney Duke of Gandia, writer and teacher of theology Rois de Corella Joan.

Ecclesiastically Moriscos was a rectory, high on October 26, 1534 to parish, depending on the Santa Maria de Gandia. In 1574, finally became independent of Gandia.

Its population, mostly Moorish, was strongly affected by reason of their expulsion in 1609, because of 165 families were only four of Old Christians, remaining empty houses and abandoned fields. Despite the advent of new settlers, it took 50 years to recover 30% of the population. From then until now the population has grown steadily. Since 1624, the year in which the parish registers start of the population, and until 1659, the foreign origin of those who were married in other populations Bellreguard’s own region of La Oliva (46 spouses), other regions of the Kingdom of Valencia ( 29), Ireland (1), and France (2), having also 23 spouses of unknown origin.


Traditionally economic activity has revolved around agriculture, yes, constantly retraining. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the cultivation of sugar cane mill was important and the area was a major sugar center. In the eighteenth and nineteenth the production of sugar cane was stopped and was replaced by the mulberry and the vine. In the early twentieth century the crisis of silk and pests of the vineyard caused that a new crop culture should be introduced which is the orange.

Bellreguard Beach

Bellreguard Beach – Photo by Hello2Spain

What are your favourite things to do in the area?

Local Events/ Fiestas

Dances. The ball pla dansada or folklore has practically disappeared from Bellreguart. The only danced still dance and has been recovered is the “Dance of the Gallows” (Ball of Forca). This is the only stick dance or torneantes which it is reported in the region of La Oliva. It is a dance performed only by men with odd numbers always dressed in white shirt with gray cloth, Moorish-style baggy breeches of the same fabric and color, white stockings and garters also colored espadrilles black ribbon, fancy vest and silk scarf on the head. In his right hand had a gallows 3 or 5 points and the Chief or Director of 7 points.

San Antonio Abad. Commemorated on January 17 with the distribution of blessed bread and the blessing of the animals.

Major Festivals. Are held in honor of San Miguel on 22 and 23 September. These are distinctly popular. The announcement of the festival is held the day before by a troupe of “Uncle of the club” (originally from Gandia) along with other so-called drapets or pedacets, a parade of carnival type, wearing an outfit made of striped fabric which has been seen in the village since time immemorial.

Moors and Christians. During the days that they celebrate the festival has a special role the celebrations of
Moors and Christians.

Can you give us some insider tips to the best bars or restaurants?

Food and Drink

As in all coastal villages’ Valencian rice, with each and every one of the many ways of being cooked in the pot, and in paella pan or pot, is the king of the dishes.

Bellreguars are typical of the “fardeles” (figatells, in Valencian), liver and small delights of spices, flattened like a hamburger, wrapped in pig guts (blanket that covers the stomach).

The long tradition of the region sugar offers a variety of treats ranging from pastries to cakes finest most spectacular, as the crowning glory, the puff pastry, Christmas cupcakes, coca pine nuts, cakes wind and Casca de Reyes.

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Marques de Campo, 6, 03700 Denia
Tel. +34 672 208 879

The video below will take you to some of Bellreguard’s most notable places.

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