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Almoradi is a small inland town located on the Southern Costa Blanca in Spain. Almoradi is located in the comerca of Vega Baja del Segura in the province of Alicante, close to the mouth of the Segura River.

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Before you start searching for cheap car hire Almoradi, note that you must be at least 21 years of age and have held a full driver’s license for at least a year.


Almoradi is mainly a market town basing its economy on agriculture. Because of its Mediterranean climate Almoradi has many orange and lemon groves as well as fields for growing a variety of vegetables.

Almoradi is located ten kilometres inland from the golden sandy beaches of Guardamar del Segura and Torrevieja, and less than ten minutes away by car from the La Finca Golf Course in Algorfa and the La Marquesa Golf and Country Club.

You can see it’s location on this Almoradi map.

The beaches of Torrevieja and Guardamar del Segura are amongst the best on the Southern Costa Blanca.

Torrevieja also has much to offer in terms of bars, restaurants, shopping, water parks and nightlife.

Read more on our main Almoradi page and our apartment rental page helps for accommodation.

The video below shows off images and sights in Almoradi:

The easiest way to make the most of an Almoradi vacation is to hire a car. One can choose to hire a car from either Alicante or Murcia airports, or even choose to hire a car locally in Almoradi.

There are many Almoradi car hire services to assist you in making the most of your holiday and provide excellent value for money!

Is it difficult to rent a car in Almoradi? What requirements do I have to meet to rent a car?

Requirements may vary from country to country, but generally always include a valid driver’s license and a credit card in the name of the person renting. You can use a debit card, but you may have to present a third form of identification such as a round-trip airline ticket, travel itinerary, valid passport, current vehicle insurance or a current copy of a utility bill.

If I arrive at the nearest major airport to Almoradi, will I be able to rent a car from the airport?

Most definitely. It is very easy to hire a car from the airport. All the major car hire companies are represented. The nearest airports to Almoradi are San Javier Murcia Airport to the south of the town and El Altet Alicante Airport to the north. To get directions to Almoradi see our dedicated Almoradi map page.

There are many companies to choose from, including Record Rent A Car, Sol Mar Car Rental, Europcar, Centauro Car Hire, Hertz Car Hire, Atesa Car Hire, Victoria Car Hire and Auriga Car Hire.

Each car rental company has on offer a large variety of car models, rates and options, and some will have special offers and discounts. Many also include insurance, unlimited miles, theft protection, and some may even offer GPS navigational systems to help you find your way around.

With so many sources to choose from, you should shop around to find out what works best for your wants and needs to help you get the most out of your holiday travel.

Will I be able to hire a car from Almoradi?

Almoradi is a very small town with just less than twenty thousand permanent residents. To this date there are no car rental services represented locally and the nearest car hire offices can be found on the coast in Torrevieja which is 16 kilometres away.

Almoradi is a very small town and the best option is for you to immediately hire a car for the duration of your stay from either Alicante airport or Murcia airport.

Alternatively get an airport transfer by either taxi, mini-bus or private shuttle bus to Almoradi and stay in your resort and get taxis when you want to get out and about.

What if I change my mind? Will I be able to cancel my rental car for a full refund?

Yes. Most car hire companies will give you a 100% refund of your purchase price if you should decide that you don’t need a car rental.

Why is renting a car for visting Almoradi a good idea?

Spain and the Southern Costa Blanca don’t have much in terms of transport infrastructure and in order to make the most of ones valuable holiday time, it is best to hire a car from either Murcia or Alicante airports.


We have carried out extensive research comparing all the major Alicante airport car hire companies. These include: Advantage, Budget, Dollar, Alamo, Easy Car, Enterprise, National, Goldcar, Thrifty, Sixt, Victoria Rent a Car, Sol Mar, Record Rent a Car, Hertz, Auriga, Europa, Europcar, Atesa, Avia and Centauro Rent A Car.

We have found when hiring a car in Almoradi you need to shop around – there is no Almoradi car hire company that is always the cheapest. Much depends on your dates and the availability of the various models of car hire that each Almoradi car hire company has for those dates.

Contacting each Almoradi car hire company can take hours and hours and be very confusing so the best way to find cheap car hire in Almoradi is to use a car hire search-engine which trawls the web in seconds and scours all the reputable Almoradi car hire companies with your specific information i.e. the dates for your Almoradi car hire, where you want to hire the car from (and drop it off), the size of car hire needed etc.

If you click on the link above you will go to a page containing the best search engine for cheap Almoradi car hire that we have found. They have special discounted internet rates with all the major Almoradi car hire companies and using their tool they compare all the rates from the various Costa Blanca car hire companies and then give you the cheapest price for car hire for Almoradi.


These are a few things you should know before you hire a car in Almoradi:

* What’s included in the Almoradi car hire price and what ISN’T included. You can come across some very cheap Almoradi car hire prices but they often won’t include unlimited mileage, local taxes or insurances.

* When you hire a car or rent a car in Almoradi always check whether the car has air-conditioning – especially if you are hiring a car in summer.

* Book ahead. Almoradi is very busy in the summer and Almoradi car hire companies will often run out of cars for hire. You also tend to get a better Almoradi car hire rate by booking in advance.

* Don’t always choose the cheapest Almoradi car hire. Rather than hiring a car in Almoradi which you can barely fit into you will often find the price difference is usually small to upgrade to a more comfortable Almoradi car hire. The different car groups to choose from are mini, economy, compact, midsize, standard, full size, people carrier, luxury, premuim, sports car and convertible.

* Child seats. Many Almoradi car hire companies do not always have these available – out tip is to take your own – you simply check-it in at the airport with your luggage and you will save on your Almoradi car hire bill.

* When hiring a car in Almoradi check that what you have booked you receive when you are at the offices of the Almoradi car hire company. Do all of this before you sign all the paperwork. Make sure you take any car hire print-outs you have so if there are any problems you have it all in writing.

* Check your Almoradi car hire for damage. When you’ve got to your Almoradi car hire you naturally just want to get going but make sure the car hire in Almoradi company acknowledge any bumps and scrapes already on the car.

* Petrol. Make sure your Almoradi car hire uses diesel not four-star petrol as it is much cheaper to buy diesel in Almoradi.

* Excesses. Some Almoradi car hire companies have very high excesses which means you pay an amount (for example €500) if you have an accident and they cover the rest. Be aware of how much the excess is before you book your Almoradi car hire.

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