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Getting To Vera Playa

Vera Playa is one of the most popular naturist resorts in Europe and is located on the Costa Almeria in Spain to the north of the popular tourist resorts of Garrucha and Mojacar.

Holidaymakers are able to enjoy the resort all year round as Vera Playa has such warm weather that even during the winter months it is possible to swim in the sea.

Vera Playa offers naturists a truly naturist experience with naturist hotels, bars, pubs restaurants, shops and of course beaches with designated zones.

Vera Playa BeachThe main beach at Vera Playa is just over two kilometres long and consists of sand and some pebbles.

Almeria Airport

The nearest airport to Vera Playa is Almeria Airport which is approximately an hour away by car.

At Almeria Airport you will be able to hire a car with Auriga Crown, Avis, Centauro Rent a Car, Europcar, Gold Car Rental, Hertz and National Atesa.

These car rental companies are recognised throughout Spain and are known for their competitive rates.

Holidaymakers have alternative choices of catching a taxi from Almeria Airport, which can be quite expensive, or book a private transfer.

Most people who have booked vacations to the resort will choose to hire a car at Almeria Airport which is also an economical way to get around the resort, from your booked accommodation to the beach as well as explore the neighbouring resorts and attractions such as Turre, the Cuevas de Almanzora (caves) just inland from Garrucha and the Parque Acuatico Vera water park.

Murcia Airport (San Javier)

Murcia Airport provides another gateway to Vera Playa and is about four hours away by car.

Murcia Airport car hire companies include Auriga Crown, Avis, Centauro Rent a Car, Europcar, Goldcar Car Rental, Sol-Mar Rent a Car and Victoria Rent A Car and the same principle of competitive rates, special offers and discounts applies.

If holidaymakers have chosen Murcia as their gateway to Vera Playa then renting a car does prove to be the best way to get to the resort because it is such a long way away and costly for transfers.

Depending on the time of year one should book car hire at the same time as hotels, accommodations and flights, while during off peak times one can choose to wait until arrival at either Murcia or Almeria Airports.

Vera Airport Transfer Options


Catching a taxi is one of the easiest and also the most expensive way to get from Almeria or Murcia Airport to Vera Playa. Taxi fares from Murcia Airport to Vera Playa will cost approximately €180 one way and from Almeria Airport €80.

Private Shuttle Bus

A direct transfer with Shuttle Direct from Almeria Airport to Vera Playa for a family of four will cost £144 return during the month of October. From Murcia Airport to Vera Playa you can expect to pay as much as £365 for a return transfer.

Public Bus

Another way to get from Almeria Airport to Vera Playa is to take the bus. The airport bus will cost €2 and will take you into the city centre and from there you can catch a bus to Vera Playa. A single ticket will cost €8.13 and a return €14.63. There are six daily connections and the travel time varies depending on how many times the bus has to stop. The travel time is anything from 1-2 hours. For more information and an up to date timetable you can look at

This is an ideal option for a couple who want to relax and enjoy a beach holiday, cars of course can be hired locally for a day and longer. Unfortunately at this time there are no bus services from Murcia Airport to Vera Playa.

Taxi and transfer rates are fixed and not seasonal so whatever time of year you choose to travel rates stay the same. Travelling from Murcia Airport to Vera Playa is really not worth it by taxi or bus given the expense – car hire is far more economical.

There are certain requirements that every individual has to meet when it comes to car hire. You may be asking yourself what these requirements are.

People Aged Under 21

The first requirement is to be in the correct age group. Car rental is not available to people under the age of twenty-one and in some cases twenty-five. There is currently no maximum age requirement.

All people who want to hire a car also have to be in possession of a current valid drivers’ license which they must present to the agent on duty on arrival. They will also want to see your passport and take an imprint of the credit card used to make the reservation. This gives them protection in case you fail to return the car on time, deal with traffic fines or have damaged the vehicle.

If you return the car more than two hours later than the time stated on the rental agreement you may be charged for an extra day rental.

Named Drivers

Many car rental companies with allow you to put a named driver onto the rental agreement completely free of charge, but they also have to meet the minimum age requirements and possess a valid driver’s license.

On the subject of age requirements, many car rental companies will quote you subject to your age, meaning substantial savings can be made if the eldest in your household makes the car rental booking.

On the subject of traffic fines, you can take care of them yourself by presenting the fine at the local town hall or let the car rental firm know at the drop off of your hire car. The car hire company will usually then quietly deal with the matter at no expense to you. Of course if you fail to do so you will pay the fine later but with a nice surcharge on top.

Car Hire Insurances

You might be asking yourself if you have to bring the current insurance documents that you own for your motor vehicle at home. You do not have to bring these as included in the price of your car rental is a minimum insurance package.

What is included in this car rental insurance?

You will have a third party insurance which doesn’t cover medical expenses or smaller items such as tyres, windows, or keys. You can cover yourself for €3 a day or for longer trips €50 for the year. Especially if you are travelling with small children a good travel insurance policy is vital which will cover everything medical.

Is petrol included in the price of my rental?

That varies from company to company and you will decide for yourself what best suits you as you shop around. It is always best to return the car in the same condition you hired it, because if you return your vehicle empty when it was handed over with a full tank, you will pay for the filling and a nice surcharge on top it for having failed to do so.

Nearest Petrol Stations to Airports

Apart from securing the best car rental deal the question of petrol is important especially if you have booked a cheap late night flight. After 10pm petrol stations are generally closed and reopen at six the following day. The last thing you will want is to rent an empty car travelling to Vera Playa from Murcia Airport with no way of refuelling to get there.

The nearest petrol stations to Murcia Airport are in the town of San Javier, itself six kilometres away, while from Almeria Airport it is just less than a kilometre away on the way to Vera Playa.

Booster/Child Seats

Families with children have to look out for the following. Can I book a car seat for my baby or child or should I bring my own? Is the boot big enough for all the luggage and stroller? Depending on the carrier you can find yourself being charged for a car seat so you can book one at the same time as you make your car hire booking. Should you wait until you arrive in Spain you may find that they have all been rented out especially during the peak tourist season. Car seat rental starts from as little as €2 a day.

Breakdowns and Theft

What happens if my car breaks down? All rental vehicles come with a twenty-four hour breakdown cover which gives you great peace of mind.

If your car is stolen you will also be covered as theft protection is also included in the price of your weekly car rental.

Cancellation Charges

What happens if I need to cancel my holiday or find a cheaper quote elsewhere? The more reputable car hire companies will have no cancellation fees and you can always ask the car rental company to match the quote.


Optional extras which can be booked at the time of making your booking includes snow chains and ski racks should you wish to go skiing in the Sierra Nevada. A GPS comes as standard in the more luxurious car rental models and can also be booked at the same time as booking your car hire or can be rented in the U.K. as well. GPS rental in Spain starts from as little as €5 a day.

How Much is Vera Playa Car Hire?

Car rental rates are seasonal meaning that they are their most expensive during the months of July and August. Cars can easily be rented at Almeria Airport from as little as €121 in the month of September for a small economy car such as a Citroen C2, €154 for a family sized Renault Megane 5 and €262 for a 7 seater Opel Zafira.

From Murcia Airport car hire starts from €117 in the month of September for a small economy car such as a Citroen C2, €147 for a Renault Megane 5 and €234 for the 7 seater Opel Zafira.

Car rental prices do fluctuate with the seasons and can vary from airport to airport.

Can I Rent a Car Locally in Vera Playa?

Currently there are no car hire companies in Vera Playa. Can anyone suggest any?

If you want to hire a car for a day you can make your way to the Europcar rental company in neighbouring Garrucha or there are Crown Rent a Car and Mo-Car in Mojacar – see our Garrucha car hire and Mojacar car hire pages for more details.

We also have other useful pages to help make the most of your holiday.

We have a good guide to Vera Playa and a webcam page where you can see live images and views.

Page Summary – In this article we have suggestions and tips in order to help find you the lowest car hire prices.

Car hire is definitely the way to go if you are flying into Murcia Airport. There are more transport options from Almeria Airport but if you want to enjoy an active holiday why not hire a car and make the most of your vacation.

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